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Location: 43 kilometers north of Gongshan Autonomous County of Dulong Nationality, Nujiang.

About Bingzhongluo:

Bingzhongluo, which is called 'A Heaven of Peace and Happiness', is the most beautiful place in Nujiang Grand Canyon. When you walk on the Tea Horse Road of millennium, see the roaring Nujiang River running among the steep cliff and deep valley, splendid church and temple, tranquil villages, thick forest and towering snow mountain, you may lose yourself in the wonderful landscape.

Bingzhongluo represents the southernmost extent of the Tibetan culture, and the northernmost extent of Han Chinese influence in the valley. The local population includes Nu and Lisu people, as well as some Dulong. Even a Christian community exists, boasting a sizeable church down the hill from the town proper - but to get there you first have to pass by a Tibetan stupa.

 A few kms outside of town, the river widens and cuts very deep and dramatic gorges. Villages on the other bank of the river are accessed either by narrow bridges constructed of small wooden planks or bamboo stringed together with rattan tied to trees; or by sliding on overhead cables that span the river. The cables are tied to trees on either side of the river and to cross, one is suspended and slide from a rope loop attached to a harness wear around the waist.

Bingzhongluo    Bingzhongluo

Beautiful Bingzhongluo

Main Attractions in Bingzhongluo

There are easy and beautiful walks to nearby villages along the Nujiang. A few kilometers outside of town, the river widens and cuts through very deep and dramatic gorges. The road hugs the Nujiang and landslides occur from time to time along the way. It is said that the scenery is especially spectacular after rain, however this also increases potential delays and exacerbates the danger from landslides.

▪ The First Gulf of Nujiang River(怒江第一湾)

When Nujiang River flows through Ridan Village of Bingzhongluo, it is obstructed by Wangqing Grand Cliff so that Nujiang River is forced to flow in east-west trend instead of north-south trend. After running 300 meters, Nujiang River is cut off by Danla Mountain so it turn round from west to east. Hence the half-round gulf of Nujiang River.

Location: 4 kilometers south of the government of Bingzhongluo

▪ Kantong Village(坎桶村)

Kantong village is located in the center of the First Gulf of Nujiang River. It is a little village of Nu people and Kantong means a place of long bamboo. The village is planted with peach trees. Every Spring, the peach blossoms pervade the village so that the local people call it 'Peach Blossom Island'. There is the only suspension bridge that connects the village to the outside world.

▪ Puhua Temple(普化寺)

Puhua Temple, a Tibetan Buddhist temple, plays an important role in this place. Inside the temple, there are 11 frescoes and 2000 ‘Songji' in total.

▪ Shimen Pass(石门关)

In the north of Bingzhongluo, two cliff straight up along the river bank and form a large stone pass in the height of 500 meters and in the width of 200 meters hence the name 'Shimen Pass'. Shimen Pass is a stunning landscape lying on a beautiful slope along the river bank. The local people call it 'Nayiqiang'. It is the essential way to get into Yunnan-Tibet.

▪ Chongding Catholic Church(重丁教堂)
Zhongding Catholic Church is the most famous church in Bingzhongluo, built in 1904 and founded by a Frech missionary. There is a simple tomb behind the church where the founder missionary is buried.

▪ Gongdang Holy Mountain(贡当神山)

Gongdang means white lion because its skyline shapes like a lion. Half up the hill, there are two viewing deck, one of which can overlook Bingzhongluo and another can overlook the First Gulf of Nujiang River.

▪ Gawa Gapu Snow Mountain(嘎娃嘎普雪山)

'Gawa Gapu' means high snow mountain. With the altitude of 5128 meters, it is the highest peak in Bingzhongluo and Nujiang. As one of the most remote place in China, few people will come here so that the landscape is natural and wonderful here. On the foot of the snow mountain, there are villages of Dulong people and Nu people.

Tips: If you want to climb the snow mountain, you must find a local guide in case of losing way.

Hiking Route in Bingzhongluo


There are 35 km from Bingzhongluo to the Yunnan-Tibet border. The road up north is a gravel road that snakes along the Nujiang. It passes a few small pretty villages including WuLi. Wuli village is a little village in Tea Horse Road with idyllic scenery.

Transportation: Along the upper Nujiang River, hike about 2 kilometers


20 km north of Bingzhongluo, there is a side trail leading to another charming Nu village named Qiunatong. It is the essence of Nujiang Grand Canyon because of the wonderful scenery with primitive forest and numerous waterfalls.

From Qiunatong north, the road goes into Tibet connecting the village of Tsawarong. The road is only passable for a few months of the year due to snow. Even within these few months, it is frequently blocked by regular landslides at different segments. Therefore practically the road is not motorable for at least 9 months of the year. The only reliable way north to Tibet from here is by walking which is what the locals had been doing for eons and still does.

Transportation: It is about 17 kilometers from Bingzhongluo to Qiunatong. The delivery truck runs to Shimen Pass only. You must hike the rest of the way.

Tips: The road is hard to pass after rain so you had better bring a local guide.

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Admission Fee:¥0

Attraction Transportation:

The only access to Bingzhongluo by road is from the south via Liuku, Fugong and Gongshan. A direct bus to Liuku (Y50) leaves at 8am every morning from in front of Yudong Hotel. It stops briefly at Gongshan, then long enough at Fugong for a quick lunch. Two buses leave from Liuku at 6:20 and 8:20, arriving in Bingzhongluo in the afternoon. The trip takes 8 hours and costs Y63, though schedules sometimes vary so it's best to check before buying your ticket (visit or call Liuku Bus Station to confirm).

Attraction Travel Tips:

About Ticket:

A police checkpoint cum ticket office just before Bingzhongluo will force you to cough up some dough for a ticket to the 'scenic area'. Unless you can pass for a local or arrive late in the evening this will be unavoidable.

Accommodation in Bingzhongluo:

 Yudong Hotel. (Tel : 0886-3581153)

With comfortable standard doubles at Y100 per night with hot shower, possible to negotiate to Y80. Their dormitory rooms are often fully occupied. One can get accommodation for about Y40 for a double with shared bathroom and toilet.

 Mother Ding's Hostel in Chongding village. (0886-3581144) 

This hostel is quite famous among Chinese backpackers. All rooms have either two or three beds, Y15 to Y20 per bed. Shared bathroom, a beautiful court with nice views. Meals are around Y5 per person for dinner and Y3 for breakfast. It is always fully booked during Chinese holidays. There are several Nu families in Chongding village offer home-stay to travelers. We found it was less convenient to stay at Chongding village than in Bingzhongluo town if one would like to talk to caravans, find bus and restaurants, buying provisions.

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