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Yunnan Tour Feedbacks
Qujing Travel Tips


Population: 5,756,600

Area: 28,904 square kilometers (11,160 square miles)

Nationalities: Han, Yi, Miao


Administrative Division: 1district (Qilin); 7 counties (Malong, Zhanyi, Fuyuan, Luoping, Shizong, Luliang, Huize); 1 county-level city (Xuanwei)


Seat of the city government: No.78, Wenchang Street Qilin District, Qujing City


Useful Telephone Numbers: 

Tourist Complaints: 0874-96927

Weather Forecast: 121

Zip Code Inquiry: 184


Bank of China w Branch: Qilin Road (East), Qilin District, Qujing City

China Post Qujing Branch: No.183, Qilin Road (South), Qilin District, Qujing City




Location: Located in eastern Yunnan Province, Qujing is the headstream where the largest river in South China, the Pearl River initiates. It is bordered by Guizhou and Guangxi provinces in the east. The capital city of the province, Kunming lies about 130 kilometers (81 miles) west to it. 


 History: The Five-Chi Road (Wuchidao) in Qujing was the earliest pass opened during the Qin (221BC-206BC) and Han (206BC-220AD) dynasties to linking the transportation in and around Yunnan. By the western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD), county has been established in this area. In the following five hundred years after the Western Jin Dynasty (265-316) set up prefecture to administrate the region, Qujing was always the political, economic and cultural center of Yunnan.


 Physical Features: The terrain of Qujing is mainly made up of mountains, hills and plain or basins in plateau. Karst landform also has distribution in the city. Its overall terrain declines from northeast to southwest. Qijing has an average altitude of 2,000 meters (6,562 feet). The vertex of the city is the Guniu Stockade (Guniuzhai) in Huize County northwest of Qujing.


Climate: Qujing enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate, and the weather of the city is temperate and pleasurable throughout the year. The average temperature in coldest January and hottest July are respectively 14 and 19 degree centigrade (57.2 and 66.2 degree Fahrenheit). Due to the high altitude, climatic types ranging from the lower subtropic to north temperate all can be found in the city.       

 When to Go: Thanks to the temperate weather, Qujing is an all-year-round destination. Notable is that March to October is the period in Yunnan celebrations and festivals of ethnic minorities are densely held, and it is also the pomp season of flowers and fruits. But May to October is the rainy season in Yunnan. Umbrella and warm clothes are the prime priorities.


 Local Highlights: traditional festivals of the local ethnic minorities, such as the Torch Festival, folk song festival     


Special Local Products: Xuanwei ham, dried beef, edible fungi



Luoping Travel Tips

Suggested Itinerary

We will provide optimized itinerary, hotel (preferential price by travel agent), the transportation (discount air tickets by travel agent), introduction and map of destination, the knows of local folkway or custom, attentions, the list of your traveling expenses, important words written down in Chinese language for your asking and showing to Chinese and other helpful information, all relevant traveling information when you arrive in CHINA.

So your budget travel to Luoping Peak Forest is easy, smoothly and happily.


Travel in best timeIn Luoping highly seasonal for tourist is in February and March especially from 20 February to March.


Luoping belong Plateau monsoon climate. Annually, average temperature is about 15.1℃(59.1F), average precipitation is 1743mm, average sunlight time is 1685 hours and frost-free period lasts 280 days.


Distance from BeijingBeijing (3183 km) Kunming City (240 km) Luoping County

Beijing (3183 km) Kunming City (157 km) Qujing city (131 km) Luoping County


How to go from BeijingBy Airplane:

Beijing—Kunming City—Beijing TWENTY-ONE FLIGHTS DAILY 

FULL PRICE (economy class): RMB 1810+ RMB 100 (tax) 

DISCOUNT: Depend on tourist season

FLIGHT TIME: 3 hour 10 minutes one way


By Train:

Beijing—Kunming City—Beijing 

Train No: T61 (16:37—07:18) / T62 (20:43—11:08) 

Run Time: 38 hour 41/25 minutes one way

Price: lower hard sleeper (RMB 578) lower soft sleeper (RMB 890) 

Train No: K471/K474 (19:20—17:18) / K472/K473 (10:32—10:48) 

Run Time: 45/48 hour 58/16 minutes one way

Price: lower hard sleeper (RMB 588) lower soft sleeper (RMB 904) 

Kunming City—Qujing City--Kunming City 

There are 26 trains to run daily from Kunming to Qujing lasting about miore 1-2 hours.

