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  1. Lingzhihu Lake in Kaiyuan City,Honghe

Lingzhi Lake Forest Park (formerly Mazhe watchhouse reservoir), was founded in the late 1950 of the 20th century with the capacity of 4.6 million cubic meters and the surface area of 1000 acres. The park is more than 30 kilometers from the urban areas, which covers an area of more than 6,000 acres, and the forest coverage rate is 67% at the height of 2,100 meters above sea level. The annual rainfall volume is 1200 mm. The air is rich in oxygen ion, and the oxygen content is 30% higher than in the urban areas. So it is reputed as the "natural oxygen bar". Camellia and azalea cluster together, and there are more than 150 Camellia and azalea with a history of one hundred years.

Lingzhihu Lake in Kaiyuan City

The first scenic spot "Yi Cottage" in the park: "Yi Cottage" is a small village with only 27 houses, and its name is Luoshidi. Kind and hardworking Yi people live here, and they have a special liking for dragons. During the spring planting season, Yi villagers here will sacrifice the dragon to pray for favorable and prosperous life.

The second attraction of the Park: "Century-old cuckoo mountain". Azalea is one of the eight famous flowers in Yunnan (eight famous flowers in Yunnan Province: Mountain Camellia, azalea, magnolia flower, Primroses, lilies, orchids, gentian flowers. meconopsis) According to statistics, there are more than 850 species of rhododendron in the world. In China alone, there are more than 650 species, and Yunnan has more than 400 species, accounting for 50% in the world. Therefore, Yunnan is known as the geographic distribution center of rhododendron in the world. Every time when the rhododendrons bloom, slopes of blooming azaleas form a succession of more than 10 km of spectacle "Flower Sea". Because of its fabulous flower shape and color, it was praised as “Xi Shi in all flowers” by Bai Juyi. As a result, rhododendrons are reputed as Xi Shi in the flower world. There are many natural Camellias in the forest, and Camellia is the first of eight famous flowers in Yunnan. 

Lingzhihu Lake in Kaiyuan City

According to statistics, there are more than 80 species of Camellia plants all over the world, and there are 35 species in Yunnan province, accounting for 44% of the total number. Yunnan Camellia is usually evergreen flower tree, which can reach more than 10 meters high. The blooming phases last from December to April of the following year. They bloom one after another according to varieties. Yunnan Camellia has a long history of cultivation, and the artificial rearing had begun as early as the Sui and Tang dynasty. During Nanzhao and Dali kingdoms (8th century-13th century), it has become an important flower seed of garden cultivation. For hundreds of years, the Camellia threw himself into the lives of people in Yunnan. It is renowned at home and abroad for its tender and beauty.

Lingzhihu Lake in Kaiyuan City

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