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This magnificent Babao Scenic Spot in Guangnan is an incredibly scenic location actually located in a basin in the Wenshan Yunnan Province and the Miao Autonomous Prefecture. It’s an amazing scenic are that covers about 42 square miles of incredible scenery.  The ancient Yi village is home to the Yi whose favorite pastime consists of dancing and singing – so be prepared for a lot of fun and music from these happy, fun people. They love their festivals and they enjoy playing a variety of native instruments.

This area dates back to the Ming dynasty beginning in the mid 1300s.  The main crop in this area is rice and during the fall, the entire area appears golden and green because of the rice fields, which are divided by the Babao River.  The assorted peaks of lush green and black, combined with the winding River and the golden rice fields, make this spectacular area look like something out of an imaginary fantasy land.

The majority of these karst peaks range from 160 feet high to 325 feet high and are very sharp at their pinnacle; although there are a few under 160 feet.  The lazy Babao River winds its way slowly from the Hemei Lake and flows north passing charming villages and farms with plenty of natives along the way.  There are 25 rivers that flow throughout this region that all provide uniquely fascinating scenery.

One of the most unique locations in the Babao Scenic Spot in Guangnan is the wind tunnel, and the area of the Old Bridge where the five ancient texts and assorted artifacts were found.  There are four primary section that make up the Babao Scenic Spot in Guangnan which include the Babao, Heye, the Tangna Cave, and the Sania Waterfall.

This is a very relaxing place to spend a vacation, and perfect for the budding photographer who want some interesting shots in one of the most unique places on the planet.  There are two principle waterfalls, known as the Prince Phillip Falls and the Ge Fung Falls that visitors must see while touring through the Babao Scenic Spot in Guangnan. 


Guangnan Babao scenic area in the territory of Southeast Yunnan Guangnan County, 160 km away from Wenshan. In cluster peak, peak forest, waterfalls karst landscape, composed of eight treasures, Kawano, Towner cave, three waterfalls December 4 kilometer, the total area of 68 square kilometers.Karst peak generally high 50 - 100 meters, a conical, Centre has also developed a small basin Gufeng, height less than 50 meters. Babao has 25 large and small rivers, Babao River from the United States and the lake water river, which flowed from south to north, the river is clear and transparent. Especially from the river by boat to a section also eight, 6.5 kilometers long, dependent landscape, village cottages, “ small Guilin called &rdquo.Wood beauty is the ancient Yi village, where the Yi people are good at singing and dancing, a festive jump harp, sing folk songs, lively and extraordinary, two drums inside the village still retains rarities.


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