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  1. Jinhua Mountain and Grottoes in Jianchuan County,Dali

About Jianchuan Travel Information

Jianchuan tourism development under the framework of the overall layout of “Jianchuan County Tourism Development Master Plan,” and with Jianchuan the special distribution of tourism resources and tourism development status OK Jianchuan County Tourism Development Framework is the overall layout, “1123456″, namely: “a center, a leading, two windows, three key tourist routes, the four tourist areas, tourist attractions, five categories of commodities, six tourism product”. I a center to center in Jinhua Town of Jianchuan county. Jinhua Town of Jianchuan county as relying on the political, economic and cultural center, was listed as provincial-level historical and cultural city, surrounded by many tourist attractions, also close to the Yunnan-Tibet Highway, gladiolus road, highways and other favorable conditions for the sword Cape, the Great Western Development strengthen opportunities for small towns, the development of urban construction planning and comprehensive arrangement, rational distribution, step by step, will be built in Jinhua Town of the county tourism center. 
SHI Bao-shan scenic ii one leading to the protection, development and utilization of the leading tourism development for the county. SHI

  Dali Jinhua Mountain and Grottoes

Bao-shan scenic spot is the first national key scenic spots, cultural landscape and the many scenic natural landscape each other. Shak Chung Shan Grottoes is one of the representatives of Jianchuan history and culture, but also a symbol of Dali historical and cultural heritage, known as “South-day treasure” for the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units. Various tourist attractions in the county, SHI Bao-shan the best known scenic spots at home and abroad, the best infrastructure, tourism development has begun to take shape. Therefore, SHI Bao-shan area as a county leader in the development of tourism is an inevitable choice. Should continue to strengthen the protection of the area, development and advocacy efforts to enhance the management level, to further develop its tourism in the county and driving force of the radiation. SHI Bao-shan, and iii two windows to the tourism industry for the county over Xianlin two windows. Conditions continue to improve the existing infrastructure at the same time, focus on strengthening the publicity and promotion, so as to attract both domestic and foreign tourists attractions and promote tourism development in the county’s main window. Iv three key tourist routes Jianchuan County tourism development, to focus on training to communicate the main source of outside the county and the county’s major scenic spots for domestic and foreign tourists have a greater attraction in the tourism market, a more the backbone of strong competitive tours.

There are three tourist routes like: 
¢± to Dali – Jianchuan SHI Bao-shan – Golden Temple Street – Sword Lake – Jianchuan city – mainly over the southern tourist routes Xianlin; 
¢² to Lijiang (Shangri-La) – Sword River City – full Xianlin – Sword Lake – north of the main tourist routes SHI Bao-shan; 
¢³ Lanping (Weixi) – Jianchuan city – full of Xianlin – Sword Lake – SHI Bao-shan – Golden Temple Street, northwest of the main tourist routes; v Jianchuan four tourist areas of tourism development should strengthen the tourism infrastructure through the construction of rational development and use of tourism resources, improve the basic elements of the tourism industry configuration, in the county within gradually built a unique landscape of the main tourism features have focused on the four tourist areas. Namely: ¢± to Shak Chung Shan Grottoes SHI Bao-shan as the main landscape – Shaxi Golden Temple Historical and Cultural Tourism Zone District; 
¢² to thousands of full Xianlin Lion Jianchuan landscape as the main city – full of Xianlin local characteristics and cultural tourism; 
¢³ to the sword as the main lake scenery landscape Kiem Lake – Vacation Jinhua Mountain tourist area; ¢´ Laojunshan ecology, expedition, adventure tourism. Vi ¢± five tourist attractions woodcarving series of commodity goods; ¢² series of stone carving products; ¢³ other traditional folk arts and crafts: including ethnic clothing apparel, Bouza, painting blankets; ¢´ special ecological food; including kidney beans, wild edible fungi (matsutake, porcini, etc.), rainbow trout, etc.: ¢µ Orchid series products; vii six tourism product development Jianchuan County’s tourism industry, to take full advantage of its tourism resources, tourism market demand, focusing on the development of six tourism products. Namely: ¢± represented by Shak Chung Shan Grottoes, including SHI Bao-shan Po Temple in Shaxi Golden Temple Street in history and culture of ancient cultural landscape tourism products; ¢² Bai Jianchuan ancient city as the representative of ancient buildings, including the former residences of celebrities, city wind parks, streets and landscape where human landscape characteristics and culture of tourism products; ¢³ to full Xianlin Lion represented thousands of folk arts tourism products; ¢´ to Sword Lake Vacation scenery as the representative of tourism products;

