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  1. Zhaotong-Bos-Hanging-Coffins

It is known that the Doushaguan Yanjin County, Ping end, the coffin rock, rock Lingguan Wilson County HANGING, pit hole, Yongshan County, Huang Hua, over 10; Rock, rock embankment, rock niches, Gully, in the form of Cliff-burial caves and other necessities.

Cliff boren this Zhaotong region along the Jinsha River in Yunnan, Baishui River and the river basin Cliff relations is not unique. Distribution is certainly the largest, most concentrated areas. It is known that the Doushaguan Yanjin County, Ping end, the coffin rock, rock Lingguan Wilson County HANGING, pit hole, Yongshan County, Huang Hua, over 10; Rock, rock embankment, rock niches, Gully, in the form of Cliff-burial caves and other necessities. Cliff particularly Doushaguan keeping up, the most intact, the most dangerous terrain, the scholars called “Ancient Relics, the world is a miracle.” “Cliff museum.” Cliff boren ancient burial is a relatively unusual in the funeral ceremony : coastal rivers to choose a high wall of the cliff.

Bos Hanging Coffins in Yanjing County

So far, we do not know the method used. Together with his feet for preparation of the World, will take the flag to high (home) cliff halfway to the proper location. Burial to the situation in different ways displaced individual or a slight difference : Perforated on the cliff, just like wood piles, placed in the coffin on foot cliff pile expand the space; About niches in the wall or cut stone, the corpse coffin Before implantation; Ditch the natural rock or cliff, rock embankment, placed the corpse coffin…… threw the cavern to find a destination, my body to lose its soul to find a proper method, in this sense, Cliff funeral and burial, cremation, Shuizang. Funeral etc. buried the same as usual. But consider : one heavy soar above 58 coffin, the bones of a dead, how will “take off” to go top of the cliff Coffin’s corpse people.

  Bos Hanging Coffins in Yanjing County

To the side of this anecdote : in 1933, named Chen Bo local people to explore the mysteries of Cliff, employing two lumberjack, from the cliffs Doushaguan under two hit Cliff, Zhaotong Provincial transported to a school for the second inspection, exhibition. Not long after, two lumberjack were killed by accident. The following year, the victims of a tuba XIONG Ting officials and apart from a visit to the Provincial II, Cliff and saw the remains of coffins, The lumberjack story again reported killed, some impatient, the president repeatedly saying : “Culture and skeleton hon. When playing what remains of the ancients. Please  courteous behavior. ” Cliff remains will be buried only principals. The adults still find it difficult to Xiong Xin, walking Jingjing to write a eulogy : “When frost setting Bac Bac When you disclosed. Erosion return to the moon to greet the storm. screen who you strong bones, like Ms Love is not logical, you speed rust. Robin reportedly return evil with good.

Bos Hanging Coffins in Yanjing County


Wu Yi Tragic Human Life, you destroy the coffin revealed anyway. Come to the mountains and thick without majority Xinjiang, Katherine, you never thought that this hidden home. Bedford Bai keep you down. Long live without you go without severely dealt with. ” Teachers spirits distance. Cliff Doushaguan in Shihmen Township Cut village in Yanjin County of Henan strait relations cliffs, powerful 213 National Road. Qin open “wheel facilitates easy movement beneath vehicles Road” refresher Nanyi Han, Sui said partial cabinet Bridge, Tang Kai Shek Mun Road. without exception, as people choose Doushaguan Yunnan gateway. “Pass-hub” and “Southern Yunnan locks and keys,” live up to the reputation. Customs north bank, “wheel facilitates easy movement beneath vehicles Road” in your tracks, Shihmen relations ancient castle.


Tangzhen 10 billion AIDS program Shizhongcheng Yuan Title List Nanzhao Cliff, There has been a humane globalization beckons to the prosperity here. Henan-strait relations, Tang established blast surrounding rock, towering sky, as much as is about meters, halfway Precipice Cliff stored in a public square on the rock Kanneh. 20 coffins in the 1930s more than 40 investigations, followed by customs or degenerate into the river, or curiosity, were hidden damage today there are more than 10 have. Distance, the thin, almost transparent in the vault of heaven, will have a heavy dump in the shadow of the cliffs, where the body numerous dives overhang many have allowed life inexpressible thoughts, and act out the story of many strange Gods. Cliff boren three ways : First, its overhang biomechanical can shelter from the wind in the cliffs, Perforated inserted pile planes in the coffin; Second, drilling for caves home in coffins; The third is to use the natural rock crevice or cave home in coffins inside. Both inside the lengths items, the production of daily necessities between the Ming Dynasty. Cliff home on the wall of the red-painted many murals, rich and thick lines, composed concise, vivid. The nation has a strong artistic style.


There are a number of the same intensity as the red seal of modern design, in the middle of ancient Chinese characters engraved. These red does not fade after a few years, they represent, why not fade? Do not know, only speculation. In addition, Cliff also discovered near Zigong Dinosaur earlier than the dinosaur fossils. It has become a local hot spot. Also found a large cave so unpredictable and ever, can be said to have a direct Yunnan, has been taking a four-hour, I dare not go on a retreat out of the cave and another one 20 m to 30 m long, it is speculated was boren underground caves. In short everything is mysterious, much more needs to be studied. Cliff Cliff boren 265 with the total preservation, preservation of the building is the largest number of the most concentrated areas. Home coffin height, generally 10 meters from the surface to 50 meters, the highest reached 100 meters. Home coffins, one for the timber business, on the cliffs Perforated 2-3, wedging wood piles to support child coffin; Point two is cutting ceremony Wang points in the rocks on the hammer or funeral, the coffin to be served; The third is to use the natural rock caves, cracks in full bloom coffin. Big tail small coffin, mostly for the whole wood, using fixed Zimukou and Tenon.


Direct burial site used’s backward, linen Shrouds itself funeral home on both sides of the foot, the amount of uncertainty, ceramics, wood devices. Iron and Liner Fabric need Developing, Liner Fabric need Developing largest, a small silk. Cliff Burial in the case, a debate is raging in academia, there is a concentration of Bo said that aides said. Its age, ceiling unknown threshold of the Ming Dynasty.

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