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Pingbian County Entertainment

There are so many entertainment activities in Pingbian county.As for nightlife activities, Pingbian does not differ a lot from other cities in China. Bars, KTV and other clubs can easily be found around the city. In Pingbian, you could also have the chance to experience the lively atmosphere. When the night falls, you can choose some pubs or bars to kill your time, listening to some original singers singing their original songs.Especially, you can enjoy the springs at night.


 Clubs and bars

Jinjjiuyuan ktv金酒园KTV




Dihao Ktv帝豪KTV


Adress:Yanhe Road,Pingbian county.云南省红河州屏边县沿河路附近


Zuorichongxian Bar昨日重现酒吧

tel: 18787388418 18608733786

adress: 玉屏镇 玉屏镇文化路(广场对面)


Pingbian County theaters屏边影剧院

Address: near 69 th, jianshe road 建设路69号附近


Activities and spas

Pingbian Huashan entertainment games activities屏边花山场娱乐比赛活动

 Second day of the first lunar month is the traditional festival of Miao people per year--"Hua Shan花山", also called "step on Hua Shan踩花山".Step on the Huashan "pole立杆", "sacrifice祭杆", "bar闹杆", "Finish收杆" the four programs, each program has a specific content. "Memorial" in a solemn ceremony, and "trouble"is a lively folk celebrations. In "trouble" period, fellow Hmong dance costumesto practice martial arts, singing folk songs, pole climbing, bull fighting,kicking, playing top, fighting games such as thrush. Hua Shan Court, martial art, bullfights, horse racing, Crossbow-shooting and playing shuttlecock,competitions, jubilation throughout the Hua Shan, people such as in the song ofthe ocean, the flower of the world. Hmong children learn from an early ageplaying, playing and dancing, in Huashan ensemble, unique charm.

Baihe springs白河温泉

Shirakawa Spa is located in Yunnan railway 400 railway station Hou mountain, Spa out water 103 rose/seconds, water temperature in 70 °-80 °, springs in the containing on human useful minerals more than 10 species, on rheumatism风湿, and arthritis关节炎, and skin disease effect significantly, has high of medical effect, perennial has Viet Nam, and estuary, and Shimonoseki, and Wenshan, and mengzi, around area of visitors to local "bath" treatment. White River hot springs a beautiful natural environment,landscape and hot spring development, building content for: hot spring source transformation, build homes, tropical fruit gardens, sightseeing along the nanxi.

Tel: 0873—3222688   0873—3222399

Address:51 th,Weiguo Road屏边县卫国路51号

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