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  1. The Black-necked Cranes Nature Reserve Park in Huize County

It is said that the black neck defends tenaciously the monogamy, constant in love. Two cranes form companions, keep with each other all the life, never allow the other person to participate. If a crane among them or injured dead due to illness, another crane will often go on a hunger strike, sorrowfully die, or fly into the sky sadly and desperately, draw wings in and commit suicide bornly. Black neck crane loyal and steadfast to love, make people get up and offer.


The Black-necked Cranes Nature Reserve Park in Huize County

Black neck crane known as rare bird of the world, at present, only store more than 4000 in the whole world, and the black neck crane going to Huize to survive the winter every year is up to more than 200. Unless because there are for many years the people Huize conscientious for protection, nine every the ninth lunar month, form in groups to neck crane not black fly over numerous mountains and rivers of, fly here from remote Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, perch to survive the winter in the bridge and black crane's marshland of the nature reserve of neck of the son of Changhai; it is the third of March the coming year, the weather turns warm, the black neck crane arranges the growth team again, gather a group of friends, fly back one after another reluctant to part withly. A migration of going round and begin again every year, the black neck crane is sentimentally attached to going to this stretch of land which is full of true love in Huize ownly deeply, have constructed the happy and auspicious and beautiful home in the black neck crane's nature reserve of the son of Changhai of the bridge, natural picture scroll that cranes lived in harmony after forming the persons.


The Black-necked Cranes Nature Reserve Park in Huize County

The black neck crane is a peculiar rare animal of our county, among the 15 crane in the world, most late to is it live crane type in plateau only too to find. Because the population only counts more than 4000, extremely rare, determined the rare species needing badly being saved as the whole world by "one kind of international trade conventions of animals and plants in imminent danger" and "international birds's Red Book". In our county, black neck crane and giant panda, golden-haired monkey stand side by side for "three major national treasures".


In the bridge of Huize county, sub black crane's provincial nature reserve of neck of reservoir of Changhai, the pasture and water is luxuriant, the marsh ecology keeps intact, is aquatic bird's most ideal habit environment that black neck crane and other survive the winter, it is the best environment that the black neck crane depends on for existence too. Perch black neck crane here, perch second in country protect animals---Grey crane. Various kinds of aquatic birds of nearly 20000, such as red sheldrake, spot wild goose that leads the flock flying in formation, green wing duck, red mouth gull, heron, etc… Whenever the rising sun rises at the beginning, one hundred birds chirp together , ten thousand birds fly together, noisy noise and excitement, afford a magnificent spectacle, can be rated as the paradise of the bird, parsdise of the black neck crane.

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