¢µ Jinhua Town a street as the representative of wood, including the Lions River and other local characteristics of wood crafts village, sightseeing and shopping hub of tourism products; ¢¶ Laojunshan represented by eco-tourism products. Second, the main tourist attractions Project Jianchuan About i natural environment, environmental, geographic location status of Jianchuan in the middle of Northwest mountain range, “Three Parallel Rivers” nature reserve south, east Heqing, Eryuan south, west Portland Ping, Yunlong, north of Lijiang, across the longitude 99 ° 33′-100 ° 33 ‘north latitude and 26 ° 12′-26 ° 47′, is the northern gate of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture. County land area of 2250 square kilometers, accounting for about Dali land area (29,458 square kilometers) of 7.87%, 12 municipalities in the state, county, ranked No. 6. County seat elevation of 2,200 meters, the annual average temperature 12.3 ¡æ. Main scenic obvious traffic advantages, Lijiang, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture connections, leading to the “Shangri-La”, “Three Parallel Rivers” tourist area, an important gateway to the north into the Sichuan-Tibet, 214 National Road runs through the county, two towns west highway linking gladiolus Sango, around the world-class lead-zinc “big Lanping” Jianchuan traffic for the entire Northwest Yunnan and Sichuan golden tourism circle together to build a Shangri-La tourism an important part of a large ring. Jianchuan six towns three rural jurisdiction, the county seat of state government from Jinhua Town of Dali City, 116 km, 467 km from Kunming, 74 kilometers away from Lijiang, 185 km away from the Shangri-La, Yunnan tourism planning is one of the five Area, with excellent Monk said geographical location and convenient traffic conditions. Ii history, culture and human environment Jianchuan the end of 2003 the total population of 16.89 million people, white, Han, Yi, Hui, Naxi and other 16 native ethnic Bai 91.6% of the total population, is the highest proportion of Bai The county is the film, “five” in the home Peng. Jianchuan a long history and splendid culture. As early as 3000 years ago, Jianchuan ancestors in this land of magic and beauty of the first to complete the transition from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age of the historic leap, creating a Yunnan “Bronze Culture” and “rice cultivation culture,” the first of its kind, as early as In the Qin and Han Dynasty 2,000 years ago, had become the Southern Silk Road Jianchuan “Shu body is Tao” and “Tea-Horse Road,” an important transport hub, has long been with the Central Plains, Southeast Asia and Central and West Asia region business culture exchanges. From the Yuan Dynasty, Jianchuan wide open style, Ming and Qing Dynasties, education, energetic, and subjects at one after another, talented people, the leaders of Yunnan, Jianchuan therefore known as the “Documentary.”


Famous Grotto Art, wood carving exquisite workmanship, the Ministry of Culture named “Wood Sculpture of the town.” Jianchuan pregnant with beauty and fame. Mr. Jin Yong has been hailed as the “South-day treasure” by the State Council together with the Imperial Palace in Beijing as the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units Shak Chung Shan Grottoes, a double A-level scenic spots full of Xianlin thousands of Lion, with ranks in western Yunnan, the magic of beautiful , great development potential, are classified as “Three Rivers” Natural Heritage Area, one of the eight “Yunnan mountain ancestors,” Laojunshan; the Great Wall in Beijing, Shaanxi, Qin pagoda with the world’s 101 endangered as one of Architectural Heritage Shaxi Golden Temple Street; have 600 years of history, the provincial government as a provincial-level historical and cultural cities of the ancient city Jianchuan; a “plateau Pearl” Sword Lake. Jianchuan charming ethnic customs, ethnic festivals and gatherings every year a total of more than 20, such as the Torch Festival, yin and yang Street, Prince Edward will be, a temple, of which the song will be the most prestigious SHI Bao-shan. SHI Bao-shan Bai song will be known as Valentine’s Day originated in a thousand years ago Nanzhao period, lunar month every year the last three days, from Jianchuan and Dali, Eryuan, Heqing, Lijiang, Lanping, Yunlong, etc. The people of all nationalities gathered in as the “Bai Song City” SHI Bao-shan, the Syrian intelligence to dance, to dance seek friends, around the clock, a few days endlessly, unprecedented. Iii regional economic and social development status of the unique natural environment gave birth to the hard-working, honest people. Jianchuan labor is abundant, with 76,000 workers, 45% of the total population, wood, stone craftsmen of many. Jianchuan wood more than a thousand years of history, À¥Ã÷½ðÂí±Ì Place chicken, water, temple and other building artisans are Jianchuan masterpiece, Yunnan, Beijing Great Hall of the Office of peacock screens, used in the United Kingdom Elizabeth dragon bed, dresser, etc. are Sword River of fine wood carving. Nearly ten thousand employees who Jianchuan wood products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions, located wooden sword lake Lion River Village, is every household, men and women are wood craftsman.


