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Tonghai Overview

Tonghai county was a vital communication hub since the ancient time, the handicraft industry of Tonghai county was highly developed, it is one of the counties teem with flue-cured tobacco. Tonghai county is the principle habitation of Mongolian in Yunnan province, also the county of the highest population density in Yunnan province, the density of population reaches 300 person\square kilometer, and the population of Tonghai county is 270 thousand. The county seat lies in Xiushan town.

‣Where Tonghai Is

Tonghai county(通海县) lies in the Middle Yunnan province, the plain besides the Qilu Lake. It borders Huaning county, Eshan county, Jianshui county, Jiangchuan county and Hongta district in different directions. The county stretches 39km from east to west and 36km from south to north with its’ total area of 721square kilometers. The county seat is 125km away from Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province and 47km away from Hongta district, the headquarter of Yuxi prefecture.

‣Basic Information


Chinese Name:通海

Key Words:Town of Letters

Total Area:1,114 km2 (430 sq mi)


Density:230/km2 (610/sq mi)

Postal Code:652700

‣Administrative Division of Tonghai

Xiushan Sub-district office(秀山街道办事处), Jiujie Sub-districtoffice(九街街道办事处), Hexi town(河西镇), Sijie town(四街镇), Ynagguang town(杨广镇), Nagu town(纳古镇), Xinmeng Mongolian township(兴蒙蒙古族乡), Gaoda Yi and Dai township(高大彝族傣族乡), Lishan Yi township(里山彝族乡)

‣What to Visit in Tonghai

Xiushan Mountain:a large temple park in the style of China's famous Holy Mountains, set on Xiushan mountain, overlooking Tonghai city and Qilu lake. Its total lack of cable cars, souvenir stalls and tourists make this park easily one of the most pleasant and laid- back in China.

Tonghai Confucian Temple:situated on the south of the town at the foot of Xiushan Mountain. The temple consists of a group of ancient architectures which are divided by a central axis and appear in layers with a combination of individual architectural bodies.

Tonghai Ancient Town:The old town in Tonghai began to appear in West Han Dynasty under the foot of Xiushan Mountain and the city was formed in Nanzhao period of Tang Dynasty.

Xingmeng Mongolian Autonomous Township: is situated under the foot of Fenghuang Mountain and is the only dwelling area of Mongolia nationality in Yunnan.It has a history of more than a thousand years with unique ethnic culture.

Tonghai Ancient Town

     Tonghai Ancient Town

Mongol Village

          Mongol Village

Xiushan Mountain

         Xiushan Mountain

‣Ethnic Group of Tonghai

Tonghai county is the principle habitation of Mongolian in Yunnan province ,there are also several ethnic groups inhabit in Tonghai county, they are Yi, Dai, Hani and Hui

‣Tonghai Festivals

•Nadam Fair:Nadam in the Mongolian means "game" or "entertainment" and is held in lunar June every three years. As a grand event for the traditional Mongolian sport games and cultural activities, Nadam Fair has enjoyed a long history of more than 800 years. 

‣Tonghai Food

Sour spicy is the favorite taste of Tonhai people. So dishes here are kind of spicy and sour. Famous dishes here are Spicy chicken soup with herbs on Yudai Road, Roasted duck on Daying Street, Cold Rive Noodles, Ice Porridge etc.

‣Tonghai Transportation

Tonghai county has a convenient transportation system, the transportation of Tonghai county mainly rely on highway, the total mileage of expressways and roads had reached 3685km, 8 passenger stations are built, and more than 75 lines are opened for operating.  Among those highways, national highway occupies 123km, provincial highway occupies 639 km, county road occupies 780km, and the village road occupies 2108km. The annual transport capacity of passengers and freight reached 0.95 million and 8.1 million respectively. The post and telecom industry took a step forward. You can choose minibus or long-distance bus to go to Hongta District in Yuxi, and buses depart to Kunming everyday.

‣Tonghai Travel Tips
①:Xingmeng Township is 11 km from county seat of Tonghai, 129 km from Kunming. Bus ride to Tonghai is available in Kunming South Bus Station. If you are directly Yuanyang or Jianshui-bound, you will drive through Xingmeng;
②: Xiushan Mt. Park is the most famous tourist attraction in Tonghai County.

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