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  1. The Source of Zhujiang River in Zhanyi County

It is the main artery of south China. The headstream of Zhujiang River is the Nanpan River of Xijiang River and the total length is 2,197 kilometers and the domestic drainage area is 453,000 square kilometers. As far as the length and the drainage area concerned, Zhujiang River is the fourth biggest river in China (excluding Tarim River, a inland river). However, Zhujiang River ranks the second in China according to the abundance of water resources, only after Yangtze River. Zhujiang River is also call Yuejiang River.

The Source of Zhujiang River in Zhanyi County

There are two statements about the source of the name of Zhujiang River. The following is one. Before the establishment of the Wuyang posthouse south to Guanghzhou, there is one circular shoal in the river named sea pearl, so the local people called this river “Zhujiang River”, meaning Pearl River (now the small island has jointed with the north bank of the river and disappeared). The other is like this. People cultured pearls here so the river got its name. Zhujiang River only included the part from Guanghzhou to Nanhai Sea in Humen, but now it is the general name the Dongbeijiang River, Beijiang River and Xijiang River. There are no unified originations, waterway and mouths, for it is gathered by the Northeast River, North River and West River. This is strange in the main rivers in the world.

The Source of Zhujiang River in Zhanyi County

Zhujiang River is the third longest river in China, with Yangtze River and Yellow River ranking the first and the second. It is also the only big river whose source can be reached and enjoyed by the common people. It is 2,214 kilometers long and its annual capacity of water is 340 billion steres.

The source of the Zhujiang River has an altitude of 2,158 meters. The scenic spot covers an area of 12 square kilometers. Its surrounding wall is 17 kilometers long. The coverage of its forests reaches more than 95%. There in the scenic spot are more than 1,000 kinds of plants and such wild animals as hares, pheasants, squirrels, and so on. It is not very hot in summer and not very cold in winter. You can see flowers in bloom and hear birds singing in all of the four seasons.


Major sights

Maying Flower, Fudishong, the biggest compass in the world, the biggest chessboard in the world, the stone torii of the Source of the Zhujiang River, the first waterfall of the source of the Zhujiang River, Xiake Thatched Cottage, the Buddhist Temple of the Zhujiang River, and so on. 

Wonders such as one mountain dividing up two rivers ( the South Pan River and the North Pan River), one water running into three rivers (the South Pan River, the North Pan River, and Bullpen River), and one string through five “pearls” (lakes).

The Mysterious Compass at the source of the Zhujiang River

On the top of the Maxiong Mountain there is a compass at the source of the Zhujiang River. On the compass are the Eight Diagrams which is natural and has 28 circles. The compass is 0.2 meters thick and has a diameter of 2 meters. It weighs as heavy as 4,000 kilograms and can rank the first among all the compasses in the world. On the compass are the 12 Chinese Zodiac, the cycle of sixty years, the Kwan-yin Lots, and the 12 constellations. If you turn the needle of the compass and let it point right at your Chinese Zodiac, you will find some interesting signs about your life. Although it is just a game, you can get some delight and learn something from it, indeed.

How to get there
you can take Bus No.3 to Zhanyi first, and then take a minibus there.

Admission Fee:¥0

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