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Babao Travel Tips

For those travelers looking for a lush gorgeous place for a vacation with a lot of great places to see and some awesome scenery, the Babao Scenic Spot in Guangnan is a great place for a very unique vacation spot.

The majority of these karst peaks range from 160 feet high to 325 feet high and are very sharp at their pinnacle; although there are a few under 160 feet. The lazy Babao River winds its way slowly from the Hemei Lake and flows north passing charming villages and farms with plenty of natives along the way. The are 25 rivers that flow throughout this region that all provide uniquely fascinating scenery.

Location:Southeast Yunnan Province bordered by Burma and Wenshan County

Admission Fee: CNY 40 


Where to stay


Babao Scenic Spot is comfortable  accommodation. You can choose different hotels according to your requirements.

Ruiqi Business Hotel in Guangnan广南瑞琪商务酒店

Address:The intersectionof Beining road and Taoyuan road.北宁路与桃园路交叉路口,



What to visit

To put it shortly, major scenic attractions in Babao include: Babao River(八宝河) Sanla(三腊) and Gefeng Waterfalls(戈瀑布), Tianfangleitan Shoal(田房磊滩) Pearl Shoal,(石丫口大滩)) Shiyakou Shoal(珍珠滩) Tangna Cave(汤那), Yafang Cave(牙方溶洞), various Karst landscapes, old bridges and remains of ancient civilization etc. The old bridges, most of which were stone arch-bridges constructed in the Ming and Qing dynasties, are the highlights in Guangnan. They have been laid out over Babao River thus bringing attractive sights. As the best preserved one, Babao Shuangqiao(八宝双桥) (double bridge) was listed as a protected relic unit in 1988 by the provincial government of Yunnan [the Double Bridge is composed of North Bridge (Li’an Bridge) and South Bridge (Babao Bridge), both constructed in 1788]. Many a site of ancient civilization has proved that Babao has enjoyed a long history and is one of the cradles of human being. The Paleolithic remains in Baiyu Village, Neolithic remains in Anling and Tianfang Villages and the Neolithic cliff paintings in Tianfang Village have been paid on great attention by archeologists.



When to visit 

The climate in Babao is warm and temperate. The is a great deal of rainfall in Babao, even in the driest month. The climate here is classified as Cfa by the Köppen-Geiger system. The average temperature in Babao is 18.1 °C. In a year, the average rainfall is 1258 mm.  May to October is the rainy/monsoon season and average temperatures range from 6.5°C to 13.5°C in the winter months and between 17°C to 28.5°C in the summer months.  May to September are best months for tourists to visit.


What to noice

In Chinese:Babao provincial - level scenic spot

 Location:Southeast Yunnan Province   bordered by Burma and Wenshan County

Nickname: Small Guilin小桂林

Ehnic characteristics: Zhuang nationality customs and food

Characteristics of scenic spots : One river ,two waterfalls ,three Shoals ,four wonders ,five antiquities一河两瀑三滩三洞四奇五古

Area Coverage: 6.075 square   kilometers;

Annual average temperature: 16.5℃



Useful Numbers
Consumer Complaint: 12315
Tourist Complaint: 0883-6121425
Telephone Number Inquiry: 114 
Weather Forecast: 121

Taxi number :4214444

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120



How to pay

All transactions are made in Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY). The currency is used throughout the country and available at any ATM. C$1 is worth about ¥5.6 CNY. Frequently used bank notes are: ¥1, ¥5, ¥10, ¥20, ¥50, ¥100.





How to Get There

Wenshan Puzhehei Airport has Flights from Kuming, Nanning, and Guangzhou .  From the airport, take a bus on the four hour ride to the Babao Scenic Spot in Guangnan, Wenshan Yunnan Province.You can take passenger buses in Kunming which go to Nanning and Baise, and get off at Babao Town. The price for the sleeping buses is about 80 yuan per person, and that for the common buses is about 60 yuan.

Bus Fare: The price of the bus far is approximately 80Y per person for the sleeping buses, and about 60Y for regular seated buses.

More Tips:

Climate: May to October is the rainy/monsoon season and average temperatures range from 6.5°C to 13.5°C in the winter months and between 17°C to 28.5°C in the summer months.  May to September are best months for tourists to visit.

Clothing: Warm sweaters and socks are needed for the evenings in the winter months because it does get quite chilly.

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