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Yunnan Tour Feedbacks
2015 Feedback
Itinerary:Kunming Dali Lijiang Shangrila and Meili Snow Mountain Pilgrimage Small Group Tour+rice terrace

Oct 19,2015

Dear Susanna, we have good time during our travel ,thanks a lot.The surprise was perfect, Ettore was very happy and us too!!! Paolo is a perfect guide .I’m very happy to know you face to face ,you are very young!  I try to send you some photos in the next mail, ciao Clara.
Itinerary:Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangrila

Oct 14,2015

Hi Kelly,
I would like to give you the feedback about our tour:
- In Kunming: we didn't have much time to visit but all the places we visited were well-worth to see. The two tourguides were very nice and attentive, they did their best to help us even thought they had to work outside their normal working hours. However the tour would have been much more interesting if they significantly improve their english (esp. pronounciation) and more knowledge about the sites we visited and general social/cultural facts of Kunming and Yunnan
- In Dali: the tour guide was the most professional one, his english and knowledge was excellent. From the beginning he was not very attentive to us (when we visited the Erhai lake, instead of guiding us he went away to talk to his tourguide felllow for quite long time), but he was very nice and after I reminded he quickly improved his service. Shaxi old town was our most favorite place and he was the best guide in our whole Yunnan trip.
- In Lijang: I had to say that Andy is the most unpleasant surprise to us. His english and local knowledge was good enough but his attitude was a shock for me. Right from the first day we met, he told me he only worked 8 hours a day, from 8.30 to 4.30 pm, outside that time we have to take care of ourselves. I can understand his difficulty so I agreed that he didn't need to be with us in dinner, he just needed to arrange the meal and told me the address of the restaurant. In that afternoon, he guided us to visit Lijang old town and then we walked back to our hotel. Since he hurried to finish his job, I told him to take other members to our hotel and I visited the town by myself. He urged our members to walk back to hotel under heavy rain even though they did not have umbrella/raincoat so everyone got totally wet and cold! In the dinner he changed his mind and showed up but the food and dishes he ordered for us was so little and cheap (with a terribly burned eggs). The next day he supposed to take us to the first bend of Yangze river but he told me he would not go, only the driver went with us, I agreed with him since it's not a serious issue but it seems he was not keen to do his task. The last day in Lijang, he showed up in the hotel in the morning, gave me the feed back form to sign and then walked with us from the hotel to the van (which was only 300m from the hotel). To my surprise, he turned his cold face to us, acting like a stranger to other members of my groups which was totally different then his helpful attitude on the first day. He then aproached me and demanded 20 yuan for the 2 city maps he gave us on the firstday. It's not a large sum of money but it borthered me a lot since other guides gave us map for free, and, he should inform us right in the beginning that we had to pay for the map, not at the very end of our trip! He then asked me for "the contribution" since the salary for the tour guide was so little! At the end of each city, I gave tips to all of your guides and actually Andy got the highest tip but he was the only one demanded tip eventhough he was the worst one! Most of people knowing about your company and recommending to me told me that your tourguides are very good ones so I did not expect the guide like Andy! About the sites we visited, the bend of Yangze river was the big disappointment since it did not look like in the beautiful picture you showed on your company site (a mountain surrounded by the river), it actually looked totally different and unspecial! If I knew the reality, I would not visit it
- Shangri-la: the guide in Shangrila was very nice and kind to us, especially in taking good care of the sick member. But I think she was not trained sufficiently to be a tourguide since her english was very limited and most of the time she walked at least 50m in front of us so we could not communicate and she could not help or guide us in any manner. Shangrila was beautiful and I wish we could spend more time there. The only dispointment there was the visit to the tibetan village. I had hoped we could visit a real village to see how tibetan people actually live, talk to them, observe their activities, see the tibetan landscape/architeture. But in fact, we were taken to a house near Tsongzanlin monastery, on the side of the road, if the guide did not tell me it's a tibetan village, I would think we were in the middle of nowhere. We then went into that beautiful wooden house and had some drinks, but the house was empty, we saw nobody so we just had drinks and left. I wouldn't say that we did actually visit a village! I wished we had stopped in one of tibetan villages on the way from Lijang to Shangrila (we saw quite a lot of beautiful ones)

Truthfully, I really enjoyed your service and tour.

Best regards,
Hang Nguyen 
Clients:Hiroko Mason&aida
Itinerary:Kunming,Stone Forest,Jiuxiang Cave,Yunnan Impression Show

Oct 09,2015

The tour was very well organised and the lunch was also good.
Even though the tour guide could not understand English, but she was very helpful and always made sure that I was with the group.  He also even stayed with me until Abbey delivered the ticket for me.  Excellent tour guide she was.
Only the thing is that the group was not with the tour guide all the time, so I was not sure sometimes what was going on.
As I could not understand the language, I wished if she had some cards ready for non Chinese speakers.
For example; "Please go to toilet now if you want." "Please look around by yourself here, and come back to meet up here at ......o'clock."   If you can make those kind of basic phrase cards for the tour guide, it would be a great help for non Chinese speakers like me, and your tour company would be more attractive as you would be able to provide good help with good price for individual travellers like me.
Abbey was also very helpful, delivering the ticket for me and also helped me to get a taxi to the theatre.
The show was very good and I really enjoyed it so much.  I hope they could come to London theatre one day...

There was a restaurant next to the theatre, so that it would be good if you could organise the tour, dinner and then show all in one.

I had a very good time in Kunming over all.Thank you once again.


Clients:Patrycja Data&aida
Itinerary:Lijiang to Shangrila

Sep 23,2015

I really enjoyed both trips with Yunnan Advenure. Everything was going smoothly and the guides were helpful too.
Thank you for everything,
Patrycja Data
Clients:Patrycja &aida
Itinerary:Lijiang-Tacheng-Baimang Snow Mountain-Benzilan-Shangrila-Lijiang

Aug 17,2015

I want to thank you and Bruce for the pleasant trip, my students enjoyed the trip very much. Bruce is a great tour guide and he had made my job and Professor Rottmann's job much easier in Yunnan. The evaluations for the Yunnan trip by our students are still coming in, once I received all the evaluations, I will let you know.
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