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  1. Dehong Dadenghan Dai Village in Xishuangbanna

The beautiful and attractive Dadenghan Dai Village is 20 kilometers away from Ruili City zone along Shuanglei Road. Visitors can see dotted fernleaf hedge bamboo at a distance, and a vast stretch of teaks when coming near. The afloat fragrance of grapefruit flower can seep into people’s heart, while new Dai-style bamboo stilt houses, set off by the bamboo forest, and excite visitors greatly.


In April, grapefruit blossom in every household courtyard and the air is thick with its fragrance. In August or September, teaks are overhung with plentiful of shaddocks. It, together with swaying bamboo groves, umbrella-like banyans, towering wine palms, green grass, dark green vegetable bed, and bamboo houses dotted in the village, add radiance and beauty to each other and present a wonderful scene. Therefore, the village wins the fame of “rural natural park.”

Dadenghan Dai Village in Ruili,Dehong

The quietest place in the village is Buddhist temple. A legend says that Buddha passes the place on his way to promote Buddhism and live there for one night. It is said that the temple was built to commemorate his kindness. Built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), it now enjoys a great reputation in Ruili City. The temple adopts a unique architectural style.

There is a balcony with three-layer and double-eaved roof. The two rooms in the left and right are pavilions with double-eaved roof. There is a corridor connecting pavilions. The architecture looks like an ancient Dai palace. The movie Princess Peacock chooses the village for the outdoor scenes. Since then, the place was called Peacock Palace. The most beautiful scene there is dawn. Once the sun is setting in the west, the fiery sunset clouds make a magnificent spectacle and the temple roof looks magnificent and dazzling.

Dadenghan Stockaded Village of Dai people is a stockaded village of Dai to the south of Ruili. In Dai language, its name means Great Golden Pond or Great Golden Lake. In the stockaded village plant many grapefruit, Bambusa glaucescens var. Rivirerum, Carvota urensl, and so on. Among so many plants stand some bamboo buildings of Dai and all these make a beautiful natural picture. Dadenghan Stockaded Village, one of the biggest and most beautiful stockaded villages in the countryside of Ruili, thus gains a good reputation as Natural Park in the Countryside.

There is a Zang Temple in the depth of the forest in Dadenghan Village which was built during the reign of Qianlong Emperor of Qing Dynasty. It is said that Buddha preached here and stayed over one night. His followers built the Temple to remember him. The Zang Temple is a typical building of Dai and is like an ancient palace of Dai people You may find Zang Temple in the movie Princess Peacock and in the teleplay Monkey King. So people nickname it Peacock Palace.

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