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Linxiang District Entertainment

Located on the east side of the city, Linxiang District of Lincang is renowned for its typical Chinese teahouses and Chinese bars. Locals and tourists alike frequent the various teahouses sampling the finest tea that the province has to offer. Visitors interested in exchanging travel stories and tips always find this a worthwhile cultural experience. The Seattle Western food bar(西雅图西餐酒吧)  is the place for those seeking a livelier time. Many of Lincang's young people flock here nightly to enjoy rock n' roll music, karaoke, flashy discos, and video arcades. Meanwhile, the bars and cafes around city are good bets for a festive evening full of fun. 


1)Bars & Teahouses

Seattle Western food bar 西雅图西餐酒吧

Address:Jingxiu Jiangshan in Linxiang District of Lincang临沧市临翔区锦绣江山河边



Garden  No.1花园壹号

Address:Nantang Street in Linxiang District of Lincang临沧市临翔区南塘街




Tianyi Tehouse天一茶坊

Address:No,350,Qishan Road in Linxiang District of Lincang临沧市临翔区旗山路350号



Lincang Cinema 临沧电影院

Address:No,258 on West Road Linxiang District of Lincang临沧市临翔区西大街258


Lincang Bund One Music Club 临沧外滩一号音乐会所

Address:No,173 Cangjiang Road in Linxiang District of Lincang云南临沧临翔云南省临沧市临翔区沧江路173

2)Fork performances 民俗展演

Fork performances in Linxiang District of Lincang

Every Lunar New Year’s  Day people will take on the Fork performances in Linxiang District of Lincang. Fork performance is the indispensable activity among the common spring culture activity ,the unique Fork performance is full of life, wonderful and extraordinary.

Address:  Cangjiang Garden n Linxiang District of Lincang 临沧市临翔区在城区沧江园

Time: Lunar New Year’s  Day


3)Ethnic festivals

There are some ethnic festivals in Lincang City. Monihei Carnival of the Wa Ethnic Group in Cangyuan County is the most popular one in Lincang.

Wa minority's "Monihei Carnival" ("Monihei" in Chinese means "making you black by smearing something on your body".) in Sigangli Village will be ceremoniously held in Wa Autonomous County,Cangyuan from May 2nd and May 3rd. The activities of the Carnival mainly involve a grand opening ceremony of song and dance performance -- "heavy colored Wa Mountain ", ethnic arts tour to be joined by the audience and tourists, a crazy and passionate "making you black" activity with tens of thousand of persons’ participation, ancient cliff painting worship, songs about life in Wa Mountain, Campfire party, Wa songs concert and so on. This Carnival will last for several days which is full of surprise and expectation.


Wa is an age-old and mysterious minority with strong people. And the people there have worked hard for more than 3000 years and have created its unique glorious culture. As one of the only two Chinese Wa autonomous Counties, Cangyuan County has 3000 year-old cliff painting, Nan’gunhe Nature Reserve, highly-protected original ecologies and abundant animal and plant resources.


It is said this festival takes its meaning from the custom that the people smear the pot ash, ox blood and mud on other persons' face to frighten the evils and seek peace. The players can use natural paints to smear each other and pray for each other. As a traditional custom of the minorities in China, "Monihei Carnival" has attracted a lot of tourists both from home and abroad.


Until now, "Monihei Carnival" has been held for 5 times, whose echo is quite well, thus be listed in top 10 national festivals in Yunnan, which are the most amazing and influential festivals in Yunnan.




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