Price: Hard seat (RMB 24) soft seat (RMB 37) 

Note: “T” means limited express train with air-conditioner; “K” means express train with air-conditioner.


By Overland:

In Kunming taking by bus to Luoping County is about RMB 60/person lasting about 4 hours.

Hire a privare car from Kunming to Luoping County is about RMB300-400/day.

Take by bus from Qujing City to Luoping County is RMB45 lasting about 3 hours.

Take by bus from Xingyi (Guizhou Province)to Luoping County (80km) is RMB25 lasting about 1.5 hours.


Ticket:No ticket


Around LandscapesLovely Duoyi River RMB20, Jiulong Waterfall RMB30, Lubuge Valley RMB32 (boat) and RMB52 (Yacht), etc.


Travel tipsTake umbrella. Be sure to respect local customs and traditions. 

Wear warmth and do not put on yellow clothes. 

Do not trample farmland. Sun block, sunglasses and sunshade are necessity. 

On Golden-chook Peak Forest, you can overlook the sea of rape.


DescriptionLuoping Peak Forest in Luoping County, Qujing city of Yunnan Province: A natural golden garden.


Hidden among the serried mountains where Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi meet, lies a marvelous landscape called Luoping Peak Forest. Because of its unique location, Luoping County, in the east of Yunnan Province, has been called the East Gateway to Yunnan or the Strategic Gateway to Yunnan and Guizhou Province.


In spring, in the third month of the year, vast swathes of rape come into bloom in Luoping. There are patches, undulating waves, snaking lines and coiling spirals of these flowers, together forming a boundless sea of lustrous gold. Yudai Lake, Lashan Lake and Wanzi Lake set like three brilliant mirrors in the midst of a sea of flowers, enhance the luxuriant green of Baila Mountain. Dotted about the sea are Karst cones in all shapes. White clouds partially cloak the verdant mountains and streams flow quietly through the village.


Rape blossom, villages and green peaks, indispensable elements of the enchanting landscape forms the natural garden of Luoping. Luoping County is not only the base of rape producing in the whole country, but also the base of honey processing. The rape flowers covering an area of 250,000 hectare are in full bloom on February of March every year.


TitleThe biggest Natural Garden in world and the top 5 of China's Five Most Beautiful Peak Forests.


Accommodation (Preferential Price)Five Stars:

Yiliang New Century Great Hotel, Green Continent Hotel, Bangke Hotel, Jiahua Square Hotel, Longdu International Recuperate Center, Century Jinyuan Hotel, Navigation Hotel, Haiyi Hotel, Tianheng Hotel. 

Four Stars: Kunming hotel, Xianghe Great Hotel, Zhongyu Hotel, etc.

There are 20 four-star hotels in Kunming City. 

Three Stars: International Business Hotel, Tianhe Great Hotel, Golden Spring Hotel, Guihua Hotel, Yingtian Hotel, Baoshan Hotel, etc. 

Above hotels is located in Kunming City, capital of Yunnan Province.

Three Stars: Duoyi River hotel, Xinyuan hotel. 

Two Stars: Blue spring hotel, Jiulong hotel, etc.

Above hotels is located in Luoping County of Yunnan Province. 

Local Snacks and Specialties: Thin-bamboo-strip craftwork, Rape-Flowers, Honey, Embroidery, etc.


Favoring telephones and helpful websiteInternational SOS alarm centers in China: 86-10-64629100, 64629199

Complaint Telephone Numbers in China National Tourism Administration: 86-10-65275315 

Complaint Telephone Numbers in Yunnan Province: 86-871-3537361

Complaint Telephone Numbers in Kunming City: 086-871-3164961, 96927

Complaint Telephone Numbers in Qujing City: 86-874-3122424, 96927

Complaint Telephone Numbers in Luoping County: 86-874-8212524 BY Yunnan Province Government BY Kunming Tourism Bureau

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