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  1. Wenshan-the-Hometown-of-Chinese-Herb-Sanqi 02

Sanqi(Panax notoginseng)  medical functions

Sanqi(Panax notoginseng), Also calls  Tienchi .Mainly produces in  Wenshan state Yunnan Province China,Is the Yunnan Province famous traditional Chinese medicine.The curative effect is extremely remarkable.Chinese Qing Dynasty medical book record:"The ginseng restores vital energy first,sanqi(Panax notoginseng) blood tonics first,The flavor same but the effect is also equal".Therefore calls "north the ginseng, south the sanqi".sanqi(Panax notoginseng) fresh using has the extremely good functions of stops bleeding and strong heart, disperses bruise and produces fresh,Lessens swollen and stop ache,The cooked using can activate blood,blood tonic,strongly body tonic the weak curative effect.Famous "the Yunnan white medicinal powder" essential component is sanqi(Panax notoginseng).

Wenshan -the Hometown of Chinese Herb Sanqi

Sanqi(Panax notoginseng) roots,stem,leaf,flowers may be used as medicine,By the nutritional therapy tonic which sanqi(Panax notoginseng) makes has:"sanqi(Panax notoginseng) boilers chickens","Sanqi(Panax notoginseng)  boilers pigeons" and so on was praised everywhere,Be like by the people deeply.Sanqi(Panax notoginseng)  and Sanqi(Panax notoginseng)  series products best-selling Southeast Asia,And entered Japan,US, Canada and so on the international market,Is Yunnan Province's tradition  export commodity.

Because sanqi(Panax notoginseng) is the plant similarly for the ginseng,But its effective active material is higher  and  more than the ginseng,Therefore is called  "the king of ginseng"by the modern Chinese native medicine medicine scientist.


(1) The function to blood and haematogenous system:
Sanqi(Panax notoginseng) has good effect of stops bleeding , can obviously reduce  hemorrhage and  hemoglutination time;Can promote each kind of blood corpuscle fission to grow, increase number,Has the remarkable blood tonic effect;Has obvious curative effect of activate blood and disperses petechia,get rid of petechia and come into being fresh.

(2) The function to cardiovascular system 
The experiment indicated that,sanqi(Panax notoginseng) while expansion blood vessel, decreases crown arteries resistance, increase crown arteries current capacity, strengthens and improves  crown arteries microcycle, increase nutrition cardic muscle blood current capacity,Can reduce artery pressure, reduces heart rate slightly,Causes the heart work load to decrease,Thus obviously reduces the oxygen consumption capacity of cardic muscle,May treat the cardic muscle to lack the blood,Angina pectoris and shock.

 Wenshan -the Hometown of Chinese Herb Sanqi

(3) The function to nervous system ¡¡¡¡
On sanqi(Panax notoginseng) places the part has the inhibitory action to the central nervous system,the performance for calm, is stable and  improvement sleep function and so on;Underground partial can excited central nervous system,enhances mental ability and physical strength,Displays the fatigue resistance;Its each part is advantageous to the enhancement memory ability,And has the obvious function to suppression ache.

(4) anti-inflammation function
Sanqi(Panax notoginseng) has the obvious inhibitory action  to many kinds of reasons cause blood vessel penetrate increase,Has the strong anti-inflammation effect.

( 5) The function to Immunity system
Sanqi(Panax notoginseng) total soap glucoside may remarkably enhance the macrophage swallowing rate and swallows Index,enhances white blood cell total in the periphery blood.reduced white blood cell motion index,37 has the certain immunity control action.

(6) Sanqi(Panax notoginseng) anti-tumors functions
Sanqi(Panax notoginseng)  includes  Sanqi(Panax notoginseng)  soap glucoside,β-elemene,trace element selenium and so on anti- cancer active material;Sanqi(Panax notoginseng)  soap glucoside Rh1 has the obvious inhibitory action to raise liver cancer cell;Sanqi(Panax notoginseng) soap glucoside Rh2 has strong anti- tumor activeness,and can induce the cancer cell  reverse to the non- cancer cell.

(7) The function of anti- oxidation, delays anti- senile 
Can obviously enhance the activeness of SOD in brain organization and blood,remarkably reduces the content of lipin peroxide (LPO) in brain organization and blood,Has the anti- senile function.

