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  1. Nayun-Ancient-Town-Menglian-County

  2. Nayun-Ancient-Town-in-Menglian-County

Located in the downtown of Menglian County (Pu’er Municipality), Nayun Ancient Dai Ethnic Town is the last surviving old Dai ethnic town in China. It’s near the Dracaena (Dragon Blood Trees) Natural Reserve and consists of the Upper Town (Shangcheng) where the Mansion of Menglian Pacification Commissioner is situated, the Middle Town (Zhongcheng), the Lower Town (Xiacheng), Mangfang Mount and Mangfang Mount etc. 

Nayun Ancient Town, the last remaining ancient city of Dai Minority in China, is located in Menglian Dai, Lahu and Va Autonomous County(孟连傣族拉祜族佤族自治县), Simao City, Yunnan province. Built in 1289, Nayun Ancient Town has been one of the political, economic, cultural and religious centers in Southern Yunnan since Yuan Dynasty,which established its significant role in Yunnan’s history. It was also the place where the hierarchy of Menglian Dai minority was set. However, due to the inconvenience of transportation, Nayun Ancient Town is well-preserved for its unique features. In 2001, it was titled as “the historical and cultural city of Dai Minority”. Nayun Ancient Town has a history of more than 700 years. With Menglian Xuanfu Sishu (孟连宣抚司署) being its center, it was surrounded by three cities and two villages ----the Upper, Center and Lower city(上城,中城,下城), Mangfanggang village(芒方岗), Mangfangmao village (芒方冒). In the times of hereditary headmen(土司时期), there is a rigid hierarchy of power in Nayun Ancient Town: Only headman and his servants can live in the Upper City; the Center City is home to superior officials and their families, while, inferior officials are only allowed to live in the Lower City.

First built in 651 on the Dai Calendar (1289 A.D), it has enjoyed a history of more than 700 years. In 2001, the ancient town is approved as “Nayun Dai Ethnic Historic and Cultural Town” by Yunnan Provincial Government.

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