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Changning County Food

Cauliflower Pickles with Bee SeedsConfucius said “food the first necessity of man”, eating is the most basic need for human survival. The history of human society, actually,is a history of food culture.At the same time, due to the difference of nations and territories, there come the different diet customs and the colorful and distinctive regional cuisines. The food of Changning county covers beautiful colors,flavor, taste and nutrition balance, it ranks front in the delicious food.Changning has much local flavors,its acid, its fragrance and its light spicy can give a person unforgettable memory.Such as cauliflower pickles with bee seeds(菜花腌菜拌蜂籽), water collybia albuminosa(水鸡枞), Datianba pickled tofu(大田坝腌豆腐),Dai Niusapi(傣家牛撒丕),Dai Suanpacai(傣家酸扒菜),Wangzi package bone(旺子包骨),Liangxia(凉虾),white papaya fried chicken(白花木瓜炒鸡),cold flour(凉拌豆粉)and so on.

Cauliflower Pickles with Bee Seeds(菜花腌菜拌蜂籽)

"Cauliflower pickles with bee benevolence" is a favorite of Changning people,it is also a daily household delicacy on the table and is one of the hospitality feast of flavor dishes.The curing method is simple: Put the washed cauliflower into the jam jar, then pour into the prepared rice water or cold water, add pepper, Chinese prickly ash and other ingredients, add a little salt and seal the jar. Save a few days.The marinated cauliflower pickles with yellow and green adding radiance and beauty to each other has the characteristics of acid with some sweet, which is very attractive.

Water Collybia Abuminosa

Water Collybia Abuminosa(水鸡枞)

The Warter Collybia albuminosa is a specialty of Changning, which was known as natural delicacy. The Collybia albuminosa is not only chewy but also delicious, it is the can’t-miss delicacy.

Datianba Pickled TofuDatianba Pickled Tofu(大田坝腌豆腐)

Datianba pickled tofu has a long history as early as in the Ailao ancient time, known as “Ailao spiced tofu(哀牢卤腐)”.It is ruddy,mellow and soft with good color,smell,taste and shape.After eating the unique flavor of food, you can feel the mouthful fragrance which gives a person endless aftertaste.Datianba pickled tofu has the efficacy of stimulating intestines and stomach, promoting intestinal peristalsis and digesting , it is appetizing.

Dai NiusapieDai Niusapie(傣家牛撒撇)

The Dai people in Kejie(柯街), Kasi(卡斯), Wandian(湾甸) and Mengtong(勐统 )of Changning has a long history of cooking culture. It is unique not only in cooking and making but also in the collocation of color, smell and taste, so that it became a brilliant wonderful work of Changning ethnic delicacies. It is no doubt that Dai Niusapi(傣家牛撒丕) is the typical representative of Dai delicacies. The Dai Niusapi has a branch of Kusa(苦撒)and Lemon Sa(柠檬撒), which is tasty and refreshing and unique in cooking methods with moderate vinegar-pepper.

Dai SuanpacaiDai Suanpacai(傣家酸扒菜)】

Dai people is fond of acid food, Suanpacai is also one of the most common dishes on the Dai table. We use the big green vegetables or Caijia(菜夹),the old green vegetable is the best, to make the Dai Suanpacai.

Wangzi Package BoneWangzi Package Bone(旺子包骨)

In the area of Gengga(更嘎)and Wengdu(翁堵)in Changning, it is an unique local dish-Wangzi(pig-blood) Package Bone(旺子包骨)which has wonderful color and fresh taste, oil and not greasy. Its main ingredient of making is the ribs, fresh pig blood, water pickles sauce (preferably cauliflower pickles) with green onion, ginger, garlic, amomum, etc.


Liangxia is a tadpole-like inclusion adding ice water and sugar, it is popular in Changning county in the summer.

White Papaya Fried ChickenWhite Papaya Fried Chicken(白花木瓜炒鸡)

White papaya fried chicken is dainty in choosing the ingredients, it uses the white chicken with dark meat and green ears of local native,papaya should be a nice white papaya, and all kinds of condiments should be complete. White papaya fried chicken is good to Yin and Yang, and it has the function of dehumidification.

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