 Wenshan -the Hometown of Chinese Herb Sanqi

(8)The influence to material metabolism

Sanqi(Panax notoginseng) soap glucoside influence the blood sugar are decided by organism blood sugar level,may elevate or reduce the blood sugar,Has the function to bidirectional balance adjustment blood sugar.Can affect blood fats metabolism, reduces blood fats level,specially the triglyceride content obviously reduces.37 may promote  protein synthesis of  in liver, kidney, testicle and blood serum,Has the promoter action to various organs organizes's deoxyribonucleic acid  (DNA) synthesizes.


Daily application of Sanqi:

(1) Sanqi roots,stem,leaf,flowers may be used as medicine,The dry Sanqi roots cut into slice,Takes after grinds to powder,If can with the meat, chicken pot-roast soup,its effect is doubly."Sanqi boilers chickens" are the Yunnan tradition famous cuisine,Has activate blood,blood tonic,strongly body tonic the weak curative effect after edible.

(2) Sanqi Has "fresh hits cooked tonic" the effect.Namely: takes fresh sanqi,can activate blood and disperses bruise,Lessens swollen and stop ache,can cure tumble hit fatigue wound;Takes cooked sanqi(Fry to yellow to edible with the chicken oil),will  blood tonic and strongly body.

(3)Treatment angina pectoris, coronary disease.Takes 0.45 grams of 37 powders each time,Takes 3 time every day,Serious illness doubles.

(4) reduces high blood fats, hypertension, balanced blood sugar.Take Sanqi powder 1.8g every day,takes divides 3 time before eats meal,Takes frequently to reduces blood fats,blood pressure has good effect;Also has the bidirectional poising action to the blood sugar.

(5) Treats hemoptysis.Take Sanqi powder 0.8g each time,take 2-3 time every day,Has stops bleeding, calm coughs, dispels phlegm and analgesia function to hemoptysis which because  bronchiectasis sickness, pulmonary tuberculosis and pulmonary abscess and so on cause.

(6) Treats stomach inflammation.37 grinds to the powder,1g time,take with boiled water,Takes for a long time has good effect.

(7) Takes sanqi powder with warm boiling water:37  thick root and tuber grinds into powder,3 time every day,1g time(Prevention heart cerebrovascular disease),or 3-6g(treatment heart cerebrovascular disease).
(8) Brewage health care drink:use 3-5g sanqi powder every day,Honey right amount,Breaks in boiling water 400- 500 ml,drinks wilfully.This medicinal drinks may prevent heart cerebrovascular disease, digestive tract inflammation.The adjustment blood pressure, reduces blood fats, eliminates oral cavity and digestive tract inflammation.


(9) Treats the blood sickness and injuries from falls :sanqi tuber 70g,thick root 30g,together grinds into powder,takes orally treatment the blood sickness,like spits blood,flesh wound hemorrhage,post-natal bruise.Distilled spirit compounds spreads on the Injury being swollen and painful place,lessens swollen area stops pain.Sweetens to package spread the bone fracture place, promotes to heal.

(10), Foods with Chinese medicines mixed in: sanqi boilers chickens: 2-3 catty heavy sub- hen 1, after butchers cleans evisceration, fills in sanqi root approximately 10-20g in abdominal cavity, steams above for 1 hour with the boiler, side dishes. Sanqi bouillon: the chicken soup or spareribs soup, each catty soup quantity joins sanqi powder 2 ~ 3g altogether to boil, drinks before meals.

1) Sanqi root :

fresh use can treat injuries from falls and cooked is tonic,may pulverizing,or may boils soup,Joins in the pork spareribs, chicken to boils eat then to be possible.

2) Sanqi powder:

2 time every day,soon and late each,each time 2-3g,also may take well with the honey mix.Takes  method:each time fresh sanqi  powder 1g,2 time every day,take with warm boiling water, 1 month is 1 treatment course, may treat high blood fats, coronary disease.

3) Sanqi flowers: The fresh sanqi  flowers may use in boiling meat, dry sanqi flowers use boiling water to make tea, The quantity looked the water decides, uses little boiling water to soak first for 3- 5 seconds to pour out, then boiling water soaks then may drink.

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