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  1. Big Dragon Cave in Zhaotong City

Zhaotong Big Dragon Cave 
Menuhin, a forest of pines, Tsui Chuk shady, pleasant park Montreal, clear water around, the days of the horse, a temple hidden in the forest deep hole, the hole stirring, Dongding stalactites overhang, Variety, in recent springs from the side holes Gugu outflow of high quality, clear bottoming out, Zhaotong City one of the city's main water source, the entire area a total area of 134 hectares, 68 hectares of forests, Courtyard 28 hectares, 38 hectares of reservoirs, is a natural forest park, People are Lanqing, rest, boating, fishing in the summer resort. During the Lunar August 15, when the moon after liftoff, the sky the moon will be in the Longquan Daoying within the Longquan will be reflected in the moon rock on the inside, "Three Moon" is matched by a unique natural landscape He is called the "suction Longdong on."

 Big Dragon Cave in Zhaotong City

Development articles:

Zhaotong Big Dragon Cave Tourism Development Company Limited in the development of the western regions and construction of the Yunnan Provincial Tourism strategy adopted by the investment decision-making and to develop.

Big Dragon Cave tourist scenic spots is located in Zhaotong city 10 kilometers north of the Jiulongshan, scenic spots, towering old trees, pines upright, the concept of deep-lying, inside a Hanlie Chingchuankang outflow converge Lake, a long……

In the various departments at all levels and people of Zhaotong strong support and assistance, through investment and is now beginning to take shape, and tourists recreation, leisure, the ideal place to vacation. At present, the company is careful to build a local and ethnic customs and tourist destination and work hard!

Celebrityarticle: "The Qi"

Wen Qi (birth year unknown), son of odd characters, Zitong (Sichuan Zitong County) people. Han Wudi yuan closure 2002 (2070 109), Zhu Qianwei County to the south (this Zhaotong) 5 County, the jurisdiction of the southern Duyun, Dili Yuan Shi-ping (Year 1-5) late, Du Wei, the Qi. Zhu Shilicun ( "added Han Zhi" Note Reply "in the dozens") Longchi (Big Dragon Cave), 47 weeks in the pool. Han Yi-wen of the people dug Big Dragon Cave water, repair of irrigation water drains with rice paddies, for the ordinary people Hennessy. Wen Qi served as Yizhou Prefecture, made the Poche, open up channels of irrigation water, cultivated fields more than 2,000 ares, "Ma was bing, repair impaired Cypriots, razed down clusters, and very appropriately" ( "Han Namanxinanyi Chuan "). Gongsunshuqibing Chengdu occupy Yizhou, according to the risk-stick, Gongsunshu detained his wife to Fenghou as bait, text-decline. Emperor Guangwu 12 years (Year 36), Han drubbing Gongsunshu, was recruited as text-General Zhenyuan, a closed-designate, after the death of the county in the Big Dragon Cave temple was built to worship his achievements……


Attractions articles: "Longdong on suction"

Zhaotong City 10 kilometers north of the city - Big Dragon Cave, Fengling scenery, Braised, one of which, known as the "13-9 Qing," said; deep Lin Shan, towering verdant take a long look, Zhaolubazi glance, the sun sets , Shuitianyise, delightful people. In the steep wall of a cliff Kwu Tung, Hu Yu outflow in recent springs, with the clear bottom Yinzhong, Dandi there is a rock, fine-sounding name of the rhino, during the Mid-Autumn night, on video cave-chuen, rehabilitation as Shek Pik above, rhino irradiation in the moonlight, as if you raise your head in general, has eyes nose, vivid, cool breeze hit Greenfield, Ningmu whereas March Tong-hui, and counties were called "Longtan Yangru" Known as the "absorption Longdong on." Big Dragon Cave Castle Peak Road, surrounded on three sides of the former after-Road Gang on the river, yesterday Cangcang, Liulu:ruyan, she was lurking, Yu Qing ringing, formed a humanities-history, religion and culture, scenic spots as one tourist destination!


Taoism chapter of history: Originally known Zhu mentioned Zhaotong, Song said Wumeng, the Qing Emperor Yongzheng 2009 renamed Zhaotong House. Taoism imported Zhaotong early Eastern Han, the ancestral tianshic Zhang Ling Road in the convent founded Shu Hemingshan five metres Bucket Road, the establishment of 24 "governance" rule is five metres fighting in various areas, the academic activities centre, "the 24 - Governance "Most of them are residing in Sichuan Province this, but there are two" administration "jurisdiction extends to the area of Yunnan Province today, Qianwei County there is a" governance "(thick rule japonica), the West County has a" rule "(Meng Chin governance); Qianwei County and the West County when Emperor Wu of the Western Han Dynasty established by Qianwei County jurisdiction of the 12 counties, including geographical this Jianyang in Sichuan, Yunnan Zhaotong Pengshan to the south, the northern part of Qujing, Junyi located in Yibin, Sichuan today. Zhaotong Qin Kai Wu Chi Road, the Three Kingdoms Zhaotong Shuguo Yugoslavia and for the county to Zhu, Taoism about Sichuan imported by the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty Zhaotong. According to "In Zhaotong Record," "Zhaotong region", "Zhaotong City-" documented: Big Dragon Cave during the Eastern Han Dynasty built-shrines, the Qing Emperor Qianlong was founded five years of Big Dragon Cave Road, Taoism all genuine dragon, Benevolence since Taoist Qianlong era has been the concept of Big Dragon Cave Road.


