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  1. The Tiger Leaping Stone of Lancang-Mekong River in Lancang County,Puer

Simao is in Lancang County boundaries and the Lancang River Bridge. Lancang River Bridge in the next center, stands a huge rocks, thousands of years, people call it "Hutiao Stone", and the vicinity of large and medium-sized River Falls, River Falls in Napa, 1982, November 8, State Council announced the "first batch of national key scenic spots" of the 40th. Hutiao stone has an ancient legend that some tigers jumped from the river, and left their footprints on the reef. The rock in the dry season, from the north shore of about 9.2 meters Jiang, Jiang's southern coast from about 3.5 meters, the entire reef 300-metre long, 50 meters wide, covering an area of 15,000 square meters, the Lancang River flows through here, because of narrow channel and the fast-flowing, the ship by the flu here often breathtaking. Rocks near the east, the Lancang-fly sky high arch bridge connecting visitors often a bridge to Hutiaomen stone background, perturbation of the rare occasion lens. 

Dazhong River Falls and Tianshengqiao in thinking Maocuiyun large and medium-sized township of West Valley, not far from Hutiao stone, waterfalls are all large and medium-sized Lancang River mouth, visitors saw the riverbed vertical grade dump, a gap blade meters Galaxy Falls, and the multi-level Dieshuifeixie, Liuren Lancang River, and in the vicinity of a waterfall Tianshengqiao, not far from the billowing waves of the Lancang River, the river muddy the waters under the waterfall-water, and looting of fish competing water Upstream, the fishing here is a good place for catching color. 
Napa River Falls, Simao bamboo township government in the West, from the edge of about 1.5 km Lancang River. "Napa" Dai language, which means more rocks in the river, the Napa River as perennial rivers originating from the Commissioner Hill, the Village area, from the north-east flows southwest through the earth Southern Platinum Kawamura, Import Lancang River. Napa River 11 km long, three meters wide, the lower reaches of the river has a vertical drop of 150 metres of Great Falls, waterfalls width 2.5 m, flood season the river from the cliffs Feiliu down, Pentium bluster, the magnificent, and sound like thunder. Dry season river flow of small differences, such as the drizzling rain flesh littered the ground, Yuanwang waterfalls, such as Bailian when air, swaying silver in the sunlight has a 288 Changhong. Visitors feel, spray flying, reverberating across the mountain breeze, Liangqi attacks, waterfalls two cases, Shan-hua artless, Tsui Chuk hidden, tree Congcong, outbound visitors have praised After all, can be regarded here is a scene in Simao landmarks.

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