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  1. Kunming-Botanical-Garden

Kunming Botanical Garden was first built in 1938 for the purpose of cultivating rare and endangered flowers, medicinal herbs and major trees. 

Kunming Botanical Garden

Kunming Botanical Garden is offering a welcome green space for the lively city centre. Together with the nearby Heilongtan Park, a scenic resort famed for its ancient trees, it constitutes a significant area of natural reserve in the Yunnan province famed for its flora and biodiversity.

 Kunming Botanical Garden

The Kunming Botanical Institute endeavors to engage the public simultaneously with its research and exhibitions, and Kunming Botanical Garden is a perfect device for bridging this gap. Some 4,000 varieties of tropical and subtropical plants grow profusely amidst dense clusters of the official flower of Kunming.  
The Camellia Garden is unique in the country and displays up to 40 species of flower. Ten special plant gardens and experimental zones arrange plants for closer inspection. The Tea Plantation in the Garden is one of the most distinct plantations in China. There are also specialized magnolia and begonia gardens, highlighting these popular ornamental plant varieties, as well as gardens of fern, hydrophytes and rare and endangered species. Conservation and genetic preservation is of great importance to the Institute, as is the study of plants used for industrial purposes, the export of Camphor oil and other plant volatiles being one of the major exports from the Yunnan Province. 
The Garden has reintroduced precious flowers, traditional medicinal herbs, important trees and endangered plants to the province, as well as developing technologies which help the migration and survival rate of plants transported from one region to another.


The 44-hectare Kunming Botanical Garden is 12 kilometers away from downtown of Kunming city. It combines with the Heilongtan park, where ancient trees grow luxuriantly to form a famed scenic resort. The garden was first built in 1938 for the purpose of cultivating rare and precious flowers, medicinal herbs, major trees and endangered plants. Today it boasts nearly 4,000 kinds of plants.


The Tea Plantation in the garden is one of the most distinct plantations in China. The Kunming Botanical Garden is a comprehensive establishment that combines scientific research with education and tourism. 

Theme Gardens (1)-Camellia Garden Covering 150 Mu (Chinese acres), it has been planted with more than 15,000 camellia trees of 200 kinds, including Camellia reticulate, Camellia japonica, Camellia sasanqua, and Camellia nitidissima, etc.   (2)-Azalea Garden There are nearly 10,000 azalea trees of 100 kinds including Rhododendron simsii, Rhododendron delavayi, and Rhododendron irroratum Franch, etc. (3)-Greenhouse Area Greenhouse Area includes halls of Orchids, Foliage plants, Begonia, Tropical Plants, Palm tree, Cactus, and Succulent plants, etc. (4)-Arbor Trees Area Arbor Area includes Magnolia Garden, Rosaceae Garden, and Bamboo Garden etc. rare plants inside are delavay magnolia, michelia chartacea, Manglietia insgnis, and Magnolia campbellii, etc.   (5)-Ferns Garden   Ferns Garden covers 50 Mu. There are nearly 400 kinds of ferns planted with it including tree fern, brake fern, Cheilosoria hancockii (lip fern), adiantum, Coniogramme intermedia, Allantodia megaphylla, Cyclosorus interruptus, and Asplenium ensiforme (sword-leaved spleenwort), etc.
Admission fee: RMB 8/person
Opening hours: Unsure
You can take the bus No. 9, 79 to the botanical garden directly.

Kunming Botanical Garden (Yunnan)
Institution Code: KUN
International Agenda Registrant: No
Current BGCI member: Yes

Main Address:
Kunming Botanical Garden (Yunnan)
Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Heilongtan, Northern Suburbs, Kunming, Yunnan 650204, China
Yunnan China
Telephone Number: (86 871) 5223090/5223807
Fax Number: (86 871) 5150227/5219933
Web Site:
Institution Email Address:

Admission Fee:¥0

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