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Menghai Food

Menghai is a municipality in Xishuangbanna Prefecture,with suitable climate and rich vegetation. Tourists come to  Menghai, can not only see the beautiful scenery,and you can taste the delicious meals.

Fragrant bamboo baked rice1.Fragrant bamboo baked rice香竹烤饭

Fragrant bamboo Grill meals are Xishuangbanna Dai's famous dishes, it has rich fragrance, it is soft white, form a uniform and unique. Xishuangbanna Dai Hang Seng rule States, is the granary of southern. Main ethnic groups as the Dai, Dai belongs to the ancient baiyue groups, they water them, grow rice in Yunnan advanced nation. Since ancient times, they were closely connected with rice, the staple food rice.

2.Bulang ethnic cuisine布朗族菜

Baked roasted sweet meat, turtle meat, fish, pork, beef, and gravel loose fish soup, crab, crab meat, chopped, fried flower spiders, cicadas, roast fish, sour sauce dishes (sour fish meat, acid, sour bamboo shoot)can be found in Menghai county. Except as described above, but Yao, Jinuo and other Nations also have similar cooking methods, but different, boiling, frying method, baking is also different, different flavor. Not only to see the scenery of the beautiful xishuangbanna, cuisines as a speciality here a lot, which can reflect the ethnic food styles.


3.Dai Sapie傣味撒撇

Sapie is from dehong, West double Banna, and Simao, and lincang, to Dai preferences of dishes, around practices not same, "Sub" Department Dai language, Chinese meaning for salad; de macro Dai practices by dipped water and attached dish composition, dipped water lemon sub prime, and cattle sub prime,, attached dish has Dai special fine noodle, and cucumber, and thorn five added, and water dish, and bitter shoots, and Horseshoe dish,; lemon Sapie taste acid, has cool solutions summer effect; cattle Sapie taste bitter, has heat effect. Cattle Sapie dish has medicinal value, helps digestion, stomach, the summer heat. Lincang region of Sapieand cattle in dehong Prefecture, Xishuangbanna Sapie are not the same.



4.Menghai steamed chicken勐海竹筒鸡

Menghai menghai bamboo chicken Haney flavor chicken is a dish only to the noble guests, hospitality of the Hani people ,it will entertain guests with steamed chicken, his choice of materials and bamboo pork almost. This dish is delicious and elegant, soft tender, uniqueproduced , with a pretty wild flavor.



5.Burnt fish包烧鲜鱼

Burn fresh fish is a tradition dish in Bulang nationality, it is delicious. Method: wash and cut the fish, put chilies, ginger, wild coriander, pepper, salt and other spices into the fish,finely and mix filling fish inside, and then wrapped with banana leaves, cover the charcoal fire in the fireplace below, cooked and can be eaten.

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