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  1. Lizi Gouge Valley-The Ghost Valley in Luliang county,Qujing

The local weirdies: according to the local people, there are many stone ridges in the Lizi Gouge of the Crescent Mountain. They don't go there because it is "haunted". They all call it the Ghost Valley. One day a man went there to cut firewood. There was a thunder storm, and shortly after it got fine, there came the sound of women and children speaking and shouting and the sound of cutting trees from the Ghost Valley.


The sound was loud but he couldn't hear clearly. He was scared. After coming back, he got sick and didn't recover until many days later. Another time, he was cutting firewood alone in the mountain. Suddenly, he heard a clamour. He looked up and was shocked: there appeared suddenly many people on the mountain opposite. They were in long grey clothes and their hair came loose. They walked here and there in the dense forest and shouted, as if they were preparing for something very important.


The "haunted" gouge: according to the local people, every time in the still of night or when it is raining in the May and June of every year, there come strange sounds from the gouge. Sometimes it is frightful shouting; sometimes it is the sound of people carrying the coffin; sometimes it is the neigh of the war horses. But for the most of the time, it is the sound of the clops and the bells of the horses. This is called the Passing By of the Ghost Soldiers by the local people. What is even stranger is that the horses don't dare to go past the place. If they do, they may be frightened to death. An unwell person can hear the sound made by the ghost soldiers while a healthy person can only hear the sound made by the ghost horses.


According to the local elders, if you meet with the ghost soldiers, just crouch down, hold your head low and open your mouth so that your soul will not be taken away. Once when the weather changed in the Snake Valley, several local people saw in the clouds that the ancient people were holding bows and fighting. Some people saw the figures of two ancient soldiers fighting furiously on a rock one day when there was a thunder storm. Some other people saw at 12 in one night many mannikins as tall as half a man walking past from several hundreds of meters away on the Big War Horses Slope.


How to get there
After you arrive at Luliang by car, you can ask the local people for guidance.


After the research for a very long time, the scientists can explain the "Passing By of the Ghost Soldiers" scientifically. According to the County Annals of Luliang, the Big War Horses Slope is located in the Tangguan Qin Village. There is a mine of the quartz sand which covers an area of 1.05 square kilometers.


The content of silicon dioxide here reaches as high as 96.92% to 97.38%. The silicon dioxide is the high grade raw materials in the glass-making industry. Before the large-scale tree planting, the management department had asked some geologists to analyse the nature of the earth here. They found that there was a great deal of silicon in the earth, so there was a very strong magnetism here. This can explain from where the strange sounds in the valley come.

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