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  1. Fengyan-Cave-Village-in-Guangnan-County

Guangnan County in southeastern Yunnan, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture north. Western Han Yuan Zhen 2006 (2070 111) sentence Machimura said county, Shu Han, Jin, the Southern Dynasties sentence for gun-cho of the county. Apart from the Han nationality, mainly Zhuang, Miao, Yao, Yi, Hui peoples.  

The scenery around the county are: Lianhu, Baekundong, waterfall, Lianfeng Guta, Huanggu graves, the harvest hole and the first modern China such as Strange Village.


China's first Strange Village 
Most particularly in Guangnan County is the home of Wang Yi Shan, there is a "first Qicun modern China." Guangnan County in the village more than 100 km southeast of Nanping Wang Chen An Office of the mountains, the village named peak caves. On the odd-odd caves in the village, more than 60 households in the village, more than a few hundred people, all living in an area of less than one square km in the cave. Cave blocks east to west, surrounded by trees hidden. A broad inverted eight-hole, fully absorb the Dongwai west of the natural light and sunlight. From the hole, back inside the village. Each house is not covered tile floor is a balcony, and roofing. Housing or, Linear, or a separate building, in high and low potential holes scattered distribution meantime. 
Architectural styles vary with the outside world yuan. Column a wall, partition fence, equipped with doors and windows, flat ground. Cattle have laps, a Pig and Chicken Waterloo, proper place for people and livestock. An artificial stone tortuous road connecting individual households, inside left, Zhuzhu Shifeng sprouted, such as village-jungle; Tongding milk stone overhang, vines tied stretch; right side of a white stalactites Juzhu indomitable spirit like an evergreen tree Nongyin the issue of asylum as a whole villages. Yan Fanfei habitat Group, Dr custody of the cats shuttle. Summer cooler inside Nuan is rare in the world where natural.


And some modern cave village of color. Are placed in the shelter home and hand-TV, as well as modern household appliances, food, pumpkins, taro, and so filled floor; into hanging up there, she was manifested in Chinese bacon; inside and set up workshops for the villagers Milling Mills each of the four groups and keeping the bulls Cattle Pig and Chicken, in the increasingly prosperous wine industry. Inside the operations of schools, school children during the day, at night the villagers learning.


Guangnan also odd-odd caves in the village of dozens of families from generation to generation cave dependencies, live together in harmony. According to reports, the cave through the vicissitudes of life and has been nine successive generations living here nearly a hundred years. The village not only attaches importance to production and life, but also on the building of spiritual civilization. Strict Cunguimindi, maintains order inside. Zunlaoaiyao village, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, the night did not close the doors.

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