Traditional chapter: "February 8 temple" Zhaotong Yi is the birthplace of one of the pioneers, since the pre-Qin since this habitat, live, and multiply, according to the "map Gutian people," and "Yunnan-Ching Tak" Shiji said: Wumeng , Dongchuan, such as a festival in the ancient dragon, welcome God, and so on. Zhaotong region Originally known as "Wumeng," "Wumeng" name only leader from our ancestors names Yi, Yi claiming to be "Luolu" intended for children of the dragon and the tiger, the dragon is dominated favorable weather god, the dragon is the embodiment of the water, is the source of human life, it was said that the drought ancient days, people every day to the Big Dragon Cave for Longwang rain, and finally in February Chuba moved the Dragon King, saved the lives of the crops to ensure that the bumper harvests, for this reason, in this building the dragon shrines, and Longdong February each year to pray Qiuyu Chuba.


Taoist folklore:

Taoism is a King day Zunjie, days validity of the religion. During the long period of Taoist culture in the development of worship is a long-standing custom, the cultural accumulation that is the people of the year when days at some specific activities of the sexual habits. Chong Road three-worship, the Jade Emperor, Leizu, Basking bucket, Chen-Wu, Dongyuedadi the gods, such as customs, in the deep influence on the masses.


"Ternary Festival" According to the "inside-Yuan Shi-bao said that three officials of the" say "Shangyuan, a blessed day for the government, Zi-wei Tati; Proterozoic to the Registry for forgiveness, Qingxu Tati; Ha Yuen of the third grade Eritrea water officials , Tung Yin Tati. "Xuanzong had promulgated the" ban on slaughtering peace and ternary "and demanded that" since the future, and the world are the two states, each of the first month, July, October 3 yuan, from 13 to 15. and to cut off the slaughter. "Chinese folk extensive set off on the" three officials "(ternary) worship, folk-day official blessing, the official forgiveness, water from the Registry of Taoism from Eritrea. In the Spring, Proterozoic, Ha Yuen three festivals, on "Ghost Festival" in Zhaotong the greatest impact, ancestor worship and pray to the souls of the official pardon to the crime of the Lunar New Year festival in early to 15, individual set up to offer her ancestors bean sprouts, water 12-14 home meals, burning Mingyi, and paper money to show treated them with filial respect to their ancestors, to 15 in early to practice Taoist temple please matter Chaodu the soul, so keep millions of households.


"Festival God of Wealth" God of Wealth civil believe in the ancient god of Finance Division, multi-fingered Diaogong marshal has to Pian for the God of Wealth, Kuan Kung is the God of Wealth Wu said. Diaogong Marshal wear multiple hats, Shenxiao Sect of Taoism is the marshal service, in charge of mine flooding, powerful, but also convent patron saint, in charge of sacrifice to Xuantan Chuan, discipline Jiangong apology, in addition to blast cut malaria, disease-Rang disaster, as God of Wealth protection making plenty of money, and open way of getting money. March 15 annual Lunar New Year, God of Wealth for the first month Chu Wu festival, held "God of Wealth", the believers pray Ziwang Choi Pantheon, please give businessmen enshrined store, the general also asked the people Caishendao home, open-door, the God of Wealth in the civil Zhaotong popular.


To "sacrifice the North-South struggle," China attaches great importance to the ancient astrology observation, the star, especially Taoism respected North and South, two bucket Xingjun, saying that "the South Division and the Beidou Zhuliu G-7 level of justification Sanshui, Liuhe nosy, Jiugong, Total foreign jurisdiction, "the so-called" drop-dead Beidou, South bucket up "the life and death of a person in charge Shouyao, Taoism ancient life will be courteous bucket Chi said, Zhuge Liang Wu Zhang original Rang-known bucket Baidoa, the annual Lunar June and September, the altar set up by the satirical , Randeng celebration, since this prevalence.


"Pray to God of Literature" Wenchang, as Star Guanming, ancient Xingxiang that is the main home of your great Ji-Xing, the Taoist masters of their fame revered as a god, good book, "The God of Literature Linzhiwen" widely circulated, old, all localities Temples are Wenchang Court, Wenchang Palace, Wenchang Temple, all top scholars King Wenchang, a temporary success, since this prevalence.

Fengshui chapter: "I Longbao" Big Dragon Cave of the geographical environment, Naturalness, in line with the traditional Chinese geomancy elements of the five-, sand, water, point to, pieces of Juju, mountains Xiongjian, around the clock as a arch surrounded, Gugu outflow of water, such as access to the disk-like North Gate Reservoir. The ancients said, "the people of the mountains, plumbing wealth" pattern has become.


Legend articles:

Big Dragon Cave, a natural formation of stalactites, different patterns like flowers, fruits, trees, trees, insects, snakes, birds, animals, and even human organs, as some, since there are still several mahouts this liver, lungs , the old legends were a long illness treatment ineffective, it Longdong to devout to pray, please, a bottle of water Longquan, similar to that suffered by Guaxia form part of the stones recovered after Fenmei swallowed. Water old Big Dragon Cave, a column stalactites hanging in the air, the image of a Goddess of Mercy founder, the Naigongqiaojiang little Diaozao that lifelike, delicate Xiao-called flying Guanyin, accede to the demands.


Another "touch stone of begging," said it was "gun-" record: "beg of Stone" Ma Hunan, East Rock into the stone, out of stone, the stone into carrying arms, a post-mortem of the ancients begging here. Big Dragon Cave "Mother Stone", the ancients used to Zhaotong Big Dragon Cave Qiuzi, they put small stones holes known as the "begging of Stone", it is said: If palpable "beg of Stone" will be pregnant women, Health and the coming year will be his son. Han, Han moved Zhaotong also has inherited the practice; Taoism imported Zhaotong in Big Dragon Cave, Lung and praying for, find out the begging of stone, and gradually evolved into a You-chun, pray, pray for one of the civil practices

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