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  1. The-Immortal-Cave-Scenic-Area-in-Cuiyun

Simao travelling by car from Reith (MAO) - (Cang) westbound Highway 53 km, Simao arrived at the "Tongtian World." Here is Simao City Cuiyun Rural Heavenly Creations sculpture karst cave group - Cuiyun Xianrendong scenic areas, is one of the Lancang River Basin tourist attractions. Scenic Area by the Xianrendong, Guanyindong, Shuichendong, rainbow hole, pearl hole keel hole Bianfudong, gill pig hole, Arakawa slag hole, hole 10 towers and the small cave Shilin composition, distribution in the Si Lan Road 59 to 53 kilometers from top to bottom on both sides of the highway. 

Xianrendong limestone is a long-soluble crustal movement and erosion, and formed a Variety of Jili scenery outside the cave wall might one day coral wall, numerous brown rock, and the stalagmite inside the Zhongru different demeanor, Yixiantian, Qunlong play beads, Longfeng was like fairy-people, lotus-Palace hall, Shen Diao Yu, glaciers, waterfalls, white elephant nodded, Longwang Qingong, Tower Treasure Palace, and other landscape. 

Guanyindong, holes spacious, clean air, a hole of about 200 square meters platform, the arch gate red walls, eight meters wide hole, nine meters high, the next step is to stage 84 Guanyin Hall. Hole 30 meters wide, 125 meters long, 25 meters high roof, originally a temple, when the Qing Dynasty have been Delivers Guanyin statue inside, and there are other stone Buddha statues and clay sculpture, Guangxu years, the incense very prosperous, according to In (Simao Record) contains: "Dai people Guanyin February each year will be the 19th time, from thinking Mody (Simao), Yuan (Jinggu), Pu vine (King Hongpu text), Meng Lie (Cheng), car (Jinghong), Ning Zuo'er (Puer) and Tusi chiefs and Buddhist followers gathered Guanyindong, 3 not launched until dispersed. " Goddess of Mercy is more than a stone statues, for the county (city) level units to be protected. A turtle rabbit hole landscape Mochizuki, Yaotai harp and the sky-table show unicorn and lion dances, such as painting Tigers. 

Shuichendong, holes like Yonggungsa Wonderland, the landscape has amenities hall, the sky Road, Yu Yung Shilin, bending Baizhang days, the Millennium bergamot, Rana show sheep, white jade palace lantern, Junyi Suojiang, Choi Lo vacant, Yurudizhu , Qunxiantingqin, the Eagle Youth Pre-employment Training, Peacock Kai-ping, Tung Chung Longtan, bite-Yin inside springs, creeks want, it seems Senzan finded. The author in late January 1989 has been inspected three days uphill, and that "Cuiyun Tongtian" The seizure of the said: "Chui with Sin Temple hole, cloud possession Harbour days." Seven Poems that Cuiyun Xianrendong said: "Baiyun locked visit Sendai, nine Feng Kai Bird Road. Dome suspended semi-Ha bring glowing rays ramps Ying Ying Ching-huai. Days carving YOU Shi-Ge Jing, water drunk Ya Plastic Yonggungsa only. Lushan for true knowledge, people Penglai Probe into fantasy. "

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