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Major festivals and events in Yunnan Province in April

Cherry Festival of Zixi Mt
Date: April--May
Place: Zixi Mt Resort, Chuxiong City, Chuxiong Prefecture

Lahu Ethnic Calabash Festival
Date: 7-10 April
Place: Lancang County, Pu’er City

Celebration for 60th Anniversary of Lancang County
Date: 7-10 April 
Place: Lancang County, Pu’er City

"Holy Fish" Festival
Date: 11-13 April
Place: Menglian county seat, Pu’er City
The event includes many programmes such as religious services in Buddhist temples, boating race, fishing competition, fish-freeing ceremony, ancient music concert, and various cultural performances.

2013 Water-splashing Festival and 2nd Redwood Culture Festival
Date: 12-14 April
Place: Ruili City, Dehong Prefecture
Water-splashing festival is the grandest event for the Dai people who welcome in their new year on the Dai ethnic calendar. The redwood culture festival is dedicated to redwood furniture and sculptures.

Sanyuesan (March 3) Culture Festival
Date: 12 April (lunar 3 March)
Place: Wulong Township, Shizong County of Qujing City

Pilgrimage to the West Hill
Date: 12 April (lunar 3 March)
Place: West Hill Scenic Area, Kunming City

Wa Ethnic Wood-drum Festival
Date: 13-14 April
Place: Menglian County, Pu’er City
Menglian is one of the two places called home by the Wa ethnic group in China, with the other one being Cangyuan County of Lincang City; and wooden drums are the most sacred religious instruments in the Wa ethnic society.

2013 Water Splashing Festival and Border Trade And Tourism Fair
Date: 13-15 April
Place: Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Prefecture

Naxi Ethnic Dongba Gathering
Date: 14 April (lunar 5 March)
Place: Jade Water Village, Lijiang 
Most Naxi ethnic Dongas (priests) will get together in Yushuizhai (Jade-water Village) to stage religious services.

Water-splashing and Flower-collecting Festival
Date: 14-16 April
Place: Jinggu County, Pu’er City
The event of flower-collecting is indispensable for the water-splashing festival during which Dai ethnic people will offer fresh flowers they collect to Buddhas as sacrifices.

Dai Ethnic Water-splashing Festival of Jinping County 
Date: 16-18 April
Place: Mengla Township, Jinping County of Honghe Prefecture 
Jinping is inhabited by many minority groups such as the Dai and Red Yao. Tourism here is not much so it is a photographic destination for fans of ethnic groups.

Zhuang Ethnic Huajie Festival 
Date: 19-21 April (lunar 10-12 March)
Place: Zhetu Township, Guangnan County of Wenshan Prefecture
Huajie festival is the Valentine’s Day of the Zhuang ethnic group; major programmes for the event include song dialogue, “handkerchief dance” and “bronze-drum dance” etc.

March Street Festival of Dali
Date: 24-26 April (lunar 15-17)
Place: March Street venue around the ancient town of Dali, Dali Prefecture

Lingbaoshan Mt Temple Fair
Date: 29 April (lunar 20 March)
Place: Lingbaoshan Mt National Forest Park, Nanjian County of Dali Prefecture.

2013 Mojiang Int’l Twins Festival and Hani Ethnic Sun Festival
Date: 29 April--1 May
Place: Mojiang county seat, Pu’er City.

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