Jianchuan Wood has 10 times won the national, provincial and ministerial awards. 1996 by the State Council named as National Jianchuan wood carving art of the township. Jianchuan rich in resources, unlimited potential. Jianchuan tobacco, beans, mushrooms, ground reference, Shan Yu vegetables, herbs and other characteristics of the biological resources can be developed. Jianchuan matsutake good shape, good quality, fewer pests, long fruiting period, the “Mushroom King” said, much favored by merchants and exported to Europe and Japan. Jianchuan porcini mushrooms and other wild edible mushrooms with an annual output of about 34 million kg, and its wide distribution, there are many endemic species, welcomed by the Western European countries. Jianchuan kidney beans 8000 tons, is a national AA grade green food, and has organic certification by the German Bus Co., Ltd. and other companies and Japanese JAS certification bodies. Jian Chuan Mei son, plums with an annual output of about 500 kg, the production of Su-Mei has been wrapped in hundreds of years of history, its good taste, their remaining stomach and the magic Tianjin. In addition, agar, asparagus, white azaleas, Yi Wang and other travel tou tea. Jian Chuan Buzha the exquisite workmanship, is a favorite collection of foreign visitors. Jianchuan a long history of orchid cultivation, quality, famous variety, by the tourists. After the reforms, especially in recent years has been unprecedented Jianchuan economic and social development. Mi River, Black River Electric Power Industrial Park, Hui, to the county as the center of the wood carvings and agricultural products processing area has taken shape, has formed a competitive one; the dairy farming industry in the industrialization of agriculture as the focus of the pattern has taken shape. The county sustained national economic growth, markedly enhanced overall strength. Natural beauty, its heritage, landform, Tea Horse Road site for the development of cultural tourism unique advantages in resources. Long history, splendid culture, rich resources, excellent location, economic and social development for the Jianchuan provide good conditions for economic development. Third, tourism, resource use and development of the main scenic state i the main scenic tourism resources Jianchuan unique tourism resources in the main area has a full, distinctive, with natural beauty, rich cultural history, features colorful ethnic customs . Now be developed and attract investment in tourist projects can be divided into four major scenic spots. ¢± SHI Bao-shan – Historical and Cultural Tourism Zone Shaxi: endangered world heritage monuments – Shaxi Sideng blocks, the first national key scenic spots SHI Bao-shan and the first national key cultural relics protection units – Shak Chung Shan Grottoes. ¢² Jianchuan city – full of Xianlin local characteristics and cultural tourism: a provincial-level historical and cultural city – Jianchuan ancient city, is creating “the world Shuangjue” A national two-level scenic spot – at least Xianlin thousand Lion. A Documentary, the woodcarving arts village, Bai culture cornucopia, the birthplace of civilization, such as Yunnan title. ¢³ Sword Lake – Vacation Jinhua Mountain tourist area: a provincial-level protection the lake – Sword Lake and other scenic spots, cultural relics with the sea front, Lions River Wood Village. ¢´ Laojunshan ecology, expedition, adventure tourism. Ii Jianchuan Tourist Resources Development of tourism started in the 20th century, the mid-80s. Starting at the beginning, low income, can not form scale contribution to the economic development of the county is not. 90 years after entry, with the Dali of Yunnan Province and the rapid development of tourism, the tourism industry continue to increase Jianchuan investment, from 1998 to 2003, a total investment of nearly 100 million yuan, to gradually Jianchuan County tourism infrastructure improvement, the county number of tourists and tourism revenues increase every year. 1995, more than 10 million passengers annual tourists, tourism income of 3.2 million yuan directly; 2002, the number of 245,000 annual tourists trips, tourism, direct income 11.03 million yuan.


