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  1. Huanglian River Scenic Area in Daguan County,Zhaotong

Huanglian river landscape resources have the type of the natural landscape and cultural landscape for two categories, 14 sub-categories, a very prominent feature of the provincial scenic resource for the research team concluded, "more than three Sanjue", "more than three" which is Landscape Resources type and quantity (more than 80 major attractions), the number of waterfalls (more than 200), Heritage Contribute more (currently, 27 county-level cultural relics units, and there are many pending further inspection, classification), "Sanjue" is a wonderful natural skateboards, worldly paradise - drencher promenade, cave wonders - both inside and outside of the Galaxy is a splendid rare.


Huanglian mark County to River Falls Scenic Area landscape as the main set of valleys and cave, jungle, Zhuhai, the Peak Reservoir, geological heritage, rare plants and animals, such as the natural landscape and tombs, prehistoric relics, ethnic customs, and so on, many Humane diverse landscape, rich in natural resources, large-scale, prominent characteristics, locational advantages, obviously, the important significance of the development is in tourism, resort vacation, mountain climbing cliffs, scientific investigation and various recreational activities-Scenic Area.


The whole area is divided into four Area:

1, Huanglianhe(Coptis River) Scenic Area: 
5.5 km southeast of the county seat in the area of 25 square kilometers, there is painting clouds, the mountains Zhuhai, cave wonders, Miao Village customs. More rare form of 47 different waterfalls, can be described as "mountain, water, forest, holes" integrated, online, extraordinary and beautiful, Accor merged into Wonderland. Major attractions: Duige waterfall, double waterfall amenities, reunion waterfall, Zhu Chen waterfall, the water stage, Rulao waterfall and Yuanyang waterfall, drencher promenade, the skateboards, girls waterfall, Qinglang waterfall, such as white elephant hole. The documentary area was in October 1993 opening to the outside world, guest houses, dance halls, business department, restaurants, passenger transport, guides, and security integrated support services. 1997 tourism income reached 100 million mark at the same time promote the county the development of tertiary industry, with good economic and social benefits.


2, Shanggaoqiao Scenic Area:  
35 km from the county level, 44 km from Zhaotong City, to the natural landscape, the rare plants for the major tourist targets. District took a dramatic turn, the magic perfect Shilin, a magnificent, an awe-inspiring waterfall, Take them,its magnificent cave, is expected to face Shengwei, such as the Raritan Albatron Takahashi valleys, including rare plants, Davidia involucrata can be said to be a compatible mountains, water, stone, large trees comprehensive scenic spots for Tour area of 56 square kilometers, the area attractions, rich landscape, large capacity, non-polluting, both as a tourist area, but also carry out scientific investigation, have been in the "People's Daily", "Guangming Daily" and the movie "beautiful Yunnan", the television series "Southern Silk Road" made, a certain visibility. And the link between the spots, people can enjoy 23 days of the risk of the Mountain, the Three Gorges-hung, the odd South Road, Huangguoshu of magnificent!



¢Ù beachhead Zhuying: riparian wide here, in the formation of the bank of the river on the beach covered with a green lush Moderators, whenever the moon Dongsheng, Wanfeng struck stroll beachhead, Zhuyingsasa, runways ocean waves, Poetic flavor scene.

¢Ú Takahashi Point Valley: here confrontation between the two sides cliffs, steep river water, Jiang Liu raging, the two sides of old trees and branches connected to the bottom of the spray only Fanyong, Tsui Chuk Guteng amid the rise, Zhetianbieri, a suspension bridge from the forest stretch out hoisted roof, cool breeze swaying suspension bridge before making more, Point Valley about 300 meters long, all of the cliff, the surging water potential, the waves hit shore.


¢Û Yixiantian:-Point Valley and, gradually deep trough, vertical cliffs, such as knifed Fuxue, bamboo wall varies, Shan-hua artless, bush Kiwi, in September of melon vines Weiyi circled each fall, the numerous fruit , mouthwatering, the two sides Dangerous high, the rise looked and saw frontline blue sky, no less than the sun at noon.

