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  1. Habo Rice Terraces Scenic Area in Yuanyang County,Honghe

Keywords: a perfect combination of Hani's custom, music, dance and rice cultivation culture.

Location: 85 kilometers south of Xinjie town in Yuanyang County, Honghe

Main Attractions: Habo Rice Terraces, Hani Building, Hani Dance and Habo Long Street Banquet.

About Habo Rice Terraces Scenic Area:
Habo village is built according to the mountainous terrain, surrounded by the Habo Rice Terraces. Standing on the east of the village and overlooking, hundreds of terraces climb up high from the river valley. When the red sun rises slowly from the east, dozens of hills turn red. The terraces area is in a clear distinction between black and white magnificently. Habo Rice Terraces is the most precipitous and stereoscopic part of Yuanyang Rice Terraces so that it is a good place to appreciate the sunrise.

Habo Rice Terraces Habo Rice Terraces

Habo Rice Terraces

Habo Village:

The folk custom in Habo village is preserved intactly and full of variety so that you can study the folk festivals, dance and custom of Hani people here. Every ox day in twelfth month of the lunar year is the "Angmatu" festival of Habo village. At that time, the Long Street Banquet will be arranged and tables laid in the street can extend to one kilometer long, ranked the first in the world. Each family will serve the most sumptuous dishes to fill up a table and enjoy the banquet together. Song and dance performances add more festival atmosphere. All the guests are welcomed fervidly.

Habo Village Long Street Banquet   

Long Street Banquet of Hani People

Habo village have the reputation of " the Home of Song and Dance". No matter men or women, older or children can sing and dance well. They celebrate the important festival with song and dance, especially the middle aged and elderly women. 

Distances from Other Scenic Areas in Yuanyang:

Duoyishu Rice Terraces: about 28.6 kilometers
Bada Rice Terraces: about 26.1 kilometers
Laohuzui Rice Terraces: about 21.5 kilometers

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Admission Fee:¥0

Opening Hours: All Day Long

Attraction Transportation:

• You can take a scheduled bus from Nansha town to Lvchun and get off at Habo village during 8:00~14:30.

You can also take mini bus to Habo village in Xinjie town.

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