Despite the satisfactory development momentum in recent years, but the number of visitors from the reception point of view, regardless of visitors to tourist attractions in their own capacity, or compared to Dali, Lijiang average, the Jianchuan currently undeveloped tourism industry are in the state. Due to the current tourism facilities Jianchuan not perfect, regardless of software and hardware environment are unable to guide the tourists to consume, according to the 2002 level, the amount of tourists per capita consumption is only 45, far lower than the Dali (400 yuan per capita consumption) and Lijiang ( 720 yuan per capita consumption) level. Because the limited capacity of local government can not continue to invest incremental capital and revitalize the stock of resources. At the same time, the lack of a mature business model, making the current development of the tourism industry Jianchuan, operating into a “low input, low output,” the vicious circle. Jianchuan tourism industry is currently operated by the government, operating system behind a single profit model. Iii the present favorable conditions for project development, tourism and cultural resources of the rich Jianchuan still has not developed all the huge growth potential. Jianchuan urgent need for the tourism industry to attract foreign investment, change management mechanism, continued to invest incremental funds to revitalize the stock of tourist resources, attract more tourists and visitors to effectively guide the consumer, a fundamental change in Jianchuan tourism “were hidden in the mountains did not know “the situation, make the investment business has been profitable returns, leading to local economic development.


Favorable conditions for project development are:

¢± was only known around the world in recent years, the Golden Temple Street apparently Shaxi Jianchuan strong vitality into the tourism industry, has added a new bright spot. Its “unique” for the Jianchuan tourist attractions unparalleled access to the unique nature of the tourist attractions Jianchuan grotto art is not to rely on a single stand in the world, brought out the endless vitality and vigor.


¢² 214 State Road reconstruction project by the provincial, state leaders attach great importance. Matsumoto northern section adjacent to Bridge to “Shangri-La,” the secondary roads have been opened, the southern section of Fung plot a path to silver feasibility study has been reviewed by, Yinqiao Jianchuan of a road to the exploration design is in progress. Improvement of traffic conditions outside, so that the tourism industry is facing great opportunities Jianchuan.


¢³ to Jianchuan tourists, from the age structure of the analysis to mainly young tourists: from the Occupational Structure, government agencies, civil servants, employees and corporate matters and high school students based consumer groups; from the education level, secondary and university education up to the tourists; from the analysis of income levels, working-class is the most important consumer groups, among which the monthly income of 500-1500 yuan by the largest share.


¢´ recent years, Yunnan’s tourism industry has maintained sustained, rapid growth, a significant increase in the number of visitors, increasing economic efficiency. Northwest to Become a tourist hot spot, the formation of Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La and the top three full Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet to build Shangri-La tourism situation.


¢µ source to the economic development level and living standard of residents, tourists and tourist destination to the distance between the distance from source to destination traffic conditions, the number of visitors is to determine how much of the important factors. According to recent years, and the Northwest Area of Yunnan Province, mainly in Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La sustained growth in tourist market trend, especially considering the state of the western development strategy provides the historical opportunities and favorable conditions to speed up the development of tourism In the next few years, the development of tourism Jianchuan policy environment and infrastructure will be further improved, at home and abroad continue to open up new tourist markets, the number of visitors will increase. Fourth, the main scenic overall project investment Dazao Jianchuan gold ring based tourism “Jianchuan County Tourism Development Master Plan” for the further implementation of the province of Yunnan on the west development strategy, and the construction of national culture Dali big state and a major tourist the idea of the state, relying on the county’s tourism resources Jianchuan and location advantages, focusing on internal and external, domestic and international demand for the growing tourism market, emancipate the mind, concepts, deepening reform, expanding opening up, accurate positioning, scientific development, focused , display characteristics, Yangchangbuduan advantage, the four major scenic Jianchuan launched the project as a whole, foreign investment, tourism together to build a gold ring Jianchuan achieve Jianchuan County tourism by leaps and bounds to become the county economy pillar industries, promote the county’s economic and social sustainable, stable and rapid development, in order to make greater contributions to enriching county. I main scenic way to launch investment projects and goals ¢± way intends to introduce SHI Bao-shan – Shaxi national historical and cultural tourism; Jianchuan city – full of local characteristics and cultural tourism Xianlin; Sword Lake – Jinhua Mountain Recreation crossing fake tourist area; Laojunshan ecology, expedition, adventure tourism, the four spots for the overall investment, attract a certain strength of the legal entity of the main tourist attractions Jianchuan resources adequate publicity, packaging, introducing advanced management system, business philosophy, Jianchuan main area of unique tourism resources for sustainable, reasonable, and full use of, and access to exclusive operation rights Tourism, sole development rights for the conditions and the overall cost of its comprehensive development, bigger and stronger, the effective achievement of the attractions integration, food, housing, transportation, travel, entertainment, shopping and tour operators for the integration of the ring mode of operation. Project investment is expected to 445 million yuan.


