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Western Grand Canyon Hot Springs is located in Yunnan Jinsha River water Fuxian edge. Hot Springs built mountain, steep cliff along both sides of the strait, vegetation Chuangcui a picture of the unique customs of the mountain canyon, known as Sichuan, Yunnan, southwest and the online travel a shining pearl. Hot Springs in 1978 by the Yunnan team exploration wells found. The national experts, the water temperature 85 degrees, high pressure, flow, the gushing water reached more than 8,000 cubic meters, ranking first in the country. Rich beneficial to human health Pianguisuan, S, technetium, lithium, bromine and selenium, radon, copper, strontium and other minerals. Spa quality of high fever.

Western Grand Canyon Hot Springs in Shuifu County

The West Canyon Hotspring Eco Garden is 4 km from the county seat of Shuifu in North Yunnan. Geographically located on the riverbanks of the Jinsha River (the Yangtze River), the canyon is 32 km from Yibin City of Sichuan Province. Because of its sheer precipices and large-scale vegetation, the canyon attracting visitors with its alpine features is deemed a “Bright Pearl” in Yunnan, Sichuan and even Southwest China. The West Canyon has developed various hot springs of all sizes boasting more than 30 kinds of hot-spring styles such as medicinal herbals, milk, coffee, petals and vinegar etc. Integrating SPA, Water Stage and Wetland Park, the canyon was approved in March 2011 as a state 4A-level scenic spot by China National Tourism Administration.

Grand Canyon Spa old western area Xiangjiaba hydropower station due to the construction of the project will be the end of Jiang Yong Shen, moved to a new area Peak, the original hot springs at the end of Jiang by pipeline directly to the main peak on form at the foot of the river walk, cloud around the Mid-Levels, standing proudly Qunfeng top of the "cloud on the Xintiandi" screen. 
October 8, the western Grand Canyon old hot springs area officially closed. This year's National Day Golden Week, in the old area will be closed when the new area at the same time the old scenic spots open to tourists. New scenic spots nightly fireworks fly, carnival fun old song and dance area Shengping, activities and colorful one.

Western Grand Canyon is still a new area that has been followed for the original ethnic customs and characteristics, there is a strong Didang ethnic customs and national music. Since 10% of the natural scenery, unique ethnic flavor - a hot spring pool display its unique charm. Here bathing is a unique ultimate enjoyment Looking to the rolling peaks, immersed himself in the Peak Sophie if Qingmiao clouds, let his body soaked in the warm springs, exceptionally easy bathed in Niaoniao the mist rising and moving in, listen to the "Under the Moonlight Fengweizhu the" strong national flavor to your feelings Unique exotic.


Bathing for attention 
Not to drink the water; Anyone with a heart disease, high blood pressure or physical discomfort, not bathing, unless allowed by the doctors; foam to choose their own high, medium and low temperature hot springs pool, generally from low temperature to high temperature, each 15 -- can be 20 minutes; must not fasting when bathing or Taibao, bathing should drink plenty of water, the loss of water added at any time; must remember that the metal ornaments on the won, it would be very difficult otherwise you have found his beloved ornaments has been vulcanized into the black.

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