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Kucong People People in Laos

?Population: 2,880(1995); 3,240(2000); 4,050(2010)
?Main Province: Luang Namtha 
?Language Affiliation: Sino-Tibetan 
?Religion: Animism
?Christians: 200 
More than 3,000 Kucong inhabit at least 16 villages of northern Laos.  They are dispersed in the Long, Viangphouka and Luang Namtha districts of Luang Namtha Province, and the Meung and Tonpheung districts of Bokeo Province.

In addition, there are about 30,000 Kucong in China, 10,000 in northern Myanmar, others in Thailand, Vietnam, and Visalia, California.

The Kucong are also known as the Yellow Lahu, or Lahu Shi, or simply Kui.  The Kucong language is very different from standard Lahu, or Lahu Na, and also distinct from Kui Lung.  A subgroup of the Kucong in Laos are called Lahu Aga ('Bent Gourd Lahu') by other people because traditionally they wore a curved gourd around their necks.


Between the 14th and 19th centuries the Lahu in China had strong leadership in their wars of resistance against Han and Tai rulers.  Not until an irretrievable defeat in 1799 did they begin to collapse.  This defeat caused the Lahu to flee into the mountains and they fragmented as a people from that point on.  The Lahu Na claim to be "pure Lahu" and express contempt for the Kucong for having surrendered to the Qing army in the combat of the last century. Since that time the Kucong have been hated by other Lahu.

The Kucong are one of the more primitive groups in Laos. They survive by hunting, and foraging for food in the forests.  The Kucong value their independence and have little contact with other ethnic groups.


There are a small number of believers among the Kucong in Laos.  The Kucong have traditionally been harder to reach with the Gospel than the Lahu. In China there are several hundred Kucong Christians.  The great Pentecostal missionary H. A. Baker left a spiritual legacy at a Kucong village called Stony Stockade in an untraversed mountain ridge in Mojiang County, China.  "The whole village of 29 households were converted after hearing Baker's fiery preaching, and they have earnestly adhered to the faith until this day. Right up to the present, the old inhabitants still enjoy very much recounting to visitors, vividly and nost-algically, anecdotes of 'Ben Mooshi' (Pastor Baker)."


Pray for the Kucong
?Pray God would reveal Himself as a loving Father to the downtrodden and depressed Kucong.

?Ask God to send Lahu Christians to plant churches among the Kucong.

?Pray the Kucong of Laos would soon worship the Living God in great numbers.

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