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Bingzhongluo Transportation

The transportation in bingzhongluo is not that convenient but interesting, visitors can take bus or trucks getting to or away in Bingzhongluo.

By bus

The only access to Bingzhongluo by road is from the south via Liuku, Fugong and Gongshan. A direct bus to Liuku (Y50) leaves at 8am every morning from in front of Yudong Hotel. It stops briefly at Gongshan, then long enough at Fugong for a quick lunch. Two buses leave from Liuku at 6:20 and 8:20, arriving in Bingzhongluo in the afternoon. The trip takes 8 hours and costs Y63, though schedules sometimes vary so it's best to check before buying your ticket (visit or call Liuku Bus Station to confirm).

A police checkpoint cum ticket office just before Bingzhongluo will force you to cough up some dough for a ticket to the 'scenic area'. Unless you can pass for a local or arrive late in the evening this will be unavoidable.

Though it's only 100km west of Deqin, the last town on the Yunnan-Tibet highway, there is no direct road connects the Bingzhongluo region to Deqin. From either location, travelers can follow a local guide and cross the high Biluo Mountain Pass of 4000m. An expressway does run from Kunming to Wayao, before the bus has to be driven on a tortuous mountain road. The road winds its way down the gorge slope and the cliff-face hides many hairpin bends. Traffic warnings are erected on most of the dangerous sections by local authorities to reduce traffic accidents.


Vans run when they are reasonably full between Gongshan and Bingzhongluo. However there are enough people who make the trip north to ensure that this is regular. The ride cost around Y10 following the Nujiang again.

Trucks in Bingzhongluo run north to various villages along the Nujiang including Wuli, Qiunatong, and even further north to Tsawarong in Tibet when the road is not blocked by landslides. Normarly they leave Bingzhongluo between 8:00 and 9:30 in the morning.

Bingzhongluo - Dimaluo: 

The truck driver can send you from Bingzhongluo directly to Dimaluo village.

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