¢² goals to achieve an increase, is to enhance the tourism industry Jianchuan popularity at home and abroad; for two changes, from general sightseeing tour to the comprehensive development based tourism, and from changes in general industry to the pillar industries; play three major advantages that the advantages of national history and culture, the unique advantages of natural scenery and location advantages; the implementation of three strategies, namely, to win the nation’s strategic culture, creating famous brand strategy, tourism projects and tourism market diversification strategy; break the three constraints, namely, transportation constraints, infrastructure constraints and business travel management constraints; take into account three benefits, namely economic, social and ecological benefits; implementation of four combinations, namely, strict protection and exploitation of the combination of natural resources and human resources combined , the modern form of tourism and traditional ethnic customs and the combination of stone carving art of combining art and wood carving. Ii adhere to the principle of investing in the development of foreign investors ¢± development investment must meet the “Jianchuan County Tourism Development Master Plan” requirements.


¢² implement market-oriented principles. Follow the rules of market economy, the implementation of government guidance, market-driven and community involvement combine to make tourism resources and industrial advantages into economic advantages. ¢³ highlights the principle of geographical and ethnic characteristics. Jianchuan County tourism resources development and tourism product promotion, to take full advantage of regional characteristics and national characteristics, highlight the show “Dunhuang north, south Jianchuan” of the Tang, Song charm Grottoes, known as “the world Shuangjue” full-yin Lin Chien Lion’s spectacular, “Bai Valentine’s Day,” SHI Bao-shan song will be the charm.


¢´ principles of sustainable development. Adhere to the strict protection of tourism resources, development and use of the principle of sustainable use of the combination, correctly handle the natural landscape, cultural landscape conservation, research, use of the relationship, and coordinate economic and social benefits, immediate and long-term interests, local interests and global interests, the realization of economic, social and ecological benefits of the dynamic equilibrium of the three, to ensure the sustainable development of tourism. Iii describes the main functional area ¢± Tourist attractions Jianchuan County by the principle of the development of tourism through the internal and external environmental conditions, repeated surveys, research and demonstration, based on reality, to review history and look to the future, we will be four Jianchuan County tourism The theme of the development area as: “trace Nanzhao, Dali history, enjoy the charm of Bai culture, into the magnificent natural scenery.” Seize the favorable opportunities in the new century, mobilizing all positive factors, after 5 years -10 years -20 years of continuous efforts to further improve the tourism infrastructure and improve overall environmental quality of tourism the county, and built a number of tourism base, introduce a number of tourism products and increase the attractiveness of domestic and foreign tourists of different levels, and constantly develop and expand the tourism market, the four scenic tourism loop through the market mechanism approach, developed into an independent business travel both loop operation, but also to place it in the northwest area of tourism to be a big development.


¢² when combined Jianchuan touring function area attractions and more tourist resources, type the whole, the relative concentration of the geographical distribution of the characteristics, in accordance with the “Jianchuan County Tourism Development Plan,” the general layout, the partition size to expand the area, rich in tourism projects to improve tourism product quality, enhance the attractiveness to tourists as a starting point, the county’s tourism resource development functional area.