¢Ü Fly waterfall: two consecutive small waterfall, with a total over 20 meters high, with a boulder waterfall. Under the first river-high slope into the boulder, spray flying in all directions as 10 million Suiyu, Fly like bleaching powder, silk-and spectacular, boulder-Yanxue in January next to a dozen or so of rest we can enjoy.


¢Ý goaf Bay clouds: steep terrain here, all cliffs, the cliffs on the provision of a pedestrian trail opened wide its danger not Yingche Huashan Qianche were not weak, and the Spring and Autumn of the vast sea of clouds covered the valley, from here Sound whistled deaf ears, at the foot of rolling clouds, a perfect spectacular scenery, rocks, wood lush greenery Fushu.


¢Þ small superscript water-rock: by a two - or water, "Bao" characters will double waterfall, the first-class vertical drop of 35 meters, 13 meters wide, 17 meters second-class gap, 14 meters wide, in a waterfall Deep Cut, the jet fell into two consecutive high slope, waves smacked a rock, rolled up 10 million spray Jie Scaramouche, Bairuyun that Benyong under the water and like a few of the dragon in a struggle, meandering Pentium , Hou Sheng consistent ears.


¢ß the subscript water-rock: This is the focus of the scenic area was "People's Daily", "Guangming Daily" described as like the Huangguoshu Waterfall. Falls vertical drop 65 meters, more than 20 meters wide, majestic landscape, the magnificent, that takes away people's reputation, few would hear in the flow of voice as a mighty force, whistled and cry, approached after the hearing thunder roar, earthshaking, spraying water fishing with Qian-Jun relying on the power of the vertical fall from the cliff, forming a large spectacular drencher Feiliu down, the potential of the stalls, has been to China more than 40 metres wide oval pit, Yuanwang such as the blue sky above, falling a Yulong, sucked into Dandi, running water, it may look at the Galaxy nearly overhang, the first of destinations, the bottom spray cupola, the year drizzle, a Mimang, if in midsummer, here, Qin cool McGREGOR , the water. This shows that the number of sunny colorful big rainbow, a set of a luxurious Meiren, as if the world came to the myth.


¢à hole cave landmarks group: from the standard water-rock canyons and under four kilometers down stream on the Qinglong-to-cave. Here in two square kilometers in size within 11 cave, tunnel dry hole, skills, can be Hengchuan tunnel, and stalactites offers a dry hole, lai spectacular landmarks of the hole is a hole-beaded dark lake cave, a water Dry hole two holes formed, the same dry hole tunnel boat can also walk, Dongding for arch, and some such as curtain wall Fold the top and hang in the roof of 2-km long, with an average width of 50 metre high and 45 meters, can tour inside area of 100,000 square meters, inside stalactites Variety, attractive, in the South China Sea Goddess of Mercy, Tsing Lung Tengyun, Boy imam such as landscape, a hole before the embrace of the cliff more than 80,000 square meters fan open, for Shuchui camp.


¢á Shilin: Shilin 1,850 meters above sea level, towering forests weekends, Variety, Stone Gallery, Shixue, funnel Luoshuidong, caverns, Shi Feng. Like jumping Tengnuo various animal characters demeanor realistic and vivid. A stalagmite Village, charged Hanlin, such as Shimenkan six spots. Have no way of the magnificent South Shilin momentum, but also see in the small, with the mentioned features of the Stone Forest.


3, Luohanba Scenic Area:  
53 km from the county seat, covering 60 square kilometres, is a virgin land to be developed. It is picturesque clouds painting, the original Zhuhai forest birds; beautiful beautiful highland lakes, charming rich ethnic customs. Feixie streams here, the mountainous odd risk, vegetation coverage rate of 99%. Because of this section, transport, electricity, communication is bound by the county reserve development of the resources.

4, Yuntai Scenic Area: 
Yuntai Mountain Gap as the center, Yu Wan Rural South from the North to Huang Jing Pa. Queensland water located along the road with a total length of 50 km along the towering mountains, a painting Permian,Canyon, more than 20 of the record size waterfall. Here also focused on the risk-Qin and Han Dynasties Road, Ming and Qing Dynasties Road, such as the tomb of the Eastern Han Dynasty-10 spots.

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