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Ludian Overview

Geographical Location

Ludian County (鲁甸县) is one county under the jurisdiction of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, located in the northeast of Yunnan Province, south of Zhaotong City, north shore of Niulan river and northwest of Weining county of Guizhou province. Ludian county stretches 50 kilometers from west to east, 60 kilometers from south to north, the total area is 1519 square kilometers, of which 87.9 percent of the total area of the mountains, dam area accounted for 12.1 percent. In 2012, the total population is 435 thousand .


Ludian County is a county under the administration of Zhaotong City, it lies in the north east of Yunnan Province, China, and shares land borders with Guizhou Province. The west and east of the county are high terrains, and the middle is low and flat. Agriculture and smelting industry make the greatest contribution to its economy. Ludian is of low latitude mountain monsoon climate, the temperature in four seasons have no big difference, not hot in summer, and not cold in winter. Ludian mainly product the wax worms, Yunnan walnut, and high quality tobacco mainly produced here. Local specialty in Ludian are rich : Xiaozhai cherry, Longtoushan pepper, Suoshan green pepper and so on.

Administrative Division

Wenping town(文屏镇),Shuimo town(水磨镇),Longtoushan town(龙头山镇),Taoyuan Hui minority township(桃源回族乡),Ciyuan Hui minority township(茨院回族乡),Xiaozhai township(小寨乡),Jiangdi township(江底乡),Huodelong township(火德红乡),Longshu township(龙树乡),New Street township(新街乡),Shuoshan township(梭山乡),Lehong township(乐红乡).

Ethnic Groups

There are  89 thousand  people including the Hui, Yi, Miao and other 13 kinds of minorities inhabit in Ludian county ,occupies about 20.5 percent of the total population. Among them, Hui people is dominant .

Ludian county in Yunnan province

Ludian County
Location of Ludian County (pink) and Zhaotong Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
Location of Ludian County (pink) and Zhaotong Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
PrefectureZhaotong City
 • Total1,487 km2 (574 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Total429,791
 • Density290/km2 (750/sq mi)
Postal code657100
Area code(s)0870

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