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Pingbian County Shopping

Pingbian county is a beautiful place where is famous for its ethnic scenic spots and special local food.If you travel around Pingbian,,do not forget to bring some local food for your friends and your relatives.

1, Pingbian Kiwi屏边猕猴桃

Pingbian County, unique geographical location makes pingbian Kiwi mature two months earlier than other places,   Kiwi planted in pingbian  is mainly Chinese Red Kiwi .Kiwi Chinese hearts中华红心猕猴桃 is a highly nutritious fruits and it is rich infiber and nutrients can reduce the body fat ,it is good for human health.


2, Pingbian Litchi屏边荔枝

Pingbian lychee is a product of pingbian County in Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan province, pingbian Litchi fruit is famous for its bright, big pit , weet and slightly fragrant quanlity. "Feizixiao妃子笑" Litchi Litchi varieties in the country belonging to one of the residencies of high-grade fruits, pingbian County.


3,Pingbian glutinous rice tea屏边糯米香茶

Weishan clip Bao, glutinous rice savory leaves Labiatae spice, is a rare natural health tea, aromatic amino acids and other aromatic ingredients and beneficial to the human body, available flavors, also make tea ingredients. Its aroma is elegant, pure and refreshing, and has a special glutinous rice savory taste, heat-clearing and detoxifying, beauty rejuvenation, effect of tonifying the kidney and stomach, is an ideal natural drinks. Its fragrant leaves and teawith it, spiciness shows, thirst. Mixed tea like glutinous rice tea, saying:"drink, refreshing drink two, full fragrance; and three, taste delicious outside; and four, traveling fairy. ”


4,Bear bile wine 37熊胆三七酒

Bear bile wine production raw material of bear bile powder from pingbian Countydaweishan black bear domesticated breeding farm, it was founded in 1972, is located in is called "natural oxygen bar", "the Crown of the Kingdom of plants","flora and fauna gene bank of China" and "bio-Museum of the continental shelf ofEast Asia" pingbian County, southeastern border – in the southeast of YunnanDawei mountain foothills forest national nature reserve at the foot.


5 ,Pingbian County, marble屏边大理石

Pingbian County, marble and its arts and crafts, fine stones and beautifulcolor, high gloss and is well known for. Pingbian County is rich in marblereserves. Marble deposit is located in the North West of the county seatdistribution, is a metamorphic belt in Ailao mountain, ore body 23-kilometer-long and 4 km wide, reserves of more than 500 million cubic metres oftopographic survey of 1 per thousand, in the context of o.38 square kilometers,available reserves of 251.18 million cubic meters of marble. Mine strata dip angle of 45 degrees, forming basins not only mining conditions are relatively good, but at the same there are recoverable out of the numerous varieties ofmarble, each variety can be produced 3-10 cubic meters of waste material, is therare giant marble surface mine, known as one of four stone base.


P,ingbian Miao costume屏边苗族服饰

Pingbian Miao, who has five branches. "The young" and "saplings", "black seed","white seed" and "green shoots". With the development and progress of society,pingbian Miao women's clothing on a large, original vintage clothing has notkept. Jacket-like "saplings" sewing little change, down imitation "seedlings"sew, most have changed for weaving machine best wrinkle dress and suitdifferent, eclectic style. Past, now has some new ideas, such as inlaid glassbeads, plastic beads, foot, put on national production of shoes, boots, shoesand so on. But the branches are different.

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