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  1. Kunming Confucius Temple

At present, Confucius Temple in Kunming is located in Confucius Temple Street which used to be the old Kunming’s heartland. It is very easy to get to visit for the students who study abroad programs in China. The east lane of Confucius Temple is situated in the east. And the west lane of Confucius Temple is located on the west. The straight street and the bystreet of the Confucius Temple are in front of the Confucius Temple. In the east of Confucius Temple it is the junction of the Zheng Yi Road and the Chang Chun Road. And the Min Sheng street and the Min Quan Street are located on the west of Confucius Temple. What’s more, these two streets are the shopping center of Kunming City which has a long history. The shops are placed closely side by side in the shopping center.

Kunming Confucius Temple

Nowadays, the Confucius Temple in Kunming City has changed into the Mass Art Center for all the Kunming citizens and the students who study abroad programs in China to visit. The size of the Confucius Temple has not changed a little at all. The Ling Xing Gate and Gui Xiang cabinet is still very impressive for the students who study in China to take pictures. When I was a child, my father often took me out to the Confucius Temple and provided sacrifices and honors for the Confucius. At the same time, my mother used to buy the pork to me when holding the Da Cheng sacred assembly. It is said that the little boy who eats the pork sold in the Da Cheng sacred assembly may be cleverer when he grows up. Father admires the Confucius so that he often tells me something useful about the Confucius beliefs such as “to learn and repeat what one has learnt is a kind of pleasure” “it is a delight to have friends come from distance place”. And my father told me that Confucius was a great educator around the 2500 years ago and he was serves as the founder of “a great sage” and Confucius. All these make me keep in mind till now. It is very interesting for you who study abroad programs in China to know.

Kunming Confucius Temple

The memory of Confucius Temple was still like that the grand building was composed of 3 huge halls. The main shrine was called as Da Cheng Hall. And another two halls were Chong Sheng Hall and Ming Lun Hall. There was a stone at the door of the old Confucius Temple. The stone was written by “the officials and ministers dismount here”. On this account, no matter who you were, you had to dismount there and walked into the Confucius Temple. According to the rules in the ancient times, only the emperor can live in the nine main halls. But now everyone including the students who study abroad programs in China can go inside for visiting.

It is good for the students who study abroad programs in China to know. There are 3 cabinets and 4 temples in Confucius Temple. They are Kui Xing cabinet, Gui Xiang cabinet, Zun Jing cabinet, Xian temple, Ming Ren temple, Cang Sheng temple, Jie Xiao temple. 72 sages (the Confucius’s students) are propitiated in the side temple. And the tortoise monument and the stone inscriptions left from Ming Dynast, Qing Dynasty and the Republican period. The famous intellectuals from different generations are sacrificed in the east and west, such as Han Yu, Zhu Xi, and Zhang Hengqu and so on.

It was a great event to sacred the Confucius in ancient times. In the past, it did not allowed to open the front entrance door of the Confucius Temple until the day they sacred the Confucius. It is said that Confucius Temple was bustling in that day. All the governors and the successful gentries were allowed to attend the ceremony and arrange in order of titles. My father told me that my grandfather who was a successful businessman had participated in the temple fair before. This costume had been handed down from Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China. On the other hand, the common people also followed the costumes on the birth day of the Confucius. And some people also organized the ceremony themselves until the end of Anti-Japanese. For example, Wu Hanqing, the president of Kunming union of Pinshu, have organized the story tellers to sacred the Confucius every Da Cheng ceremony. And these 48 artists will attend the ceremony and received the prentices in that day. The artists sincerely kowtow to the Confucius in the order of seniority in front of the Confucius memorial tablet. 

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