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Shidian County Entertainment

As for nightlife activities,Shidian does not differ a lot from other cities in China. Bars, KTV, disco and other clubs can easily be found around the city. There are many nightlife activities and other entertainment which add color to the county, visitors can enjoy your time here.

Clubs & Bars & KTVs

Shidian BilliardClub(施甸台球俱乐部)

Address: Near the Shufu Hotel, Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture(保山市施甸县舒福大酒店附近)

Shidian County  Rangers Bicycle Club(Outdoors)施甸县游骑兵自行车(户外)运动俱乐部

Address: Western Chaoyang road, Shidian County, Baoshan  Prefecture(保山市施甸县朝阳路西段)

Dingxin Foot Center(鼎新桑拿足浴中心)

Address: Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture(保山市施甸县)

Tel: 0875-8121999

Xinjin Tianshui Health Care Center(新金天水康体保健中心)

Address: Northern Jiaotong Road, Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture(保山市施甸县交通路北段)

Tel: 15987765719

Twilight Bar(暮色酒吧)

Address: Diagonally Opposite to the Hongxing Garden, Mengdi Road, Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture(保山市施甸县勐底路红星花园斜对面)

Tel: 18687023337

Yiyu Bar(异域酒吧)

Address: Wenhua Road, Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture(保山市施甸县文化路)

Tel: 18608756521

Loulan KTV(楼兰KTV)

Address: Wenhua Road, Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture(保山市施甸县文化路)

Tel: 13099676337

Jiqing Time Recreational Center(激情时代娱乐中心)

Address: XN23, Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture(保山市施甸县XM23)

Tel: 13466132229

Coffee & Tea & Ice Cream

Ideal Tea Garden(理想茶苑)

Address: The Intersection of Jiaotong Road and Mocang Road, Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture(保山市施甸县交通路与摩苍路交叉口)

TEl: 08758121998


Address: Eastern Mocang Road, Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture(保山市施甸县摩苍路东段)

Tel: 08752127718


Address: Jiaotong Road, Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture (保山市施甸县交通路)

Leyuanbei Shidian NO.1(乐源杯施甸NO.1)

Address: Jiaotong Road, Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture (保山市施甸县交通路)

Tel: 15094216137

Snow Cold Drinks(雪花冷饮)

Address: Xunyang Road, Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture (保山市施甸县甸阳路)

Guowei Yoghourt(果唯酸奶)

Address: Near the Buxing Street, Shidian County, Baoshan Prefecture (保山市施甸县步行街附近)

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