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Weishan Old Town Climate

Weishan Ancient Town is locatedt in Weishan Yi and Hui nationalities Autonomous county, Dali Bai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture. Weishan Ancient Town lies on the northern part of the subtropical zone. It has a moderate climate (Average temperature -- 15.60 C).

Weishan County an totall land area of 2200 square Kilometres. By the end of 1997, it had a population of more than 290 thousand, 45 % of which is minority nationalities( the Yi, the Hui, the Bai and so on). Weishan county is rich in natural recources. Besides all kinds of agricultural products (rice, wheat, corn…) there are plenty of tea trees, medical plants in the area. In addition, there grows primeval forest, plenty of rare and precious trees and plants. Weishan county is also abundant in natural mineral recources. It has iron, coal, antimony, aluminium, gold, silver, mercury, tin, and so on. Among them, iron, antimony and coal have already been exploited. The yearly output of antimony exceeds 4000 tons.


Weishan county has big stretches of meadow, and it is one of the famous beef and mutton production base in Province Yunnan Weishan county has a long history. It has been a political, economic, and cultural centre in south-west Yunnan since the Tang Dynasty, which existed about 1300 years ago. There are plenty of historical relics, scenic spots all over the county. Up till now 16 neolithic sites have been discovered here, and more than 2100 historical relics are stored up in the county's museums.


Weishan Ancient Town was built more than 600 years ago. There are a lot of ancient buildings in it. The magnificent Building Gongchen is the symbol of the ancient city. The taoist temple Weibaoshan is one of the 14 taoist temples, which are most famous throughout China. By the way, it is also a " forest garden at national level", which was defined by the State Council of PRC in 1992. And the ancient city of Weishan is named a " famous historial, cultural city" by our country in 1994. Weishan county is also a famous home place of overseas Chinese. Now more than 1400 overseas Chinese from Weishan county live abroad ( in Europe, America, Asia and the Pacific area ).


As is well-known, Weishan county is a mountain area . In the north-east part of the county, there is a big mountain pass, named Longqingguan. Around it lies a stretch of primeval forest. In ancient times the famous silk road from China to the west went through the pass. Every year a large number of merchants went and came along the road. And the pass is also the necessary passage for migratory birds. In autumn, thousands of migratory birds fly over the pass. With the flying birds in the sky at dusk, the scene around the pass looks most magnificent.


Since the ancient times a stone tablet has been set up beside the pass. On it were engraved several big Chinese characters, which mean " the grand pass for migratory birds." It is said, this is the earlist record made by the ancients, watching the flyway of the migratory birds. Here scientists can work to put rings onto the birds in order to research the living law of them.

The wonderful landscape has attracted the attention of press circles. Several months ago, hundreds of correspondents gathered at the Pass Longqingguan and watched how the migratory birds flied over the pass. After that they reported the beautiful view to the public immediately.


In a word, being a stretch of miraculous land, Weishan is an excellent place for tourism, sightseeing, holidays and the science research.

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