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  1. 99 Dragon Pool of Laojun Mountain National Park Photos,Lijiang

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  3. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  4. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  5. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  6. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  7. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  8. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  9. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  10. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  11. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  12. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  13. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  14. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  15. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  16. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  17. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  18. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  19. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  20. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  21. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  22. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  23. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  24. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  25. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  26. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  27. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  28. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  29. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  30. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  31. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  32. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  33. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  34. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  35. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  36. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  37. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  38. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

  39. 99-Dragon-Pool-of-Laojun-Mountain-National-Park-Li

In the eastern side of the north of main ridge of Laojun Mountain, in the lap of the mountain in elevation above 3,800m, there are tens of lakes and swamps, distributing in cluster along the stream, which are called 99 Dragon Pool. Its water comes from the melted snow in spring and rainfall in summer, clear and cold, being of high quality. The overflowed water of the lake gathers together and forms streams, waterfalls and rivers, which flowing through the forest and finally running into Jinsha River and Lancang River. These glacial lakes in various shapes are deep and mysterious, presenting colors of blue, orange, yellow and green through reflecting the shining sun, flowers and trees.

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