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  1. Chuxiong Museum

Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture Lucheng Museum is located at the southern tip of the state, is the "Eighth Five" in Yunnan Province during the construction of one of the three major museums, the National Minority Autonomous Prefecture is currently the largest comprehensive museums. Museum to break ground in June 1993, and July 21, 1995 Chuxiong Yi completed during the Torch Festival opened. Its design and construction make full use of slope-shaped elevation difference, on the mountain potential layout, Yi will hold the soil residential areas, Heaps Mufang and modern architectural styles such as the roof of integration, both prominent in building strong local ethnic characteristics, but also demonstrates modern architecture of the magnificent momentum.

Chuxiong Museum

Chuxiong Museum occupies more than 60 acres, with a total construction area of 11,200 square meters, six square layout. Which floor space of more than 7,000 square meters. Museum green grass and lush vegetation. Office opened an orderly manner, paleontology Office, the Office of historical relics, national offices, the local history of the CPC Chuxiong Office, the Office of paintings, specimens of flora and fauna Office, Tung Music Hall Auditorium, and other eight Gallery 12, 8400 at a wide range of items pieces.

Office of the image sequence, the river was lively model, the electronic control stereoscopic display Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture of the terrain, physiognomy, administrative boundaries distribution, transportation network, national population, natural resources, culture and the essence of an important leader of the party and the country in the activities of Chuxiong and so on.

Dinosaur paleontology at the Office of the world, marine life, terrestrial animals, LATE NEOGENE HOMINIDS FROM Lufeng, Yuanmou LATE NEOGENE HOMINIDS FROM 5 unit, and with maps, text, in the form of fossil specimens-one to introduce the origins of life on Earth from the "trilobites" LATE NEOGENE HOMINIDS FROM the long history of the evolution process. 800 million years ago at the pre-RAM Lufeng LATE NEOGENE HOMINIDS FROM fossils, 400 million years ago, Yuanmou Butterfly RAM LATE NEOGENE HOMINIDS FROM fossils. These fossils prove Chuxiong is one of the birthplaces of mankind.

Office of historical relics into Paleolithic artifacts, Neolithic artifacts, Bronze Age relics, and the Yuan, Ming era relics of four modules, exhibits about 170 million years ago before the "Yuanmou" teeth fossils and Paleolithic Physical, unearthed Neolithic the various physical and rehabilitation sarcophagus tomb, the Bronze Age, such as Chuxiong million Xiangjiaba Tonggu heritage.

National Office is the largest museum exhibition, a total of four Gallery, the exhibition reflects Yi focused on the production and daily life, customs, and other relics will be displayed at the state and outside Yi 100 sets of various branches of hundreds of different costumes and hand-Yi embroidery, as well as Tiger Totem Yi, Yi Bimo culture and the crystallization of the pioneers ancient culture - "October solar calendar."

Chuxiong Museum

Office of the CPC Chuxiong local history during the Revolution displayed outstanding member of Chuxiong Diaozuo-communists, Yao-yin, Bichang Jie, Zhang environmental, and others engaged in revolutionary activities of the early deeds of a long march Chuxiong Zhongguogongnonggongjun the brilliant performance; During the war of liberation of historical information.

Office of paintings are exhibited and sold certain domestic skills of calligraphy, painting, paper cutting and other works of art, including more than 100 sites, which have dozens of pieces of calligraphic works for Yi Language. Also Guo Moruo, the Panchen Lama, who calligraphy master authentic.

Animal and plant specimens at the Office of seed plants, terrestrial invertebrates, Nature Reserve, freshwater fish, forest insect five modules, through numerous specimens of the flora and fauna observation, enabling people to Yizhou rich resources of animals and plants have a Outline of understanding.

Every Sunday, Chuxiong hole on the music and museums will be jointly organised by the Music Performance hole to invite folk artists, music lovers hole by hole by playing classical music, so that the audience can appreciate the music to its elegant charm.

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