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Tacheng Overview

Location and Geography

Tacheng Town is situated in Weixi County of Diqing Prefecture in the northwest of Yunnan. Tacheng is the hometown of snub-nosed monkey Lingling and Tibetan Reba Art.

The population is mainly composed of such minorities as the Tibetan, Lisu, Naxi, Yi, Pumi, Bai and Hui etc. These groups live in good harmony and share lots of traditional festivals including Reba Art Festival of lunar Mar 28th, Horse Racing of May 5th, Torch Festival and Harvest Festival etc. Main tourist sites include Tacheng Town, Cave of Bodhidharma (the master of Zen Sect), Xianggu Valley, Neolithic Remains in Gedeng, Thousand-year-old Gingko Tree, Remains of Tubo Iron Rope Bridge, Stone Gate Pass in Qizhong, Xiangshui River, Reba Art and customs of Malimasa (Malimasa is a branch of the Naxi minority in Weixi) etc.

At present, Tacheng has become a vital part of Shangri-la resort.

Population and Ethnic Groups

Whole town administer 7 administrative village, 120 villagers group. The end of 2006 the total number of 3317 (including agriculture 3222, non-farm 95), the total population of 15601 people (of which agricultural population of 14,892 people, accounting for 95%), by the Tibetan, Lisu, Naxi (including under the Naxi branch Malimasa human system), Yi, Pumi, Bai, Hui, Han eight kinds of ethnic composition.

Tacheng territory inhabited by Tibetan, Naxi (including branches of Malimasa membership Naxi people), Lisu, Han, Yi, Bai, Pumi, eight kinds of Hui nationality. All ethnic groups live in harmony, singing and dancing, popular mainly Reba dance, pot Zhuang, harp, dancing Naxi, Lisu dance and ethnic dance. Tacheng only inherited the complete classical Tibetan dance Reba place, Tacheng Reba has kept the original classical charm, with a strong color of Tibetan Buddhism, Tacheng Reba Beijing had in 1957 and winning performances , 1999 Tacheng be state commission, the state government named "Reba arts village", the annual Lunar New Year on March 28 as "La Tacheng Reba Art Festival", all ethnic groups living in long-term production, the formation of Tacheng ancient, traditional, peculiar marriage, funeral and other ethnic customs and food culture in style, as well as highly different local characteristics of Chinese New Year customs, horse racing festival, April started to Hill Festival, February 8, bullfighting carnival, torch festival, harvest festival until the traditional festival, festivals of all ethnic groups dressed in costumes, singing and dancing, held colorful folk style contest.

Tourism Resources

Tower of town very rich in tourism resources, attractions, scenic more, there are gorgeous spectacular cultural landscape, natural beauty and attractions, and historic, unique, end rhyme profound national culture and folk customs. One of the more famous cultural landscapes and culture of Tibetan Buddhists pilgrimage site Bodhidharma Cave, the original eco-tourism area in response ancient Qing Yunnan Golden Monkey "Lingling home", Gordon Neolithic sites, known as "plant living fossil "do Millennium ginkgo Wang Kai, Tang Dynasty Tubo Bridge ruins, which were Shimen, and their cases Shenquan xiangshuihe, Reba arts, customs and other Malimasa. Weixi Tacheng is at the forefront of tourism development is an important part of the Shangri-La tourist attractions. Not long ago, has been the state commission, the state government as one of the 13 major tourist attractions provincial construction projects statewide.

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