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Meili Snow Mountain Shopping

1. Matsutake Fungus

Matsutake Fungus, also known as Pine Mushroom, is a valuable edible fungus. Fresh mushroom, shaped like an umbrella, vivid color, cap is brown, stipe is white, has the same fiber as the sweater scales, white and tender meat matsutake bacteria hypertrophy, fine texture, rich special aroma. At the same time,it has the function of imoproving the physics, benefiting the stomach, pain, qi and phlegm, dewormingetc. There are other treatments of diabetes,cancer etc. According to  the related report, anticancerfunction of Matsutake Fungus is above 90%.


2. Wooden Bowl

Since the Tibetan people are engaged in livestock-based, large mobility, better than the easily broken ceramic bowl and heavy metal bowl. By contrast,wooden bowls are much lightweight and practical,that is why wooden bowls are so populated by Tibetans. Wooden bowls carved by the knots of birch tree. By procedures of choosing the material,drying,boiling,paiting,then the shape of wooden bowls molded. wooden bowls made of a set of three, two small, two bowl can bowl engaging in it from a oblate "cricket", it is very delicate, and kind of hard texture . The surface of bowl loos smoothy, clear lines, prolonged rupture of the same type. Therefore,the wooden bowls also populated by  all nationalities, eager to buy, in short of supply.

3. Tibetan Decorations

Tibetan decoration is the one of the most heartbeating souvenirs to Diqing,represented by Knife and Accessaries. Tibetan Decorations is only only full of  ornamental value and decorative with its complex shape, but also reflecting the Tibetan culture and aesthetic. Sheepshead is a kind of ornaments, which sales in some ethnic shops in Deqin.The production of sheephead ornaments look so pretty if you hang them in your house. But you have to consider the problem of long-distance transport.


Warm tip: You'd better to get an invoice from the decoration shop so that you could solve some problems when you will be inquired by the related officers. The Tibetan Knife are not allowed to take on plane,but you may take them on train or send them via the post office.


4. Herbs

There are three treasures on alpine snowfiled,they are cordyceps, snow lotus and saffron crocus. Deqin county is the best productive place of cordyceps, musk and fritillaria. Cordyceps is mainly distributed in the vast Baimang Snow Mountain and Meili Snow Mountain,growing at an altitude of 3800M-4600M alpine meadow. The form of cordyceps is pretty peculiar,which is changed into insects on winter and grass on summer. It is the best season to pick on summer when it is formed. Winter insect could also be full of nourish.

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