central tourist area – SHI Bao-shan – Gordon Street area Shaxi SHI Bao-shan Temple – Golden Temple Street area Shaxi Jianchuan County Tourism Development is the central function of the overall layout of the area, the development of tourism in the county plays a central and leading role. The area is a tourism development plan in the near and medium term focus on building tourist area. ¢Ù area range: SHI Bao-shan, Shaxi Golden Temple Street and the surrounding area, an area of about 30 square kilometers. ¢Ú Main attractions: Shak Chung Shan Grottoes (including stone temple bell, the lion off, Schaden Qing 3 Cave area), Po Temple in, Haiyun home, Golden Summit Temple, stone umbrella Hill, Bat Cave, SHI Bao Lingquan, landform, azalea flowers, Aofong Mount tombs, Shaxi Golden Temple Street (Xingjiao Temple, East Village gate, the ancient stage, residential Mansion, Old Shop, jade Jinqiao) and so on. ¢Û resource features: accumulation of rich history and culture, skilled grotto art, SHI Bao-shan Song Bai show will focus on style, landform, azalea flowers, and on the World Heritage list of endangered buildings Shaxi (Golden Temple Street) tea The only surviving Horse Road market, a complete theater, hotels, temples, Village gate connecting Tibet and South Asia, such as endangered world heritage and other unique architectural landscape. ¢Ü Function Location: visited history and culture, enjoy the Bai style, into the natural beauty. ¢Æ major tourist spots – Jianchuan city – full of Xianlin scenic range scenic ¢Ù: Jinhua Town of Jianchuan County as the center, including in and around the town full of Jinhua Building, with Jinhua Mountain, an area of about 12 square kilometers. ¢Ú The main attractions: the ancient city of Jianchuan various ancient buildings, wood street, King wind parks, full of Building, with Jinhua Mountain natural landscape and cultural landscape. ¢Û Resource Features: Celebrities Jianchuan ancient city, grand, imposing the full Xianlin thousands of spectacular Lion, exquisite wood carving art.


¢Ü functional orientation: local characteristics and cultural tourism. ¢Ç major tourist spots – Sword Lake – Jinhua Mountain scenic area ¢Ù range: the Sword Lake as the center, including the Austin nanzhen, sword xiangyangzhen Lake region, an area of about 15 square kilometers. ¢Ú Main attractions: Sword Lake Four Seasons scenery, Haihong Villa, sea front of ancient cultural sites, Lion Creek Wood Village, San Ling Opera, Temple and Georgia and the U.S. East River water turbidity water and so on. Resource characteristics: the main lake view is refreshing style, combined with the surrounding natural beauty, ancient cultural sites, special crafts and tourist village folk. ¢Û Function Location: sightseeing, leisure vacation. ¢È development of tourism – scenic range LaoJunSan area ¢Ù: Barry Laojunshan rolling hills, across land belonging to the Northwest 4 of 4 counties in the state. All Mountain scenic area of 170 square kilometers, in the territory of about 53,300 hectares Jianchuan. ¢Ú Main attractions: The main attractions are alpine pastures, forests, azalea flowers, moss landscape, glacial lakes, karst caves. ¢Û Resource Features: beautiful ecological environment, lush forests, a unique mountain landscape. ¢Ü Function Location: eco-tourism, expedition travel, adventure tourism. Fifth, the main development and operation of the main attractions investment project promotion i central tourist area – SHI Bao-shan – Shaxi Sideng Street project ¢± Project location projects involving sand Jianchuan County Town and Austin nanzhen. Jianchuan County is located in the southern town of sand, Niujie Eryuan County Rural East and borders, the West is connected with the Mi Sha village, south border town after Joe Eryuan County, adjacent to the North and Austin nanzhen a total area of 287 square kilometers. Austin nanzhen Jianchuan county in the southwest, east and Heqing County, Baoding Township, bordering the South and Sand Town and Township Eryuan Niujie connected rural western connection with the sheep Cen, North and Jinhua Yang Zhen Jian town and the junction The total area of 277 square kilometers.

