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  1. Zhaotong-General-Luo-Binghuis-Deeds-Gallery

Luobinghui Deeds Gallery: 
Luobinghui General stock of his deeds, information and a photo exhibition. Now is the education of patriotism and national defense base. Gallery is divided into four themes, namely: Congrong determined to struggle free, Jianaigong themselves, Jianghuai sweep away the inveterate enemy, fought bloody battlefields Bingqing history. Written materials are 126, 205 photos, the life and deeds of General Luobinghui seven kinds of books available, and the revolutionary heritage 33, Luobinghui copper Xiangyizun. Luobinghui generals are now the National Museum of patriotism and national defense and education bases.

 General Luo Binghuis Deeds Gallery in Yilang County

China Red Army and the New Fourth Army senior commanders, military strategist. Rhodes formerly rich. December 22, 1897 At least in Yunnan Province was born in Afghanistan are rural counties.


Walled a partial slope Yi farmers at home. 17-year-old to leave his hometown, to participate in the Kunming Zhenjun, from the brave soldiers to combat battalions and took part in a war and protect the country Taoyuan Northern Expedition. 1928 to Ji'an County in Jiangxi Jing Ren Wei, commander of the group. July 1929 secretly joined the Communist Party of China, in November the same year led Ji'an, Kyrgyzstan water, Taihe County, as well as other Jing Guard more than 1,000 people held a famous Ji'an intifada. After the uprising troops into the Red Army. In the Agrarian Revolutionary War, successive independent Fifth Regiment of the Red Army, Red Army 2nd Brigade six, the six-column commander of the Second Army, the Red Army commander, 12, red-9 Corps Regiment. October 1934 participate in the Long March.


Red Army Army reached northern Shaanxi, the Japanese military and the Central Party School and the University of study. January 1938 to Wuhan united front work undertaken by the Office of the Eighth Route Army. January 1939 was transferred to the first detachment of the New Fourth Army, deputy commander of the 5th May detachment commander, led his troops into Anhui, and created a Huainan anti-Japanese democratic base. After years of Jilaochengji career. April 1946 of the New Fourth Army deputy commander of the second military region and deputy commander of Shandong. Although suffering from serious illness who still visit the deployment of front-line combat. L946, on June 21 because of excessive fatigue, in descending from Linyi County to return to the way suddenly suffered a brain hemorrhage, the rescue void in the town of Linyi County Lan Ling, died at the age of 49 years.


Linyi built in 1950 martyrs cemetery, the remains of Qianzang Luobinghui within the cemetery. 1950 in the cemeteries of revolutionary martyrs in the East China for the construction of a grand Luobinghui the tomb, Zhou Enlai pro-theme: "the people's hero Luobinghui comrades immortal!" Zhu pro-theme: "Comrade Memorial Binghui, the revolution completely dying day, the spirit of death, vancomycin longstanding! "Liu Shaoqi pro-theme:" Comrade Binghui ages, in-revolution, and the credit people. "in the 20th century, the 1960s, Shanghai Film Studio will fight in the South and the North , war career Luobinghui General deeds made into the film "From Slave to the generals" of the big screen.


Anhui Province in 1987 to commemorate the War of Resistance Against Japan Luobinghui General in Anhui 2008, in Hefei Luobinghui commemorate the completion of the statue, and engraved with the inscription Zhou Enlai. 1989 Central Military Commission conferred Luobinghui general strategist for one of the 33 People's Liberation Army. Yunnan Province in 1996 to commemorate the achievements of Luobinghui General, in Zhaotong City Luobinghui commemorate the completion of the statue and Central Military Commission Chairman Jiang Zemin wrote the inscription "the hero Luobinghui generals." At least his hometown in 1991 to commemorate Luobinghui County General Luobinghui also built a memorial hall, and the 100th anniversary of generals, he has a plastic statue.

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