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  1. Hekou Border,Honghe

  2. Hekou Border,Honghe

Hekou BorderThe lowest elevation in Yunnan 

Hekou County in the southwestern end of the Nanxi River and clear the muddy crossroads of the Red River, a one-Cloud, a blue one red, a clear trail Wei, a water color of the two natural wonders. The River Interchange only 76.4 meters above sea level, the lowest in Yunnan Province. 

Vietnam Railway Bridge 

In the mouth of the railway bridge in the southeast part of the county, across the South River bridge 76 meters long. Bridge in the middle of the border, the northern section of the Chinese jurisdiction, the jurisdiction of the South. Bridge in the middle of narrow gauge railways, on both sides of the bed Road Vehicle. 

Vietnam Street 

Vietnam Street at the north bank of Hekou County southwest red. Vietnam Street length of over 1,000 metres in simple shed composed mostly of goods sold by the Vietnam Specialties. Daily necessities and handicrafts. Vietnamese businessmen to eat, live, sales of this, both in the streets. 

Hekou Nanxi River Scenic Spot 

Hekou Nanxi River Scenic Spot a provincial scenic area. Nanxi town in the eastern part of the eight kilometers, Nanxi scenic park, the park environment elegant, towering old trees in the tropical rainforest, birds, scenery is spectacular, breathtaking, the Ge-shaped stalactites inside different posture million; the Longtan spring perennial , the clear bottom; Park Swimming Pool ocean theme. which combines travel, tourism and leisure resort, room and board, and entertainment for one, is a rare ATTRACTIVE tourists, but also Hekou best summer resort. 

Nanxi River rafting 

Starting from Hekou county by car and on the inverse South River, Nanxi River drift from the farm team 16 points. Nanxi River about 32 kilometers the whole drifting 4 to 6 hours, the typical characteristics of tropical mountain forests, rivers gap 53 meters, more than 40 acute Beach shoals 6, the two sides Shore edge of tropical forests, tropical lime-quarter and large tracts of rainforest rubber trees, banana plantation matched and form a beautiful landscape corridors. Trip can be some of transboundary river rafting unique in the country, China can be said to the first drift.

Huayudong Forest Park

Hekou County, in the northeast town, 23 km from the county seat. Huayudong by karst landscape, Huayudong waterfalls, tropical rain forests, the Sino-French War Heiqijun sites and so on. Huayudong Falls in the north bank of the Maghreb, water from a width of 12 meters out of the natural cave Pentium, 26 m high waterfall, four meters wide, formed Boshui whereabouts roar beep. Flower Yudong, about 25 meters high, 40 meters wide and about 500 meters deep. Tung Yung spacious, such as a room-shaped stalactites Shiman, underground river from the cavern left Changchu, spent macular water fish growth, it said Huayudong. Around the tropical rain forest, wood strangling vine plants, epiphytes, board root trees well protected. 

Hekou transnational tourism 

Hekou transnational tourism from Hekou, Yunnan international travel agencies to host, he is Hekou County Tourism Bureau investment in state-owned enterprises, was established in 1993 as a national travel agency. Tour operators at the main customs, border trade inspection visit, the Vietnamese Laojie City, the capital of Hanoi, Haiphong city, the sea Shilin Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and other tourist lines.

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