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Zhenxiong Overview

Geographical Location

Zhenxiong County (镇雄县) is located in the northeast of Yunnan province, China, under the administration of Zhaotong City and bordering Guizhou and Sichuan. Zhengxiong County lies in the northeast of Yunnan, with an area of 3,696 square kilometers (1,427 sq mi). The latitude ranging from 27° 17' to 27° 50' N and longitude from 104° 18' to 105° 19' E, it has a maximum north-south extent of 54 km (34 mi) and a maximum east-west width of 99 km (62 mi). It borders Xuyong County (Sichuan) to the east across the Chishui River, Hezhang County (Guizhou) to the south, Yiliang County to the west, and Weixin County to the north. The village of Delong (德隆村) in Potou Township (坡头乡) is located near the triple intersection point of the three provinces, and is so nicknamed the "fowl cry of the three provinces" (鸡鸣三省). By road, the prefectural seat of Zhaotong is 265 km (165 mi) to the west, Kunming is 598 km (372 mi) to the southwest, Guiyang is 326 km (203 mi) to the southeast, Chongqing is 505 km (314 mi) to the northeast, and Chengdu 618 km (384 mi) to the north-northwest.


The population of Zhenxiong county is 1.52 million, Zhengxiong enjoys the largest population in the county level of Yunnan province, at the same time, it is one of the largest population county in China. The natural resources are quite rich, in the old time, it enjoyed the reputation of “golden Tengyue, silver Zhenxiong”(金腾越,银镇雄) with Tengchong county in the west of Yunnan province. In recent years, the economy of Zhenxiong county develops rapidly, and the public security also improves a lot.

Administrative Division

Wufeng town(乌峰镇),  Luokan town(罗坎镇), Yuhe town(雨河镇),  Dawan town(大湾镇) Niuchang town(牛场镇) Wude town(五德镇), Mangbu town(芒部镇), Yile town(以勒镇), Chishuiyuan town( 赤水源镇), Muheng town(母享镇), Poji town(泼机镇), Heishu town(黑树镇), Wanchang town(碗厂镇), Yanyuan town(盐源镇), Muzhuo town(木卓镇), Yigu town(以古镇), Pingshang town(坪上镇), Tangfang town(塘房镇), Changba town(场坝镇), Zhongtun town(中屯镇), Potou town(坡头镇), Hualang township(花朗乡), Huashan township(花山乡), Shanshu town(杉树乡), Yudong township(鱼洞乡), Jianshan township(尖山乡), Guozhu Yi minority township( 果珠彝族乡), Linkou Yi and Miao minority township(林口彝族苗族乡).

Ethnic Groups

In Zhenxiong county, the amount of minority people is 8.23% of the total population. There are only two ethnic groups in the county, they are Yi and Miao People, the population of Yi people is 71945, and Miao people is 31301. 

Zhenxiong county in Yunnan province

Zhenxiong County
Location of Zhenxiong County (pink) in Zhaotong City (yellow) and Yunnan
Location of Zhenxiong County (pink) in Zhaotong City (yellow) and Yunnan
Zhenxiong is located in YunnanZhenxiongZhenxiongLocation of the county seat in Yunnan
Coordinates: 27°27′N 104°52′E
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityZhaotong
Township-level divisions16 towns
10 townships
2 ethnic townships
County seatWufeng (乌峰镇)
 • Total3,785 km2 (1,461 sq mi)
Elevation1,684 m (5,525 ft)
 • Total1,260,000
 • Density330/km2 (860/sq mi)
Time zoneChina Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code657200
Area code(s)0870

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