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  1. Jade Water Village or Yushuizhai in Lijiang

  2. Jade Water Village or Yushuizhai in Lijiang

  3. Jade Water Village or Yushuizhai in Lijiang

Yushuizhai is under the foot of the Yulong Snow Mountain, facing the ancient city of Lijiang, which is o­nly 15 kilometers from the city. The sacred water out of the Yushui Village brings up a generation after generation, giving them courage, wisdom and happiness. There are ancient cities with thousands years history, and the ancient battlefield. Baisha Township in Lijiang County is the birthplace of the central Naxi culture as the world recognized.The Naxi culture Here is the crystallization of the Han and Tibetan cultural.

 Jade Water Village or Yushuizhai in Lijiang

Sacred spring is situated in the center range in Jade Water Village. Its water source originated from the snow mountain. This Pure and fresh snow melted water, has to flow through a distance of about 2400 meters before it reaches the Jade Water Village. According to some legend, the mouth of the spring was where the Jade Dragon came out to inspect the plain of Lijiang. So this spring was named as "Sacred Spring". When the American scholar Joseph.F.Rock stayed in Lijiang, he always drank from this spring.

When this spring runs down the range, it forms three tiers of waters. The first tier was known as "Appearing Dragon Waterfall", the second tier the "Playing Dragon Waterfall" and the third, the "Farewell Dragon Waterfall". This is where the name of "three-tier water" originated. There are many waterweeds in¡tthe pool and together with the beautiful Rainbow trout make the whole environment very natural and scenic.

Jade Water Village has assessed the State-level AAAA scenic spot

Dec. 22, 2005, the National Tourism Administration proclaimed: there are 158 scenic spots have approved the state-level AAAA assessment by the National Scenic Spot Quality Evaluation Committee. January 10, 2006, the National Tourism Administration held a commendation convention in the Beijing People's hall, the state-level AAAA scenic spots which are 11 scenic spots from Yunnan province. Lijiang old town, Jade Water Village and Shuhe old town included were authorized by the National Scenic Spot Quality Evaluation Committee.

Jade Water Village is a scenic spot where hypostatic union of Naxi culture and nature landscape, it was built in 1997, it fully manifests the theme of human being live with nature harmoniously. The amount of tourist reception is almost 600,000 per year. Jade Water Village was assessed the first state-level AA scenic spot in June 2001. 2002, the company made a huge investment to integrate the traveling source and make a fully layout for declaring state-level AAAA scenic spot, strived for making a new pattern scenic spot which is gather eco-tourism and folk culture. The company set about reconstucting a state-level AAAA scenic spot after finished the layout in 2003;  at the beginning of the year of 2005, the upgrade is finished, then passed the assessment came from municipal government and provincial government in August 2005.

The 6the Dongba congregation 
The 6th Dongba congregation was held on April 3, 2006 in J.W.V where was named state-level AAAA scenic spot, the Naxi Dongba Culture Inheritage Association hosted and Jade Water Village eco-tourism culture company undertook this congregation. Nearly 60 authorized Dongba and 300 civilians participated in and about 4000 tourists made a stop and enjoyed the show.

The indigenous artists He mingda, He dongyue, Hexuan, Xiao yuguang and the band Naxi Holyland performed the curtain-up show.  People were very crowded but orderness. After the opening show, came off the ceremonies of Dongbashiluo sacrifice and Nature god sacrifice. According to the reports, the theme of this year's congregation is to reverence nature, protect envorinment, beautify our homeland and live with nature harmoniously. The summary of the theme is:

1: the nature is an impersonal living environment for human being, the development of human being is base on a good nature environment. Therefore, we have to respect nature, cherish the environment we living, beautify and live with it harmoniously.

2: in Naxi history, in Dongba religion, people sacrifice the god of nature (in Naxi dialect "Shugu"), which is a religious custom of moderating the relationship between human being and nature. It has been educating people to respect nature from ancient time.

3: we nowadays follow the scientific view of development, to build a solidary society, to sparkplug live with nature friendly, we have to inherit and pass down the national spiritual legacy.

The carrier of Dongba culture is Dongba religion which was based on the belief of ancient Naxi minority, when was a period of the clans alliance. People at that time believed in everything, worshipped nature and ancestors, polytheism, emphasized auspice, harmony. The flamen of Dongba religion called "Ba", Dongba means "wise person" or "master", as an agent to moderate the relationship among human being, ghost and god, they are knowledge, they can do augury, they are demigods in the people's eyes.

The birthday of Dongbashiluo who was the first ancestor of his Naxi believers was at lunar March 5th. Dongba from Lijiang's periphery get together in the Dongba holyland Jade Water Village to celebrate the annual congregation and hold all kinds of Dongba religious cerermonies, an experience exchange party as well. They get together with a same purpose: national aggregation force and consciousness of responsibility, to pass down Naxi culture. In meanwhile, to offer a new scene for Lijiang's tourism business.

Culture Elevation 
Recently, J.W.V eco-tourism company held a conference about decided to escalate the connotation of culture to the J.W.V, to built an ecological and cultural scenic spot. We will fully reconstruct J.W.V according to state-level AAAAA standard, and try our best to complete the upgrade and declaration.

The conference said that after years effort, J.W.V has achieved great reputation as the Dongba Holyland, the Source of Lijiang, it integrated ecology and culture effectively, the tourist accommodation is nearly 600,000 per year, and come into being To old town to see the cultural legacy, to Jade dragon snow mountain to appreciate the landscape and to J.W.V to dig out the Naxi culture. We have to make forward to the state-level standard since we possess unique natural source and cultural foundation.

The conference emphasized the charm of Naxi culture is infinite, it was never get it done and for ever, we have to make constantly effort to protect and inherit Naxi culture.

Three new state-level AAAA scenic spots were named in Lijiang of Yunnan province

December 22, 2005, Lijiang of Yunnan province have accessed reputation of the Excellent Tourist City of China by National Tourism Administration. In the meantime, Lijiang old town, Shuhe old town, Jade Water Village were named State-level AAAA scenic spots, there are four State-level AAAA scenic spots in total include Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang. There are two State-level AA Wenbi peak and Jade pillar, one State-level AAA Black dragon pool.

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