SHI Bao-shan – Shaxi Golden Temple Street attractions are located at the northwest end and the middle Shaxi Bazi, Jinhua Town, south of Jianchuan County about 23 kilometers, about 16 kilometers away from the Austin Southtown, is a mountain range Laojunshan system, a radius of 25 square kilometers . Flat area east of Austin through the line from north to connect gladiolus Highway, Yunnan-Tibet Highway (State Road 214). Black River from north to south through the entire benefit Bazi, the highest point above sea level for the goose inside HUJIANSHAN – 3266 meters above sea level the lowest point of m sub-floor – 1973 meters. ¢² SHI Bao-shan – Golden Temple Street Tourist Resources Featured March 4, 1961, the State Council announced the first batch of Shak Chung Shan Grottoes as key cultural relics protection units, in 1982, SHI Bao-shan the State Council as the first batch of key national scenic spots, SHI Bao-shan scenic spot radius of 29.7 square kilometers. Shak Chung Shan Grottoes carving in AD 850 to AD 1179 Nanzhao between the Dali Kingdom, before and after the continuation of 300 years, the first 1,100 years have elapsed since the age cut. Mountain caves dug, stretching 3 km, located in the stone temple bell, the lion off, Schaden Qing 3 regions. Cave 16 Cave is now co-exist, more than 200 statues footer, Rock 1, 5 pass stele, statue inscriptions 5, while more than 40 other questions in mind. Its contents are 4 categories: First, the Buddha, Bodhisattva, Guanyin, king, ming, Guinness, etc.; second king and attendants as Nanzhao; three foreigners, like the ancient; Fourth, unique stone sculptures of female reproduction worship. Exquisite stone carvings, vivid style, the place is rich in national characteristics, the performance of the Bai people and culture of high artistic level of conservation.

Shak Chung Shan Grottoes fusion of the Central Plains culture, Tibetan culture, Indian culture, Southeast Asian culture and native culture, showing a multi-cultural characteristics of the study Nanzhao, Dali country’s political, economic, cultural, local customs and foreign exchange first-hand kind of information, and China as a World Cultural Heritage Mogao Grottoes, Dazu Rock Carvings, Luoyang, Longmen Grottoes belong to the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units, with a high historical value and artistic value, which is very precious, as the “gem of the southern sky” . Stone Bell Temple is located in the southeast of the Shak Chung Shan SHI Bao-shan, the temple has landform formed by the clock like a stone boulders, strange magic, mountain, and the temple are hence the name. Stone Temple Bell “a self-Tang,” Continuous Sihou towering cliff caves cut 7 stone, stone bell western end of the concave stone walls, decorated with precious years of Rock Song “Buddha ranks map.” Bao Xiang Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty, formerly known as “Good extension Temple”, the Qing Emperor Kangxi twenty-nine (1690) reconstruction, Temple of the surrounding “Lingquan Results milk, blame Dan Leilei for Sin Fu Xiang, bells and drums gem phase all natural “, it was renamed the” Bao Xiang Temple. ” It is built on a wall of towering mountains and steep stone cliffs, the upper niche of Maitreya, the volley Yuhuangge cliff caves built in the furrow, the cutting of the cliff lift beams, a magnificent, Yunnan, known as “vacant Temple. ” Haiyun home was built before the Kangxi reign, is the first gate into the mountains to visit the temple. It is hidden among the pines in Cooperstown, perched Chong-Gang, facing Sword Lake, smoke filled, beautiful. Laminated Diego temple high loop landing, entered the houses, the scale and tidy. Although the vicissitudes, is still largely intact. In addition, SHI Bao-shan area there Shibao Lingquan, Lingquan Temple, Golden Summit Temple, bat caves, stone umbrella Hill, landform, azalea flowers and other humanities, natural attractions, the formation of the landscape as the main grotto art, into a number of cultural landscape and the natural landscape as one of the boutique area. Lunar July 27 to early August -, SHI Bao-shan Bai grand scale to be held in the traditional song and dance event – SHI Bao-shan Song will. By then, the county and surrounding counties Jianchuan Bai and Yi, Naxi, Pumi, Lisu people tens of thousands of people, dressed in festive costumes gathered to SHI Bao-shan, strings singing and, around the clock for several days, focused on Northwestern shows colorful ethnic customs, known as “Bai Song City”, and thousands duet “white music” folk songs have been enshrined in international projects.

