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Lufeng County Overview

Geographical Location

Lufeng County (禄丰县; pinyin: Lùfēng Xiàn) is located in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan province, China.The whole county covers an area of 3536 square kilometers and about 82.9 kilometers away from Chuxiong City and 104 kilometers away from Kunming.


Though it is not as famous as many other tourist cities or towns, Lufeng’s unique resources of ancient extinct plant and animal heritages and historical relics make Lufeng a unique and worthwhile place for traveling and exploration.  Dinosaur fossils unearthed here, many millions of years old, are boasted to be the largest in quantity, with the most varieties, the most dense distribution, and are the best preserved in China. The fossil of the Lama Ancient Ape excavated here has been regarded by scientists to be a good example of the evolution of mankind. Hence Lufeng has been listed as one of China's National Geological Parks.


The Black Well Old Town has been praised to be a “Salt Capital with Thousands of Years”, which with its well-preserved old residential architectures and many other famous historical sites is listed as one of China's National Famous Historical & Cultural Towns. Different ethnic groups here make up diverse cultures. Various festivals from different groups of people, the Dinosaur Culture Festival, Yi people's Valentine's Day, the Torch Festival of Yi people, and the Flower Mountain Festival of Miao people, bring out the most authentic aspects of each culture.


The Yi people's Torch Festival celebrated in Gaofeng village with the most primitive, the oldest, the most systematic and most complete traditional sacrificing ceremony, has been praised as the most authentic Torch Festival of the Yi people.

Lufeng County is about 100 KM (62 miles) west of Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province. It can be reached by buses from Kunming or Chuxiong


The State Council of China authorized to build Lufeng County, which governs 11 towns, 3 townships, near 100 village offices. There are 13 nationalities here, such as Yi, Han, Hui, Miao and Lisu. The total population is 427,000. These nationalities are industrious,simple and closely united.

Administrative  Division

Lufeng County is under Dali County’s jurisdiction.There are

11 towns and 3 townships in Yunlong. Towns:Jinshan(金山镇)、Renxin(仁兴镇)、Bicheng(碧城镇)、Qingfeng(勤丰镇)、Yipinglang(一平浪镇)、Guangtong(广通镇)、Heijing(黑井镇)、Tuguan(土官镇)、Luochuan(罗川镇)、Heping(和平镇)、Konglongshan(恐龙山镇).Townships:Zhongcun(中村乡)、Gaofeng(高峰乡)、Tuoan(妥安乡).

Ethnic Groups

The major ethnic groups are Han,Yi,Hui,Bai,Miao, Dai,Hui.

Lufeng County
 • Total3,536 km2 (1,365 sq mi)
 • Total414,261
 • Density120/km2 (300/sq mi)
Postal code651200
Area code(s)0878

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