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  1. Dayao Shiyang Old Town,Chuxiong

Shiyang town located 35 kilometers northwest city of Dayao county. Yunnan Province is the first name of the three famous historical and cultural towns one.

Xiang river winding through downtown entire Shiyang town, across the river, one by one Fengyuqiao respectively into the old roadway Shen Yuan Qu. Here, Pennisetum flaccidum Lingxia overlapping peaks, lush dense forests and the North-South confrontation pagoda, and clean streets, simple folk customs, pistachio and nature in harmony as a whole. In ancient times the "seven Temple, 8 Club, 9:" show past glory. Market prosperity "ÇúÖÕÈËÉ¢," which has evolved into today's "paradise" of quiet.

Dayao Shiyang Old Town,Chuxiong

Shiyang town Originally known as the "White Shangyanjing." Because of the history of salt and prosperity. As early as in the Western Han Dynasty, began Salt Shiyang. Ming and Qing Dynasties, Salt achieve height, the Shiyang salt production, supply near more than 20 million people in the food. Song, here in the South had the "Silk Road" an important Inn, merchants gathered.

Shiyang town has abundance of salt is the county seat. Dayao county merger in 1958. Shiyang town with a long history, Early Tang Luding County home, since renamed Brine County, the state of Yao. Qing Emperor Kangxi 45 (public without 1706) renamed Zhili lifting Division. From the 1921 Salt Fengxian said, as industrial and commercial development, market prosperity and Dayao county, Yao'an County said that the "three Yao."

Dayao Shiyang Old Town,Chuxiong

Shiyang Confucius Temple's renowned. Confucius Temple is located at the foot of the mountain, as Ridge only now designated Hongwu years (Year 1368), Wanli 37 (Year 1609) built. After additional repairs, Yunnan key units to be protected.

Shiyang Confucius Temple scale of the event, covers an area of 6,584 square meters and a building area 1616.8 square meters. Architectural pattern on the scale of Yushu ancient palace-style layout, and vertical and horizontal symmetry order. Building layout in the main axis line, on both sides of the construction subsidiary. Confucian temple complex in the Great Hall of the main, there are two sides can do our best East, the West can do our best, Xiangxian Temple, the Temple Minghuan, lateral Zhu Court, chanting Club, and other construction. Well-structured, asymmetric layout, grand dignified.

Dacheng Dianding with yellow, green, blue tri-color glazed tile coverage, Muzhu, doors and windows with colored pattern Shu Qi. Diaolianghuadong the whole building, splendid. Dacheng Dian hanging from the doors of Kangxi and Qianlong and Historic celebrities written by "Jesus Christ Shibiao," "Heaven and Earth and the Senate," "St. synthesizer", "Simin in mind" nine board.

Great hall median 1.6-metre high platform for China's largest body of the statue of Confucius. Casting Kangxi in the Qing 47 (Year 1708), after nine years cast. Confucius statue wearing a crown glass jade, ivory hands towards Wat, Yitai authority. A bronze statue of about 2.3 meters high, weighing about 2500 kg. Confucius statue casting process beautifully preserved, domestic unique.

In the east can do our best for the disciples of Confucius statue 172 Eminent Persons. Different forms, lifelike.

Confucius Temple preserved in a well-known "Well closure World Festival" relief. This large marble relief from six straight slit form themselves into the number. 2.2 meters high, 4.1 meters wide, painted in more than 80 figures and 28 horses. Ke Hui Qing Dao in 21 (Year 1842). Relief for the upper screen Shiyang were given, the central Shiyang scenery, for the lower end of Ming Dynasty Zhang Shiyang leading soldiers to attack the historic event.

Like Ridge in the foothills, Xianghe North and the South, began in the Han, Tang Sheng in the ancient Shangyanjing. In ancient times, Shiyang the so-called "high rooftop balconies, Afterglow Manjusri, Xiu-North Korea cigarettes, Xianghe Yeru, like Ling Yan Fang, Liu Chun-bo dark, early-West Valley, a deer-hole," including "Eight Scenes of Guangzhou."

Shiyang Temple in 600 years after the storm, many destroyed, as is now fully restored. According to legend, in the "Cultural Revolution" in the rebel camp with a rope of the statue of Confucius, the damage to none. Laying in the Nantang, bronze shaken, with the entire basilica also shaken. Rebels that have the gods»¤ÓÓ, very scared, quickly fled, thus statue was not damaged, can be preserved. It is false is true is not known. Perhaps basilica and the statue has been firmly linked together.

Central Yunnan as a salt-producing areas, Shiyang once prosperous business, merchants gathered around, the famous snack unique charm. Qing Dynasty years, (Year 1851 -1861), Shiyang town there is a lot of favorite foods: If Samui cakes, dough beans, beans-cakes, steamed puddings, homozygous vegetables, flowers buns, buckwheat Jib, Salt and Pepper cake, etc.. Late Qing Emperor Guangxu, Shiyang Town, there are many snack shops, pastry shops. Snacks renowned central Yunnan. Fried fruit, slingers of money cakes, fruit Toona sinensis, sand puddings, cakes rubber, hibiscus cakes, soy milk meter, grasping cake, etc., and seasonal characteristics of various snacks. Shiyang town were named Fresh, local unique flavor.

Yijie people to commemorate the "Sheep female US", in Shiyang built next to repair a Dragon Temple. The temple of the Dragon plastic, Yi girls wearing grass skirts of linen. From then on this place called "Shiyang."

In appreciation of the virtues of Salt Well Dragon found to commemorate the festival year after year on the spread of until now. Lunar New Year on the 15th annual day of the first month, Yi and Han people gathered in the Shiyang town. By then, Shiyang town filled with people, operas sound and salesman sound, even as a Xixiaoqing. Happy people immersed in an atmosphere of happiness.

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Kunming - Dayao, and take Chu Kunduz Highway, about 200 km. Shiyang town located 35 kilometers northwest city of Dayao county.

Shiyang town located 35 kilometers northwest city of Dayao county. Yunnan Province is the first name of the three famous historical and cultural towns one.

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