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  1. Lincang Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve

The 13 hectares reserve, northwest of Cangyuan County, is a typical tropical rain forest garden and home for such rare animal species as Asian elephant, Bangladesh tiger, Yun leopard, Gold Coin leopard, gibbon, Huiye monkey, golden monkey, bee money, antelope, white chamois, otter, fragrant cat, python, giant lizard, green peacock, hornbill, Green Chest parrot and wild chicken etc.
The Wa Mountain of Cangyuan is also known for its gorgeous landscape. Numerous rivers flow through the pretty peaks forest which gives rise to the favorable local natural conditions: mild climate, rich rainfall and fertilized soil. A large variety of plants and wild lives live in this Shangri-La which is often quoted as the "Plants Kingdom" or "Animal Kingdom" of Yunnan.
South Rolling River Nature Reserve established in 1980, in December 1994 approved as a state-level nature reserve. Area of 7,082 hectares, mainly targeted at the protection of Asian elephants and their habitats of tropical rainforest ecosystems. 

A location 

Protected areas in western Yunnan Province in Cangyuan County. 

Second, the natural environment 

Hengduan Mountains belonged to the protection of mountain canyon landscape. Peak altitude 2302 m, 450 m elevation valley, which protected areas in the south and the rolling valley on the upper reaches of the river. Climate average temperature 12.4 ¡æ and annual precipitation 2834 mm. 

Third, Plant Resources 

97 protected areas Branch plant more than 400 kinds. Climax vegetation quarter to a tropical rain forest, rainforest, and the monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest. The main components and rare species red vertebral, Manglietia, nanmu, Machilus, Run-nan, Hung-chun, Ma pillars, Yunnan Gmelina aborea R., Terminalia catappa more fruit, the wind Nan Ye Qin, Babao tree, Fan longan, the Menorah tree, Mesua ferrea L., Antiaris Toxicaria Lesch and Yunnan pine, niitakayamensis, such as kapok. 

3 States to protect plants have nanmu, Terminalia catappa more fruit, and red-chun, the wind Nan Ye Qin, Antiaris Toxicaria Lesch. 

Fourth, animal resources 

Protected areas birds, beasts 55 by more than 120 kinds, including 22 mammals by over 40, there were 33 birds by more than 80 kinds. 

Protected areas rich economic animals, wild boar, Chek Nanji, mongoose category, parrots, Hwamei, solar and other birds. 

National animal protection in Asia as a white palm gibbons, Philippine's leaf monkey, slow lorises, Bangladesh tigers, bison, LEOPARD, cloud leopard and Green Peacock; two are monkeys, Serow, pangolins, Shuilu, blue sheep, The cat, the civets, small civets, white Xian, the original chickens. 

(1) Asian elephant - at the national level to protect animals 

Breastfeeding net PROBOSCIDEA, like Branch. Known as India like. For large mammals. The most significant feature is a long, can be curved, fleshy nose. Body length of 5.5 to 6.4 m, tail length of 1.2 to 1.5 meters, height of 2.4 to 3 meters. Weighs about 5,000 kg. Skin color from black to gray to brown, forehead, ears, torso darker, hair sparse, with the end of Mao Cong. For-ping, head for the highest point of a finger-like nose were sudden. Exposed as a lip-outside the ivory. 

Asian elephants live in tropical forests, grasslands, 10 ~ 30 for a group. Staple bamboo shoots and bamboo leaves and wild banana and palm leaves, such as Lu. Indefinite breeding season, 600 ~ 640 days of pregnancy, births per 1 Aberdeen. 8 ~ 12-year-old sexually mature, average life expectancy of 50 to 65 years old. 

Asian elephants currently only distributed in the Southern Rolling River in Xishuangbanna two protected areas, and not the number, of our country, this is an extremely valuable asset. South River Protection Area Roller remaining two populations, about 15 or so. Here the elephants not only individual is limited in quantity, low population density, age, sex ratio imbalance in the population structure. Plus the small size of protected areas, ecological balance is poor. Therefore, the protected areas elephants facing the danger of extinction of recession. 

(B) white palm gibbons - at the national level to protect animals 

Primates, orangutans Branch. Of 50 ~ 58 cm long, long hind legs 10 to 15 centimetres long forelimbs than the hind legs, no tail. A pale and dark color of the two, unrelated to sex. Pale-white cream for the individual, the individual is dark-dark, hand, wrist and foot from the heel of the following are white, face eyebrow, be linked into a white circle, body hair longer. 

White palm gibbon habitat in the tropical forest, arboreal, and sometimes Shimoji. Timid, chills, fast. Camp family life, from a pair of adult monkeys and apes David composed of three to six small groups. Softwood staple plant buds, leaves, fruits, but also eat insects, bird eggs and chicks. Seven months pregnant, producing an annual Aberdeen. 

(C) bison - at the national level to protect animals 

Hoofed head of cattle Branch. Also known as white socks. 16.20 large heads and sharp, extended to both sides, and slightly bending backward. Have a head for the top of the white spot. Back before shoulder to have a Liuzi the same uplift. Body hair are mostly brown, black, and only below the knee hair color is white, like wearing white socks. 

Bison habitat in tropical and subtropical broad-leaved forest, mixed needle in width. Huahai met, without fear. Major in a variety of grasses, leaves, tree buds for food. September mating, the gestation period of nine months, every 1 to 2 births Aberdeen. 

South River Roller protected areas can be used as marginal tropical situ conservation of biological diversity points.

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