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Linxiang District Overview

 Geographical position

Lincang (simplified Chinese: 临沧; traditional Chinese: 臨滄; pinyin:Líncāng) is a prefecture-level city located in the southwest of Yunnanprovince, People's Republic of China..Lincang covers latitude 23° 05′-25° 02′ N and longitude 98° 40′-100° 33′ E, thus straddling the Tropic of Cancer in the southern part of its administrative area, or prefecture. It is situated on the middle to lower reaches of the Mekong, known as the Lancang in China, and the Salween, or the Nu. Bordering prefectures are Pu'erto the southeast, and Baoshan and Dali to the northwest. It also borders Burma's Shan State. Elevations within the prefecture range from 450 to 3,504 metres (1,476 to 11,496 ft). Located in the southwest of Yunnan Province, Lincang City is so called because it sits along the Lancang River. It neighbors Puer in the east, Dali in the north and Baoshan in the west. Burma lies to the southwest of the city. Its downtown area is 610 kilometers (379 miles) from the capital city of the province, Kunming.  thus straddling the Tropic of Cancer in the southern part of its administrative area, or prefecture.



Lincang is located in the southwestern part of Yunnan Province, bordering the Lancang River.  It covers an area of 24,469 sq km. Its population is 2.4 million.Lincang has a subtropical plateau monsoon climate with plenty of rainfall. The average temperature is 17.2°C, while the average annual precipitation totals 1,500-1,750 mm. Lincang is rich in water resources. It is an important hydro energy base both for China, and for Asia. There are three hydro stations located in the city, namely, Manwan, which has installed capacity of 1.5 million kw, Dachaoshan, which has installed capacity of 1.4 million kw, and Xiaowan, which has installed capacity of 4.2 million kw.  Linxiang District located in southwest of Yunnan is the political, economic and cultural center of Lincang. Linxiang District whole area administer 7 countryside 1 town and two street offices. Linxiang District is adequate light, rainfall, winter is not cold, summer is not heat, all seasons are spring. It is known as "Asian constant temperature city," and it is suitable to travel throughout the year.

The main view spot are Wanyao Earthenware Culture Village(碗窑土陶文化村), Lotus pond recreation resort(莲花塘娱乐度假区),Ling Moutain (灵山胜境),Qishan Park(旗山公园),Manlai lake resort(曼来湖水景区),South Village of  Lahu style(南美拉祜风情寨),Nanting river scenery tourism area (南汀河风光旅游带) ,Snow Mountain (大雪山),Lincang Tea Culture Landscape Garden (临沧茶文化风景园).


Administrative Division

Linxiang District whole area administer 7 countryside 1 town and two street offices.Fengxiang Street(凤翔街道) Mangpan Street( 忙畔街道) Boshang Township (博尚镇) Nangmei Village (南美乡) Ma yidui Village(蚂蚁堆乡) Zhangtuo  Village ( 章驮乡) Quannei Village( 圈内乡) Matai Village( 马台乡) Bangdong Village( 邦东乡) Pingcun Village( 平村乡)


Ethnic group

Lincang is a multi-cultural city with many ethnic minority groups, in Lincang City the  ethnic group including ,the Han (汉族)the Wa(佤族), the Lahu(拉祜族), the Bulang(布朗族), the Deang(德昂族) and the Yi(彝族). They live together harmoniously and retain their cultural legacy and life practices.






Prefecture-level   city

Location of   Lincang City jurisdiction in Yunnan


Location in China

Coordinates: 23°53′N 100°05′E


People's Republic of China



Admin   HQ



 • Total

24,469 km2(9,448 sq mi)


1,517 m (4,977 ft)


 • Total


 • Density

88/km2 (230/sq mi)

Time zone

China   Standard (UTC+8)

Postal   code


Area   code(s)


Licence plate prefixes








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