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  1. Niru-Village-Hiking-Tour-Shangrila

Located in the northeast of Shangri-la in Yunnan Province, Niru is a beautiful land boasts a wide variety of different ecosystems, including meadows, forests and lakes.In Niru Village, the Tibetan villagers live a peaceful and carefree life, and they always go to bed with the lamb, and rise with the lark. Located in the mysterious valley, Niru village is regarded as a place where people prefer drinking themselves to death. It is a paradise for tourism, adventure and hiking. 

As the lower elevation (about 2705 meters above the sea level) has provided an excellent growth environment for vegetation, forest on the land is large and thickly overgrown with various kind of trees, including white birch, spruce and fir. In addition to rich water resources, Niru river is also abundant in fish stocks, among which the most famous one is Schizothorax. Such kind of fish is one of the national key protected fishes. The pristine enviroment with rare musk deer, bear and lynx etc makes the place a big attraction for those who are fond of adventure travel and hiking.
Here are a few natural landscapes worth exploring for tourists in Niru:
1. Niru village
Niru village is one of the well-known pastures in Shangri-La, with vast grasslands and lush water plants. The place has been neglected by people for a long time because there is no road connecting the outside world. Tibetans here live a simple but happy life all year around. Hence, Niru is regarded as the last fairyland in Shangri-La.
2. Qicai waterfall
Qicai waterfall, with a height of 30 meters and a length of 330 meters, blossoms out in the sun. The sceneries here are no less beautiful than that of Jiuzhaigou Valley scenic spot in Sichuan Province. It is also viewed as a holy waterfall by local Tibetan.
Nanbao pasture
With an elevation of about 4000 meters, Nanbao is the largest pasture in Shangri-La. It is a good place for hiking. Generally, it will cost one about two days to hike there. Forests, glaciers, alpine lakes along the way are all believed to be highlights on your trip.
1. One need to rent a car to get there. As dirt roads connecting Niru are more dangerous than others, you'd better to find a local driver who is familiar with roads. The charge of a car is about 500 to 600 yuan during holiday such as the May Day. It takes one about 5 to 6 hours.
2. Accommodation: local tourism management center, 25 yuan per day.
3. Suggestions for hiking:
a.If you choose to hike to some remote sites, you should bring a sleeping bag, or ride a horse.
b. Shoes, water-proof clothes, or raincoat are necessary.
c. Foods such as chocolate, bread and chewing gum need to be prepared before starting trip.
d. It is impossible for one to have bath during trip.
e. Tourists who want to hike must have related experiences. Those who has medical history are not allowed to participate in.

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