Shaxi Golden Temple Street is the “Tea Horse Road,” the only surviving bazaar, October 11, 2001, together with the Great Wall protection by the World Monuments Fund (WMF) announced the “2002 101 concern World of endangered architectural heritage. “Thus, the Temple of the unknown corner of Gordon Street, and Italy Pompeii, the famous Valley of the Kings in Egypt. SHI Bao-shan Tang Street is located in Temple, the town is the seat of government of sand, there was founded ten years in the Ming Dynasty Yongle (AD 1415) and Hing Education and Temple, Bai is currently the only Arab power of Buddhist monasteries readers, for the provincial cultural heritage site. Temple painted on the wall outside the main hall next fifteen years Yongle (AD 1417) of 20 pieces of paintings. Grand mural scenes, many characters, techniques and delicate, colorful, vivid reflection of the ancient Dali Bai close cultural and Central Plains, with a high historical and artistic value, is rare in ancient art. Temple has taught ancient Hing Square Street, has retained a complete residential Jianchuan Bai ancient buildings, quaint lattice doors, green glazed tile, stone road, wooden counter, old trees, outside the King, as if the clock back, so that bustling people think of the year, traders gathered in the bazaar style, land of stone-paved street from the mottled, a record of years of vicissitudes. Square Street to the east and the Quebec Court, the ancient stage, after the Court fused front. This unique structure is rare in the rest of the country, where both showed distinctive national characteristics, but also reflected on the southwest border of the Central Plains culture influence.


¢³ content of the proposed investment projects on construction of “SHI Bao-shan — Shaxi Sideng Street,” the comprehensive development of tourism in order to develop historical and cultural tourism, customs, tourism, “Cha” Xungu style tourism, eco-tourism and leisure crossing leave travel as the main content. New Shak Chung Shan Reservoir Vacation Village Tourist cable, Shilong village of ethnic customs, the two tourism cableway, tour service center, Bai people museum, “Cha” facts showroom, Bai Garden Hotel, tourism product stores, local crafts plus workshops, square, tea, playing ancient music for dance performances and courtyard cafes, restaurants, tourist service facilities and parking.


¢´ market macro is expected in 2002, Jianchuan 24.5 million tourist arrivals, and maintain an annual rate of 10%. New Project to meet the needs of tourism development Jianchuan, market prospects, in line with the development of tourism province, the goal of national cultural province, enhance tourism and cultural connotations, with good development prospects. Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission approved the basis of “Jianchuan SHI Bao-shan – Golden Temple Street construction project feasibility study report” drawn conclusions “of the financial indicators of the project better, less risky business, with strong anti-risk ability, good economic benefit, financially viable. projects, in addition can provide a certain amount of direct economic benefits, but also effectively promote local economic development Jianchuan County, the sword River County, western Yunnan in the rapid development of tourism in a place that can effectively accelerate the pace of local farmers out of poverty, with very good social benefits. ¢µ investment cooperation the transfer of management rights ¢Å ¢Ù Tourist Attractions and Scenic Spots and the implementation of separation of ownership and management rights, according to market-oriented mode of operation, the right to operate scenic spots transferred to the economic strength of the strong priority to investors. ¢Ú Construction of 3 cable investors, incorporated the Jianchuan County Tourism and Cultural Development Corporation into the bank account number and capital of 100 million yuan above, the county government and the investors in the investment of the first 3 years divided by the total income of 4:6, 6:4, starting from the 4th year is divided into. ¢Û SHI Bao-shan area of land required by the investors pay the costs of land acquisition, land transfer payments can be refunded. ¢Ü requirements within three years, investors are investing into a 4A level scenic spots scenic attractions. ¢Ý are within the competence of county government’s preferential policies can be used for research, but in principle for tax policy relief. ¢Æ sale SHI Bao-shan SHI Bao-shan Hotel Hotel is located in Kansas and Dunhuang, Yungang and Longmen, Dazu Rock Carvings and other comparable titles by Mr. Jin Yong is the “South-day treasure” of the Shak Chung Shan Grottoes area, the hotel was built in 1999, 2 Building blocks of accommodation, 4 suites, 24 standard rooms, 7 & P, the total of 80 beds; can accept 130 guests dining at the same time; the construction area of 503 square meters, a fully equipped multi-functional ballroom; water, electricity facilities, convenient transportation. is a set of dining, accommodation, entertainment for the integrated state-owned enterprises. the total assets of 5.73 million yuan, of which: 5.14 million fixed assets, working capital 590,000 yuan. ¢Ç owned development projects, “SHI Bao-shan — Shaxi Golden Temple Street, “tourist area were wholly owned, integrated development of major projects to develop the historical and cultural tourism, customs, tourism,” Cha “Xungu style tourism, eco-tourism and leisure vacation travel as the main content.

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