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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Overview

‣ Why Begin Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Tour

Located in Yulong Naxi Autonomous County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is 15 kilometers north of the downtown, which has a highest altitude of 5596 meters and an area of 455 square kilometers. With thirteen perennial snow peak, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain resembles a jade dragon lying in the clouds, hence the name. Featured by its magnificence, precipitousness, uniqueness and beauty, the scenery of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain changes in accordance with seasons and weathers. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Tour now is a famous scenic spot for sightseeing, mountaineering, skiing, exploration, scientific research and taking holiday.

‣ Where is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Located between 10004'-10016' east longitude and 2703'-2740' north latitude, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the southest snow mountain of China and the Northern Hemisphere. Stretching a length of 35 kilometers and a width of 20 kilometers, the scenery and vegetation between the top and foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain differ greatly, just like two different world.

‣ Basic Information of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


• Chinese Name: 玉龙雪山

• Location: Yulong Naxi Autonomous County, LIjiang City, Yunnan Province

• Area: 155 square kilometers

• Altitude: 5596 meters

• Admission Fee: 130 RMB

• Opening Time: 930-1600

• Recommended Visit Time: 1 day

• Best Time to Visit: November to next March

‣ Legend about Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

An archaic legend about Jade Dragon Snow Mountain goes like this: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain were twin brothers and living on panning in Jinsha River. One day, a devil from north forcibly occupied the river and forbid anyone to pan. Jade Dragon and Haba was so angry that they had a fierce fight with the devil. Haba' head was cut off because of physical weakness and Jade Dragon drove off the devil after wearing out 13 swords. As time passed, they turned into two snow mountain and the 13 swords had become 13 peaks. The Jade Dragon hero in this legend has been a representative of Naxi people's inner spirit and an embodiment of 'Sanduo', the guardian of Naxi people.

What to Visit in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain   Jade Dragon Snow Mountain   Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Gancaozi Meadow                                                    Yunshanping                                                       Blue Moon Valley

• Ganhaizi Meadow(甘海子)

Ganhaizi is a vast grassland on the east side of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. With 4 kms in length and 1.5 kms in width, you can appreciate snow peak and various wild plants here. In spring, tourists can see herders of Tibet, Yi and Naxi people wearing felt hat on horse back and grazing their yaks, sheep and cattle on the meadow, which add more charm.

• Yunshanping(云扇坪)

At an altitude of 3240 meters, Yunshanping(Spruce Meadow) is a holy place of Naxi people. It is said that if a young couple suicide at the Spruce Meadow, their spirits will enter the Third Country of Yulong, an Utopia for Naxi people. In addition, it is also the location of the live show, Impression Lijiang.

• White Water River(Blue Moon Valley)

From Ganhaizi to Yunshanping, there is a deep vally with dense trees and clear long stream. A this long ever-flowing river under the valley is the so-called White Water River. The water originates from high ice snow melt water, clear and cold. In sunny days the water is milky white while in rainy days the water will change into sky blue. Therefore, it is also called the Blue Moon Valley.

‣‣‣ More Attractions in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

‣ Three Cableways in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

There are three cableways in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Large Cableway, Yunshanping Cableway(small cableway) and Haoniuping Cableway(middle cableway). In a word, you can touch snow by Large Cableway while you can shoot the panorama of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain by Yunshanping Cableway. Haoniuping Cableway enjoys vaster horizon and higher altitude, which more foreign tourists choose.

‣ Recommended Traveling Route

The typical traveling route is Lijiang - Glacier Park - Blue Moon Valley - Ganhaizi. As for cableway, you can go up the mountain by Yunshanping cableway or Haoniuping cableway. From White Water River, you can take Yunshangping cableway up to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Going by horse is not recommended because in this way tourists can not arrive at Gancaozi and Blve Moon Valley. In addition, tourists can ski in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain all year round.

Transportation of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Tourists can rent a car to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, 100-200 RMB a day or take No.7 bus in Red Son Square near the Giant Water Wheels in Lijiang Old Town, 15 RMB per person. In addition, tourists can also take a bus operated by Cable Car Company to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which departs in Guluwan Hotel every morning.

Recommended Hotels

Usually tourist choose to stay at Lijiang Old Town because there are various hotels and hostels that cater to different demand.

▪ Five-star Hotels

▪InterContinental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort(丽江和府洲际酒店)

▪Lijiang Grand Hyatt(丽江君悦酒店)

▪Pullman LIjiang Resort(丽江铂尔曼酒店)

▪Lijiang Manxin Hotels&Resorts(丽江漫心度假酒店)

▪ Four-star Hotels

▪Wang Fu Hotel(丽江王府酒店)

▪Hexi Hotel(和玺酒店)

▪Liwang Hotel(丽王酒店)

▪ Three-star Hotel

▪ Ljiang Baisha Holiday Resort(丽江白沙别院)

Travel Tips for Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

▪ Best Time to Visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The best time to visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is from November to next March because people can see snow view.Spring and winter is the best season for seeing snow-covered landscape of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. During that time, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain has clear weather and dry air, the snow mountain gleams white, whether it is for visiting or shooting, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the most charming at this time.

▪ Yunnan Adventure Travel has rich experience in working out individual travel itinerary and provides professional English-speaking tour guide for tourists that make your tour more comfortable and convenient. If you are interested in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain tour, please contact us.

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