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Puer Shopping

The Puer Tea, Simao

The famous Puer Tea, growing in Simao and Xishuangbanna area which was under the control of the former Puer government, was paid as tribute to the emperor in 1730(the Qing dynasty) when Er Tai (a local political officer) took the policy of "replace the local officers with some unstable ones" and was recorded into the history of tea culture.


There are individual tea and condensed tea of which the latter one includes Pu Er Tuo tea, square tea, round tea (like a cake), ball tea, cake tea, ball-shaped tea, tribute tea, etc. The individual tea is thick and in the color of brown red just like the pig liver. The character of this tea is pure, fragrant, easily-kept and is effective in relieve the effect of alcoholic drink, eliminating indigestion and phlegm and losing weight. That's why this double fermented tea is called "slender tea", "beauty tea" and "long-lived tea" in Japan, France and Germany. The longer it is reserved, the purer it is, the higher alkali it contains, the higher the quality is.

     Tea      Purple Long Yu cake

Kind reminder: The Puer tea produced by Simao Longsheng Tea Company is well-known and can be bought in most of the tea shops.


The woodcarving, Simao

On the base of the Jian Chuan and Dong Yang woodcarving, the Simao woodcarving has formed its own style and characteristic. The Simao tourism woodcarving company produces many handicrafts in more than three thousand patterns like Chinese classical furniture, woodcarving handicraft, decoration handicraft and the woodcarving, fresco, lattice door, screen, souvenirs for large gardens and temples with superior wood like Xiang Bai Tree, Hua Li Tree and Hong Mei Ga tree. It is welcomed both at home and abroad especially in southeast areas.


The silver handicraft in Puer area, Simao

The silver handicraft has been famous for hundreds of years since 1885 when the silver smith Huang Zhuxi made his name by his silver belt of Dai minority which has been even improved nowadays.


The silver products is especially welcomed by the old for its various kinds, complicate technique, delicate making and new patterns and was rewarded the merit products for ethic groups using in 1987, YunNan.


Kind reminder:

1. The walnut in Jingdong area attracts tourists by the sweet taste, fragrant flavor, and rich nutrition.

2. The leather shoes in Simao would be good present as they are made of the local ox skin with modern pattern and reasonable price.

3. Tourists would buy the delicate-made, littering and translucent natural crystal necklace in big stores, not the road sellers with false ones.


The purple rice of the Mo River area, Simao

Named after its color, such purple black rice is grown in southeast Yun Nan, the tropic cancer. Also called "the purple pearl", it is written in "the Red Tower" as rouge rice. Being famous for its full and big seeds, sticky degree, pure flavor, it is well sold in Bei Jingo, Tian Jin, Shang Hai, Hang Zhou, HK and other areas. Its function is recorded in a famous Chinese herbal medical book "Compendium of Material Medical" by Li Shi zhen like “The black rice is helpful for kidney, spleen, liver and eyes." Besides, the black rice-made wine is rewarded the golden prize by the international exhibition in Paris thus won the oversea fame.


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